World of Tanks || The Predator

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. Today XIshnIK007 going to channel the inner predator as he attempts to carry in the T10 heavy, the AMX M4 mle. 54!


World of Tanks is a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. 8:43 It’s over ST-I I have the high ground!

  2. The M4 51 is better since you can get tier 9 games. This one sucks in all 10’s. Just get your face spammed off by type 5 HE.

  3. how do u pen a Chrysler?

    oh wait…

  4. And one replay of a retard pressing 2 key for no reason. Come on seriously?

  5. Yeah, bull. I put am APCR from my 704 right where you said on the turret and it punched but did no damage.

  6. The M4 45 gets a bad rap. Its not actually that bad. Especially compared to the likes of the Black Prince and Tiger P

  7. although the french HTs are not that popular,
    interestingly they hv some of the best average winrate and Wn8 in high tier,
    I’m talking about both AMX M4 mle. 51 and 54

    • New tanks always have better stats because better players will get those tanks first. Tomatoes/bots have to grind for those tanks.

    • When we are talking about 10k+ game on each tank,
      the statistics hv already been even out,
      so I don’t really think that’s a problem
      There are even 45k+ games on the M4 mle. 51,
      so I guess my opinion is pretty solid?


  9. world of gold ammo. obviously he is spamming gold to win.

  10. Mencius Madhyanagara

    Overpowered shooting range target. Good job WG.

  11. QB please look up ‘irrelevant’ in the dictionary. You use it all the time when you really mean ‘regardless’ and it’s as annoying as hell.

  12. i hawe it and i lowe tier 9 and 10 its best for now heawy tank

  13. I still say they should NOT have created this second French heavy line. They should have completed the French medium line which right now is a mess. You have THREE very good tier 8 medium Premium tanks in the French tech tree but there are no tanks from tier 6 to tier 8. Currently your tree jumps from tier 5 medium to a tier 6 Heavy and the mediums pick up at tier 9 from the tier 8 Light tank line ? Wtf is that ?There are three tier 9 tanks coming from the B-C 12 t right now. Does nobody at War Gaming see how messed up this is ?

  14. Fuck that arty cancer. But I’d love to have THAT cancer as my teammates :))))

  15. They don’t brawl on NA servers. They rush. And fast. They don’t do the crap brawling. So the 54 is useless. Ive seen 98% of my battles rushed down to oblivion. So watching the EU battles is odd to me. Or Russian battles. 15k games and not one is an armor brawl.Its forbidden to brawl on NA servers. So armor means nothing. They send 80-85% of the team one way and rush. We call it World of Med tanks now. Cause speed kills all.

  16. Garbage tank

  17. Wow the degree of teamwork with the Japanese heavy was simply incredible

  18. Tldr just war gaming introducing another goldspam bait.

  19. West Coast Warriors Archive

    I like how QB talks about how all these tanks have guns that just arent that competative in terms of pen and accuracy, then I look at all of my american tanks and realize that they are all worse than what QB is calling just not quite competative.

  20. Top tier spamming gold.. seems to be the trend..
    No Skill… No Like

  21. That tank is one Ugly Mother 😉

  22. I thought this was a tank review of one of the Space Marine tanks in Blitz.

  23. How does QB see and can click through the end result screen? I’m new to recording wot (literally 5 games in) and I’d like to know how to show off the end result screen.

  24. Im Canadien, quickybaby

  25. Kv2 rules the land of world of tanks

  26. That WZ prem shit is too overpowered .

  27. Greetings tankers! I have a question for you all. Everyone knows that you only get 50% of the experience from a tank if you did not spot the tank, but I am wondering what happens if you blindshot someone, do you get 100% then?

    • Depends on the kind of blind shot:
      If a tank was spotted then unspotted the reward split still comes in effect for a few more seconds ( I can confirm this from experience by playing lights)
      If you blind shot before it was spotted or well after it was unspotted then you get 100%

    • Tab Zaf okey, thanks.

  28. Hmmmm, he used just gold… I do not like this, not so interesting. He was patient but he did not show so many skills….

  29. 3:05 that type 4 is definition of 1 vs 29!

  30. Great Arty!

  31. 13:42 what this “sunnangens” means or writes? I frequently listen this word from qb but I dont know it or even type it!

  32. too many russian replays QB , come on , stop being such a sellout 😀

  33. Another gold spammer. I don’t think these replays are any good when all they do is spamming gold.
    They rely need to rework the use of “gold” ammo in this game as that is all that get’s fired when you play tier 8 and up.

  34. Loading APCR for nothing … (*_*)

  35. Rabbuten I Deporte, Videojuegos y Cubos de Rubik I

    The tank is cool, but it has exactly the same problem as the Amx 50b. The line is just not worth because of the suffering you gotta go through to get the high tiers

  36. you know i love how watching this vid is the fact when you watch where he aims it automatically snaps to a weak spot

  37. im so hyped for 1.0

  38. arty takes skill to be good at?

  39. C’est quoi ce canon de merde ??

  40. The AMX M4 45 is not that bad if you gold spam with the 105 mm gun 😛 and it’s surprisingly enjoyable and good. On the other hand the real horrible tank is the AMX 65 T.. it’s the only tank I free xped after some battles (Although I had a high win rate in it).. it’s the worst tank in WOT.

  41. Pls make a new Video about the bc 25 t

  42. Just saw the title and thought “Oh fu**, WG has just launched another premium that no one wanted”

  43. QB changed face cam position 😀

  44. hi friends
    i like cheese

  45. i want to be your friend

  46. RU players are much stronger than EU and NA

  47. Djordje Vukicevic

    Its a great tank, with bigger caliber gun. Much faster and better armored than pz vii. With this 120mm?! Well yoi should grind Super Conq.

  48. Looks like the liberte isn’t so out of place now 🙂

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