World of Tanks – The Price of Victory

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Do 10,000 damage in a Tank Destroyer, win, survive the battle? Challenge accepted!

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If you have a World of Warships replay, consider using a hosting service like

Just be aware that I hundreds of emails every week I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Great Battle and I’m sure that I’ve already watched this battle elsewhere .

  2. Always gotta love a death star replay

  3. komandant history

    But Whats a price for a mile?

  4. The gold spam could easily be fixed. Half the damage but allow twice as much of it to be carried. Wg would love this as they would get more credits being spent.

  5. “You shoot the ones you can see, and you kill the ones you can kill” … His in a deathstar. The ones he can kill is all of them

  6. Big guns never tire.

  7. “Did you win?”
    “What did it cost?”
    “A helluva lot of health”

  8. Jingles, I think you got it wrong. that’s clearly a CA shooting, not a tank

  9. I’ve been that leopard 1 on a few occasions, armour is only there to prevent unwanted vehicle fall apart. Thanks gnome overlords.

  10. Good game

  11. Ahhhhh yaaaas I famous! I’m in the grille in this battle. Sent him a message after battle and asked him to send you the replay.

  12. I’m juust waiting for wg to roll out the fusion warhead ammo.
    you know it was on paper so it’s a paper design they can put in game.

  13. CrazyWarriorsCatFan 🇺🇦

    Great fight!

  14. Concorde Makes Videos

    Jingles could upload a video of him robbing a bank entirely naked (you’re welcome for that mental image) and I’d still like it and watch it through in its entirety.

  15. dammn that’s a extremely crazy shot by the E-100 at 1.38.

    Full speed hitting a moving manticore light tank, at about 300-350 meters, I think you could have made the whole video about just that shot 😉

    only thing that could have made it better was if it was one of the wheelies he had hit 😉

  16. Won by the scout

  17. Huh i have that tank FV215b and the FV215 (183). Havent noticed that untill now that i have two of them, im sure WG know something about that but i dont. Also i have noticed that sins the djankees bought up the remaning stock of the developers in RU that they have bin americanizing the game. And if they do that then it might destroy the game. Because the russians where not afraid to give peopel as much vallue for there money as they could. Americans or ANYBODY will never do that in a game. And last year they even went so far as put up a counter that couted all the stuff you got to show you how much vallue you got. And why deny peopel the option to buy the rewards you get for the whatever it is? Its money, some peopel want/dont mind spending money on products they like and enjoy so why go out of there way now to fuck it all up with making sure the players get as close to nothing as they can, make sure they spend as much money as they can but at the same time make them go threw so many hoops that they give up and the players eventually get sick and tired of it and go someware else. I mean at this point im better of DELETING my wargamming account and buying GUNNER HEAT PC insted or the other tank game obsidian is making or whoever is making that now, forgot its name. Fuck them all i guess!

  18. Very good video J Man

  19. Well done as usual Jingles. Thank you.

  20. “Asking the bobject?” Did you say “bobject?”

  21. “10k damage aint that hard to do.” Yeah right. Jingles can I please know how many 10k battles do you have under your mighty belt? .)

  22. Quickybaby after hearing that 10,000 “isn’t that hard to do” after only just managing to achieve it after like 70k battles haha

  23. 11:09 shoots at Obj 907 to the east
    11:11 “there is an Obj 907 in the bushes to the south…” yeah

  24. The jageroo and the deathstar….that can be a fantastic and unstoppable 1 2 punch xD

  25. There’s so many AKCHUALLY JANGLES in this video, it’s hard to know where to start….

  26. Clan, no comments.
    I don’t get why people can’t see the resembles to chess here.

  27. I guess it is smart to do that damage mission in a platoon of another td with 1k damage per shot

  28. “The US gold reserve zipping around your ears at supersonic speeds” Is that why my country is like 30 trillion in debt? We shot all of our gold reserves at everyone

  29. I remember when my son finally got the Death Star….hooked his computer up to hella bass speakers just so he could experience the “BOOM” when he fired, and that all important satisfaction of evaporating enemy tanks 🤣🤣🤣

  30. MarcusTheAbsolute


  31. Top tip, don’t use a tier 10 TD for that mission, use the tier 6 Russian SU 100 or better still if you have the SU 100Y “box tank” do it with that, it’s much easier.

  32. Loosing the spotter on prokurovka… Yep thats a paddling.

  33. “Only 3% of all ammunition used in the game is premium…” – WG representative and not at all a compulsive liar 🤡

    • Technically not a lie. When you take into account to the ammo fired at lower tiers, specially by the tanks that use flak canons that fire hundreds of rounds per match, at higher tiers there is very little ammo fired. So in the end, when you calculate how much of the shells fired in a day are premium, that percentage is dragged down by a huge amount.

      If you were to calculate that percentage only within a tier, you would get vastly different results.

      It’s all down to how you manipulate the statistics.

  34. A Deathstar is shooting at a WT E100, what year is it?

  35. Jingles, your site would useless without you using everyone else’s games, let’s see your games for a change!

  36. 11:10 “The team know that the Obj. 907 is in the bushes at the southern end of this road” literally as he fires at the 907 next to the railway. Oh Jingles, never change.

  37. I would love to see how the 60tp did 8 damage 😂

  38. What a boring match to watch.

  39. Rattus Norvegicus

    I love your WOT commentary.

  40. great game by those 2 players well done

  41. What I always wanted to know: where does the name JaegerU come from?

  42. 17:57: I LOVE it when we get the episode title in like that- Penfold, Danger Mouse, Netflix.

  43. Will Holden-Harrison

    Well actually jingles the wt e100 is just a rental for now on the event going on rn the wte100 legacy

  44. Err…. I thought HESH didn’t penetrate at all…

  45. Thanks for featuring us 🙂

  46. Love that Husky logo on the tank in the beginning.

  47. Oooooooh….Rapintrager E-100 is back? 👀🔥🔥🔥🥳🥳🥳

    Still not gonna play…

  48. I really don´t get why ppl complain about this type of replay. Well played positional fights, propper use of cover to move and gold is simply standart in T10, if you can´t stand it, don´t play it.

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