World of Tanks – The Price of Victory Part Two

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

I said they’d both be Pattons, I didn’t say they’d both be M48s!

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System Specs: i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Saying that an M46 Patton is better than the M48 Patton is absurd. The M48 has armour, view range, DPM, penetration, shell velocity, gun handling(apart from elevation and depression) and the terrain resistances are far better. The M48 is only worse in speed, but it isn’t exactly terrible either.

  2. I enjoy this battle more than Kev’s battle yesterday. I think it’s because of the fact that I think of the M46Patton at tier 9 as an underdog. I myself never achieved to master the tier 9 and I do love to play the tier X Patton much more.
    Jingles, thanks for your entertainment!!

  3. 16:16 Cream Filled Donut

  4. That post battle results seem so old.

  5. Being sick for the win! Now I’m early

  6. The doomturtle is so sneaky because it enjoys the stationary stealth bonus even while moving ?

  7. I thought we would be waiting a week for this

  8. Mornin’, boomer!

  9. pon·tif·i·cate
    express one’s opinions in a way considered annoyingly pompous and dogmatic.

    “he was pontificating about art and history”

  10. Great game ?????

  11. Big boomer Jingles

  12. 16:16
    Did i hear CreamfilledDonut?

  13. I love my at15, death star, tortoise, waffletractors and all that but either the damage is too low compared to ammo cost or repair costs are too high if you take a kicking to make it worth playing when bringing credits so I just rock around at 5 and 6

  14. Well done, Jingles, at being consistent with crappy memory. Yesterday, the starting point of the Tier X Patton was in the North. Best of luck and health, Gen X Gnome Overlord.

  15. These videos are taking a bit of a Patton… Yes, Jingles of course you can use it… Thank me later…

  16. Did u just say cream filed doner at the end?

  17. That’s not a real M46…… Fake tanks. Trump…….Thing that pisses me off about WoT, Being a real ex tanker… is made up tanks. Yeah, I know history but…. Wait…. a M46 that looks like an M47 has a 105mm gun???!???!??!!!?? Since when? GW Panther literally has a gun shield. Coax machine gun kills all of those fvcks!

  18. Darkness Nighthingale

    8:21 Have you checked your back pocket?
    14:14 Have you check your other back pocket?

  19. The M48 Patton’s premium ammo costs more because its a HEAT round, and it only costs 800 more credits anyway. As long as you pen your shots at tier 10 you really wont lose credits… you wont make much either, but you wont be in the red. The only reason the M48 driver was is because he shot like 3 HEAT shells at some buildings…

  20. As a Boomer who barely made it under the wire, I can factually state that Jingles is most assuredly a Gen X er.

  21. I’m starting to see a patton here…

  22. I’m watching this whilst shitting out a poo

  23. Добромир Дамянов

    Oh, that old soundtrack at the end…brings memories….

  24. The price of victory: Gold

  25. I haz KV2. Stronk tank. Someday I’ll have a Doomturtle. In fact the Doomturtle is the reason l started playing WOT. I’m plateau-ing on the Jackson for a while and easing into Tier 7 heavies notably the T29.

  26. 13:00 – What he did was the tank equivalent of shitting their pants.

  27. I was going to leave a comment saying something, but that name has me dying on the inside, so have a good day y’all

  28. Hi Jingles, I really like your wot clips, thanks. Please have a look at Armored Aces game for ios & android ?, this one

  29. AWesome stuff. I hope you get to see my replays for warships. Tense moments for me. lmao. as always good stuff Jingles. Keep it up.

  30. Oh jingles, the M46 patton has 215.9mm of turret armor not 101mm of armor 🙂 2:56

  31. Electricbooooooooogalooooo

  32. oh that doom turtle part of , oih hes seen you , made me start giggling madly

  33. “How do you hide a Doom Turtle?”


  34. Another massively inflated cost is repairs. Both players finished the match on very low health. You’d expect the tank one tier higher to have a slightly higher repair cost.
    But the tier 10 was almost DOUBLE. 26K vs 14K

  35. maube that’s true wen comparing those tier 9 /10 tanks, but look into the t-95 ammo and the result will not be the same, the t-95 has the most expensive ammo in the game

  36. Thank you for this viedo Jingles 🙂

  37. Watching this while taking a hungover shit…

  38. I think at 12:58 it looks like they might have accidentally hit their mouse on their keyboard. Entirely possible if your mouse has buttons that round over the edge a bit.

  39. Ok Boomer, Postcards are coming soon. !

  40. Dave Sutherland 2E0FOK

    verb: pontificate; 3rd person present: pontificates; past tense: pontificated; past participle: pontificated; gerund or present participle: pontificating

    express one’s opinions in a pompous and dogmatic way.
    “he was pontificating about art and history”

  41. well you can say he creamed his pants in that battle

  42. How do you hide a doom turtle?
    Well you place it behind a bush

  43. Ive never seen anyone in the location that M12 got himself up to. Is it accessible relatively recently.

  44. Answer on a postcard: The t95 was probably doing a lap around the rocks that whole time

  45. How do you hide a Doomturtle?

    Ask Aberdeen testing grounds. They managed to lose it for 28 year.

  46. jingles..cant call “kevin” from the last replay as kevin. but calls creamfilledbanana as creamfilledbanana..thats biased.

  47. 101 mm of armour on the turret? In 2016 maybe, Jingles!! That turret is largely impenetrable today

  48. look at the 50TP…..

  49. Where did the T95 go? Clearly they drove through the valley area that serves as the cap circle when this map gets paired with the Encounter game mode.

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