World of Tanks – The Price of Fame

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Glory isn’t free, it costs, blood, sweat tears. And gold and credits. Lots of gold and credits.

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  1. My absolute favorite part of this video is the 704 backseating in chat for someone who has clearly demonstrated that they know what they are doing. SMH

  2. Well actually jingles the IS-3 fired HE at him and hit him but it did no dmg…

  3. Destroyer Inazuma

    Flexair is a cool memes video series . Much recommended .

  4. The whole gold ammo thing and losing money despite winning is the reason I don’t play world of tanks anymore.

    • …and people still try to claim WarGaming titles are not pay2win.

      Boggles the mind…it really does.

    • Using “gold” ammo isn’t spose to make you money. Its high priced for a reason, that’s the trade off for more pen.

  5. So much gold ammo. This match sucks

  6. this battle shows why SPGs exist and how stupid himmelsdorf is for T10

  7. this is also another win harder video, 4 vs 1, all they needed to do was go to cap and set people up to ambush.

  8. Prince of Hyrule

    I have a feeling the last tank wasn’t afk. He was just being very kind to the is-7. Since he had 5 kills himself, he clearly wasn’t an idiot. He was just very generous

  9. The gun got buffed some 3 or 4 years ago with a speed buff and is 7 still up to date i think. Yes, the sniping capabilities are not there, but this is a pure assault tank anyway.

  10. Not just any Fadin’s Medal. A legitimate Fadin’s Medal, not having to spend shells just to reach that last one.

  11. Getting oneshot by arty once every ten games..or getting spammed by them with the stun mechanic. I know what id pick, but hey i still play the game on a monthly basis.

  12. IS-3 last shot was probably HE since it didn’t add to the blocked by armor number

  13. The usual pricks coming to downvote what is, as usual from Jingles, a pretty damn good replay!

  14. I haven’t been paying attention to this game in a while, so i’m gonna have to ask, why is his total damage blocked not going up when he blocks HE shells? there were a couple of HE shells that hit him but didn’t damage him and didn’t damage any of his modules, so why doesn’t it count? i mean, it doesn’t show up as either damage blocked or any form of hit sustained in the log with the damage given/taken and it didn’t even count towards the damage blocked by armor at the end there.

  15. Nothing better than watching a fresh Jingles WoT video at breakfast before work!

  16. Just enjoying the comments crying about his ammo and ignoring his perfect aim

  17. so much gold been fired

  18. Matheus Rondel Leite

    That’s s lot of APCR….

  19. 8:00

    “They could kill him, if they loaded high explosive”

    (looks back at start of match, where he bounced HE from the Mauschen and the T110E3)

    I’m gonna go with no. Not likely.

  20. You missed it, the Obj 704 player got spotted before he fired but didnt leave cause apparently he was zeroing in on the enemy light.

  21. I pack alot of heat on my JagdTiger and wear ttanks like the IS7 down to nothing real fast.

  22. very rare as it’s a legitimate Fadin’s Medal too.


  24. I do have to say I like that effect at the start of the battle

  25. alex the wise45

    And if only they capped omg people are dum

    • actually if they capped I would have lost next to no hp against the FV and would of had a much better time fighting against the tanks. the AX pushing my rear actually forced me into the FV making me drop 1500 hp.

  26. Yeah, good old IS7, the one tank that hasn’t been powercreeped because not only it has always be OP, but it kept getting buffs while everything not russian and which was already vastly inferior kept getting nerfed.

    It’s penetration may be the amoung the lowest of the russian tanks, but that doesn’t means it’s bad, just that it’s less than what it’s being compared against. 250mm is adequate penetration for a tier 10. In fact that penetration is perfectly adquate to penetrate 90% of what you go against and for the rest you load some gold. Like a third of the ammo in gold is always more than enough.

    But well, we all know it’s World of Russian Fantasy Tanks.

  27. T-30 was the third t10.

  28. Back in 2012 where arty also had laser accuracy and would hit you with HE and one hit kill you in an E-75

    • Well, not quite laser accuracy but it was pretty good. Tried but never got to the one or 2 hit arty till much much later, and by then it was stun mechanics and arty is getting nerfed again

  29. Anybody can be good with 2/3 premium shells.

  30. Thomas Fuglseth

    Did you deliberately set out to ensure the video was 13:37 long?

  31. Big clans marionette, ,,ser fosh,,

  32. In all the years of following and watching Mr. Jingles. Today was the first day the his video popped up in my feed. Our Evil Gnome Overlord has finally sent the right person from YouTube to the Salt Mines to get things right.

  33. Jingles, it’s arguable, if arty was “worse”.
    You have to remember, that AP had to HIT you.
    Nowadays with mod called “battlehits”, I check out sometimes who and where hit me, after the game. Arty splashes 2 tanks away for you (GWE100 or T92) for 400-500 damage, you’re stunned + tracked + MINIMUM 1 crew member dies.

    It simply has become – they dont do 1 shots (which happened occasionaly) – they do consistant annoying damage.
    When there’s 3 arties – nobody moves on any flank, nobody wants to get spotted, nobody does anything.

  34. 7:15 Well Acktuelly Jingls, the IS-3 DID fire HE at him, you can see he bounced a 530 damage round off the turrefront. in 7:29
    Allow me to get back to the salt mines by the way!

  35. That’s a 3 mark SU. They probably would have won if they hadn’t gone afk.

  36. KoreanTankHunter in the 704 was bugging me there. giving flexAIR advice and information he absolutely already had, like announcing “spotted” when sixth sense goes off. Of course he noticed. you complimented him earlier for being the best is7 you’ve ever seen, he was already reacting to it. what makes you think that bit of input there was necessary?

  37. Just imagine if you drove a T-34 and got a Fadin’s Medal!!! Really great game flexAIR!!! Thank you old gnome!

  38. stormwarrior007

    Well he was extreemly lucky, the IS-3 did fire He ad his last shot but it didnt do damage
    Also the fact that that he was shot in the side by the bourasque and the cent ax and blocked it multiple times shows that the armor on the Is-7 is still trollish as hell
    2/3 of ammo loadout in heat… I play in e100 and still rarely use goldshells and still penetrate most of my shots…
    Well played tough, regardless of the luck and heat spam, you still have to make it work and this guy did it, be proud of it cause 10k damage and all those medals is still awesome
    o7 to you commander

  39. Wow, the intro is soooooooooooooooooooooo old…

  40. this video is 1337

  41. I must pull an “Actually Jingles…” because the IS-3 did fire HE as it’s last shot…it just didn’t do squat against the trusty turret.

  42. Best thing to watch after an annoying day

  43. Włodzimierz Wasiluk

    Awesome game! Well done to the player (even that he shot a lot of gold ammo).

  44. Math by WG:
    -29k (= 70k)
    -110k (= -40k)
    -20k (= -60k)
    = -10k

  45. cat played with the router of the SU-130?

  46. Wow, that was really well played…

  47. Finally, a latest Jingles video. Phew..

  48. Lucky man.

  49. Nice game with expected outcome for a purple player with a 60.3% win rate and a WN8 of 3342.4, I wonder if this guy is a little mercenary that offers his services to clans. Cause he switched clans 6 times in 2020.

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