World of Tanks – The Practical Alternative to Skill

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Sometimes, learning how to git gud just too much effort, especially if it means having to spend less time looking at pictures of cats eating cheeseburgers. Relax, Wargaming has the solution! Just insert your credit card and press that 2 key! Gold ammunition, the practical alternative to anything like actual skill or effort.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. jingles rails on about gold spamming noobs against the player

    the player gold spams into the side of an afk jagtiger. seems reasonable.

  2. That first clip is probably how WoT would go if everyone played like Mahatma Gandhi; not a single kill on either team.

  3. I can’t stand people that come up with incredibly long gamertags. I guess they actually think it is cool to have some stupid and long gamertag.

  4. Would loading HE have let the ELC kill the HTC at the end there?

  5. Maybe the Jagtiger was on the wiki looking up where to shoot.

  6. Not knowing how to play and not having a memorised list of schematics of every possible tank from a wiki are two VERY different things Jingles. If someone doesn’t know what type of tank they’re engaged with it is a disadvantage but it doesn’t mean they can’t play well. Indeed, someone who does know how to play will simply start testing the armour in various locations until they find a weakness… they fire gold when they have not the time for either “go and look it up on the wiki” or to run such an experiment in the middle of a short range firefight.

  7. Joshua Szwajkowski

    OMG His name is above his health bar Jingles damnit

  8. Oh good, Jingles has now named his other personalities. Looks like the dementia is kicking in…

  9. Shameful display there in the beginning.

  10. Hey “2 key” spammers, Jingles is gonna learn how to drive a REAL tank this month, as for you well lets just say that even ARTY doesn’t use the 2 key.

  11. Even if they don’t do the research just search around the tank with your cursor it’ll turn green when you can penetrate it. I know it may take a little more time but if you have a strong turret use it.

  12. The little things on top of the t28 are actually modelled and are weak points, shame they could not use that attention to detail on the Chrysler.

  13. I think we’ve FINALLY found out who made this video!!! After DECADES of wonder… It was Lobstep!

  14. Wg can I have my ELC EVEN 90 in blitz now

  15. There’s the Salty Dog that’s been missing for a few years. Glad to see a bit of the “old” Jingles making an appearance.

  16. A game that requires you to visit a webpage to get the basics…. wg dont want people to know weakspots = use more gold 🙂

  17. Am I the only one who was imagining Ricky Gervais and Carl Pilkington here?

  18. its possible for a few tier 7s and just about anything tier 8 and up to slap standard rounds through the main gun sponson aswell

  19. Actually, Jingles, because you made a thoroughly entertaining video about an otherwise terrible game of World of Tanks, on the SEA server, on Erlenberg, people will not be forgetting this in a hurry 😛

  20. Napoleon Bonerpant

    Lol I agree… but at the same time: You don’t know what you don’t know. Ya know? Keep up the vids, jingles

  21. ROFLMAO — I think I IQ go lower after view of video making laughs in me …..

  22. Honestly, if you played the game and you never saw the HTC before, you would figure to shoot the turrets anyway because droids are weak points

  23. West Coast Warriors Archive

    Thing is you dont even have to know specific weak points for each tank. There are essentially rules that work for almost every tank when it comes to weak points. And only the russian hover tanks and the op premiums with fake weak points are exceptions to this.

  24. The thing about knowing what tanks have what armor is that it’s easy to learn what tanks have what armor when there are only 16 tanks in the game. Learning one new tank at a time is easy. Learning 100 tanks at once is hard. Go easy on players who have only been playing for 6 months or a year jingles.

  25. You forgot to mention the 15/0 that is statistically very rare ( WoT ) but on the Asian server it’s 1 in 3 games !

  26. Interesting – I re-installed WoT, played a few games (Jingles, you owe me beer), uninstalled and it didn;t ask me why. lol

  27. You say “take the time to looked it up on wiki” as if we’re gonna memorize every fucking thing that it has and immediately remember ever fact we read. You have been playing this for a century and it’s to your financial benefit to remember these facts. That’s why this game stop being g fun years ago. You need a fucking PHD to have “fun”. Smfh lol

  28. World of Pacifists

  29. Sigh…more whining about gold ammo…

  30. New cruiser video?

  31. Derek sounds like mix of Marvin the Paranoid Android and HAL.

  32. I accidentaly discovered the tanks weakness when my shell decides to hit the mini turret while i was aiming at the center. I think stalin guide my shell cuz i was using my t-34-85 lol.

  33. 4:32 – his full name is in battle chat on the left

  34. please do more Hall from Red Dwarf LOL

  35. wow..876 damage done in that battle

  36. After watching this, I’m glad I didn’t pick this tank up. That gun is horribly underpowered.

  37. I don’t play WoT and even I noticed that those side turrets are just asking it. Although to be fair I have been educated in WoT by the Gnome lord(s videos)!

  38. Alien00000origin

    I don’t know why I’m doing this… I’m gonna get killed by all the Jingle fans for this (which will be ironic, since I like his style and the channel) , but it has to be said at least once: He makes learning this game sound way too easy. I can only think it’s either because he has been there so long remembering stuff is easy for Jingles by now, or that he has been there so long ago he has been able to learn new tanks one by one, as they are coming into the game.

    There are players with 30 000+ games and three digits personal rating, who just are bad, because they will never learn. Then there are those insane masters who kill 10 players in every other game. I think most players are between 47% – 49% decent players, who know a whole lot but can only carry a game with some added luck or gold to work around their holes in knowledge. A lot of times you see a team with 5+ players with 52%+ win rate crushing a team, where there might be just one player with 50%, and he might be running a -2 tier unit. If a player enters the game today, and this is what he faces, and he is expected to learn 414 tanks by the time he reaches X for the first time… Geesh.

    Now, today, you get the achievement for researching all tech threes with 414/414 tanks. That’s 414 tanks, and I think it may even leave out premium? Possibly also tanks so rate they aren’t considered tech lines anymore?

    You have front/sides/back/top to think about. (Granted, some tanks are so thin you can sneeze through the armor, but you have to make speedy calculations, if you’re in doubt if you are one shot or not.) Even top matters in a map with large hills or arties.
    414 tanks x 4 directions is what? 1656 different tank locations to shoot at.

    Shit. The guy is angling the armor. Suddenly you have to take that into consideration, not just the surface you face.
    414 x 4 x 2 (basic armor or angled). 3312 different situations to consider.

    Not all tanks have three types of armor, so lets say you have to consider between two tank ammo: normal and gold
    414 x 4 x 2 x 2. = 6624 individual situations, and you have to change ammo

    Now, possibly not all sides have any weak points to think of, but in this very video you have two small turrets from the front, and those are weak points one per side, meaning at least four targets in three directions. From the sides, tracks might absorb all actual damage. Even in the back there might be weaker and tougher spots. Lets say you have one weak point for a side.
    414 x 4 x 2 x 2 x 4…

    And we have 26496 individual situations to consider, when a match starts. Of course there are only 15/15 players in a regular random match, but what are you going to do? Wiki every time you’re not remembering the weak spot or best side to shoot at? Good luck to do that in a game, where 1/3 of your team is dead in 3 minutes and you actually are carrying the game, if you want to win. A chilling prospect for a 48% player in a lower tier unit.

    I think it’s clear I’m not a math genius, but I’m pretty sure I even left many variables out of it (speed of the shell, average pen compared to the target, blaah blaah blaah…).

    At the very least, knowing that much data in order to be good in a video game is really starting to make the game less than fun. I bet it was different, when the game got out, and you had time to learn as you went along, but getting new players to stick around over 1000 matches, with toxic chat full of 50%+ players insulting players with barely any matches behind them, and many tanks just plain dominant compared to a lot of the more mediocre tanks, and with a tech three rewarding speedy process, not learning the game in the early tiers…

    It’s debatable, if it’s just about “spending a little time to learn the game”.

  39. Jingles can you stop blaming them for firing gold ammo when this guy obviously was firing it at the afk side of a jag tiger?

  40. I swear that overmatch seems 50/50 to me at best. I hit lights in the side with 100mm plus guns and get bounces all the time. I have even gotten bounces off sides of arty with big guns. I would not swear that overmatch is a guarantee.

  41. Joachim Fichtner

    Oh Jingles, you so silly! Love you for that!

  42. Aonghas McTavish

    1:04 I guessed what would happen in the first battle at this point.

  43. Just goes to show how far the WOT player base has fallen…Used to do 1900 damage in a tier 5 tank, and maybe get a 3rd class badge. Now, same tank, does 1000 damage…1st class badge! No one other then the elite 1% knows how to play, just the way they like it!

  44. Aonghas McTavish

    Whenever I fought a tank I had never seen before there are three places I aim for. Lower glasis, command hatch, and any mg ports. It’s easy at least 1 of those should be a weak point.

  45. side scrap width 12mm of Plate,Can I call for an Landship tank now

  46. WG encourages new players to rush up to Tier 8+ with little knowledge and to fire gold.

  47. No, jingles! Only 5% of all shots fired are gold ammo! >:(
    There is *no Gold spam* !
    How often do the good, honest folks at WG have to say it, before you stop trusting your lying eyes?!!?!?!?!?!?one?!?

  48. its a magical land of scum and villainy.

  49. Moreth The Rogue

    I always seem to run into trouble when I sidescrape with my Churchill GC.


  50. Kristian Aleksandrov

    I like the HTC, it’s a good fun for me. I also love to shoot at it – the panic of some HTC drivers when you pen them frontally with a Ikv 65 is priceless.

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