World of Tanks – The Price of Victory

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Source: Mighty Jingles

Today is the first video in a two-part showcase two Pattons, both top tier, both fighting a Battle on El Halluf, both firing almost exactly the same amount of ammo and with similar results in all but critical aspect. Make sure you watch the next video to find out what.

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  1. 212 wasn’t sitting on their hands at the last big fight, just a really bad shot. Kev got splashed a couple times for a stun with no damage.

  2. 279e choked that so much

  3. .this is why you should never stop commenting on wot , Jingles

  4. Oh jingles, never change
    missing the arty shot at 11:17 then saying later that they haven’t heard from him in atleast 2 minutes 🙂
    arty was just about fireing at him continously, a shot ever 25 seconds or so bewteen 11:17 and 12:36 after he killed the 279 and went unspotted and likely wasn’t fireng before 11:17 since Kevand the T55 was playing ring around the rosie and he could have hit his teammate

    • But hitting a teammate only stuns, teamdamage is disabled. So it doesn’t really make sense to not shoot

    • @Jasper van Houdt I honestly keep forgetting teamdamage is disabled.
      maybe he was just aiming and waiting for him to stop moving, either way he wasn’t exactly doing nothing as jingles implied

  5. Είστε Τρελοί

    “OK boomer” ?

  6. That “Okay boomer” was hilarious, well done rita

  7. I’d send a post card. British Colombia is fairly nice, like The weather of the UK but way more mountains, as for an answer, the arty was relocating for the 2 minutes. Perhaps to get closer and to his final position.

  8. Wait..this game has a mini map??

  9. Yeah seems about right for WOT lol.

  10. Rita’s “ok boomer”… best part of the video

  11. Doigonunchi ! Naniiiiiii !

  12. “Is eternal vigilance…”

  13. The arty shot at 11:17 and than at 11:54

  14. OK Boomer. My reply via carrier pigeon.

  15. Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

    at least that deficit is not so bad, IMO.

    8k is easy to regain…

    but when your deficit is 20k+… it’s either you need a prem account, prem tank or both to regain that.

    especially if you hit that 40k deficit due to gold spam

  16. I got an idea that the Arty couldn’t get a clear shot for the two minutes and had to move a couple of times to get a clear shot because he has a brain that allows him to maybe get match draw by running away

  17. I turned 40 last summer and I really start to think those thoughts, youth these days, politicians are our downfall, banks are evil. Does this make me old? Exactly, it does.

  18. booming with the jingles

  19. just Rita popping in to call you a boomer. Comedy gold

  20. Answer’s on a postcard, you really know how to make people who remember what the fewk a postcard answer is, feel old, love you old man.. from a slightly younger man..You bastard…

  21. Now explain to them what a Postcard is.

  22. As a 20 something year old, I actually knew the postcard thing.

  23. When I was a kid I sent an answer in on a post card to Noel Edmonds on the multi coloured swap shop.

  24. *Bless Rita coming to our rescue with that OK Boomer comment XD*

  25. I had a game in the Tiger II where I killed 7 enemies, got 3700 dmg, only fired one premium shell but without a premium acc I still ended up with deficit. Sometimes I can’t understand the hunger for money with wargaming.

  26. He is romanian, his name means , in english, “two knees” ?

  27. 11:19 – What was that stun? Oh… Artillery. Why Jingles said that the 212A wasn’t trying to help?

  28. This is why I laugh at those posers who do the “how to” videos on how to play 100% free to play. If you want to play high tier at F2P you just cant, you go broke too fast.. and playing non stop t5 battles in a horrid grind to make money back..

    • Cheapest way to play is to have one premium go to tank and play about 1/3 to half your battles in it. That allows you to every now and then peak out of the garage in a tier X and still be able to buy and outfit your tanks.

  29. Pizza was at the door

  30. I always hate how you lose creds in game even if you do well. I miss the old days of just getting even double digit like 50 creds.

  31. Tier’s 9 and 10 seem to be the ones who get hosed the most for any potential earnings in a game.

    Also, I hope to see more Model painting and perhaps building in the future. It’s Thursday, close enough That I wish you a outstanding weekend!

  32. Doigenunghi = doi genunchi = (two) 2 knees ;), and he is romanian

  33. That OK boomer slayed me rofl

  34. Is the price of victory 10 cents?

  35. “What did artillery have that was better to do than win the game?”

    Umm, shooting and splashing nearby the Patton yet failing to kill him and only stunning him? A stun that Jingles failed to notice?

    Oh Jingles, you’re so crap, don’t ever change… XD

  36. 13:16 Rita: Okay, boomer!
    Jingles: Yeah, yeah, fuck off!

    Edit: I love how later on Akizuki waits for you to finish each sentence before answering. Precious. When I had cats, they would hardly ever let me get a word in edgewise.

  37. Did anyone pay attention to chat between the T55A and FvT95?. Looks like they pushed each other into fire and ended up getting each other killed.

  38. Having Rita and Akazuki chime in was great. Excellent analysis as always Jingles.

  39. The 212A fired at 11:17 and fired again at 11:57. It’s just that he missed during those 2 occasions. However, you can see that the 212A did fire because the M48 Patton was stunned.

  40. ah yes, some quality wot content, keep it up jingles!

  41. Well, in first battle the name is definetly Romanian doigenunchi means 2 knee bcz doi=2 in Romania and genunchi=knee, so yea Jingles

  42. If I send you a stamped SAE, can you send my postcard with the answer back?

  43. Postcard Answer: Blue on Blue Come to mind for artillery

  44. 9:00 I swear that’s been happening more often to me these few weeks. I’m probably fat fingering the 2 key when I’m pressing the W, but oh sweet jesus if it doesn’t piss me off when it happens

  45. Oh man! That japanese way to read the name is EPIC! I must make it my notification sound for the phone =))

  46. So Anyways I Started Blasting

    Also in another WW2 wartime film by the Americans
    “The MG42, its bark is worse than its bite”

  47. Are we watching same video as Jingles?

  48. Let me guess…. Some how in the next video.. he makes money

  49. Interesting, ive only ever played WOT on console, and im sure i would have not lost money on that round the economy must be different…

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