World of Tanks – The Return of The Stupids

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Source: The Jingles

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into Random Battles….

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX100 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. 5:34 1/10 for the instant replay, expected hardbass

  2. I have never been this confused and left scratching my head for so long on a Youtube Video.

  3. I lost brain cells simply by watching this.

  4. Between the scorecard of that last clip and WOWS devblog about the latest “fixes” for plane to ship interactions (8/20/2020), my IQ has no dropped by at least 20 points. Thank you Jingles!

  5. It looks like dragon ridge is over there in the mountains

  6. Philipp Haberland

    To be fair the grille was called worst arty brain less Pl so I got at least a slight suspicion

  7. is it just me or it a 20 2020 video with “stupids” in said title just the right amount of ironic for the day? ( lemmings)

  8. The ARL player that did nothing and scored 0 damage, was rewarded MORE XP than his team mate that did do damage and scored a kill…. WG logic 😛

  9. I’m fairly certain the ARL was trying to throw and kinda-sorta-but-maybe-not-really play it off. The Grille I have absolutely no explanation for…

  10. Ohhh…my kind of title ..the 3 stooges ..oh Jingles…the map dude ,the map..make it little bigger ..I know ,I know ..i.m blind as a bat too.. 😊

  11. when this is on tier 4-5 it is not that bad as is happen on tier 8… last two days winrate was below 35%… it is not that funny!

  12. I’m fallen of my seat at end Sence of that Video

  13. 1:14 “when it was a Tier 8 and not a premium”

    didn’t you mean “when it was Tier 9….”? 😛

  14. I am trying to get my kids into this game. With in game chat turned off of course because too many players seem to be edgy 13 year olds who have had no actual adversity in life so they lose their mind because someone doesn’t play a video game like they think they should. But I am limiting them to tier IV until they actually can play decently or at least not like bots. Never forget though, you have no idea what is going on on the other side of that keyboard. You don’t know if it is a little kid or someone with a disability that is playing. To borrow a phrase, “Why do you have to be mad?”

  15. Wow and people would bitch at my play when I could drive circles around those morons. I enjoy your replays but I can’t see going back to playing it again. Too toxic for me.

  16. ARL: “DoeS yOu havE StuPiD?!”
    Grille: “Which end is the front of my plane and where do I need to sail in it?”

  17. This is why I only play War Thunder.

  18. Jean Marc Tacorda

    Asia server is Lemming server

  19. The Lough at the end..reminds me of one cartoon character..

  20. Lemming train in War Thunder Ground Force rain down moniesss. 3 Tanks destroyed with Sturmpanzer ii at a choke point. In WOT well as well hahaha if they can see a T29 turret well they stop and shoot and if one person stop the person at the rear do it as well hahah easy kill for the Artillery

  21. Theres 3 titels under war gameing umbrella.

    1: world of war planes (( still being played))

    2: world of tanks

    3: world of warships

    Despite all that!!

    I just finshed watching this video im still not sure what the tanks were thinking.

    What happened to all the good plyers?

    evry time i log in and the tank resalts are terrible.

    i see people not working togther for a win or just not seprating enoph on flnks and im like it a team based game like othere titles under wargamings umbrella.

    This was bad like super bad im not the best plyer but i it least try to use the training given to us by war gameing.

    I see so littel of that and it granted some rewards as you went.

    I just im baffled by the way theses ended up.

    I understand the comdy.

    Thanks for the video it made my day.

    Hope you have a good day.

    I look forward to more content.



  22. A lot of time what happens is 5 or 6 tanks go one way and the rest try to cover one flank so if you’re the one guy left you can either try to solo a flank, i.e. suicide, or hope it isn’t a lemming train and go with the group. So when the leaders spot a tank and all start shuffling around acting like charging and just swarming the guy isn’t even a thing you’ve got no way to get through and do anything. So game over and you look like an idiot.

    But you’re not really going to have much better luck holding the flanks as you’re just going to get bum rushed by the other flanks once the train is dead. I’ve started just soloing the flank. It gets me back in garage fast.

  23. People as bad as that should be removed from the game permanently

  24. for a second, i thought this was a claus video…

  25. Jingles, you ought to play some rounds of World of Tanks and do a commentary on one of your own replays. Maybe do a commentary on a set of your replays?

  26. Rarely die to the first shot? I’ve tried many, many times to get into tanks because I enjoy ships a lot. I’ve never managed to get spotted without dying to a single shot in less than 10 seconds. Must be a high tier thing…

  27. The second game, was just painful!!! Like a fookin brainfreeze. Hell they must’ve had brain freezes.

  28. @Jingles : The Term “Lemming Train” may have been use in gaming starting with first person shooters. But it has been around long before that! i think I first heard it use was way back in the boy scouts in the early 60’s when one of the scoutmasters told us to not bunch up single file on a mountain trail so if the trail gave way we all would not lemming train off the side of the mountain (now all of our adult leaders were WWII and/or Korean war vets and that may have something to do with its usage). As I next heard it in the 70’s while in Army basic training and then again in the Infantry Officer course (’76) use to describe rushing in one at a time single file vs spreading out with 1/2 rushing in at the same time from different directions while the rest gave suppressive covering fire .

  29. Jingles… Nobody with a working brain, a sense of fun (or possible experience watching Circon) is ever gonna use the 90mm. The 105mm French slappin memes is where its at with these mid tier French tanks

  30. IMO even today there is nothing wrong with 1080p. It’s still a sufficiently good resolution.

  31. Khalid Hasan rumi

    lol the guys is lagging XD

  32. i cant imagine 😀

  33. “The ARL has yet to shoot.” After first switching to the ARL’s view after the T-34-85 died the ARL fired and missed the valiant.

  34. Prisoner of the Highway

    One match like this is hysterical. 10-15 in a row just sucks the life out of you. Biggest reason I quit all war gaming titles.

  35. If you REALLY want to see lemming trains, play War Thunder. That game is 3/4 bots and potatoes.

  36. One of my Thursday afternoon rituals is to watch WoT videos with The Mighty Jingles while enjoying a cup of nicely brewed Turkish coffee. At this point it is safe to add to the rituals the cleaning of the screens from the residual coffee.

  37. The teams that I see call this smart

  38. Da Faq did I just watch?! Old man, I need a refund on brain cells! I’m so glad I don’t play WoT anymore though, lol.

  39. Return? what makes you think they ever went away? 🙂

  40. The ARL could be suffering from some considerable lag

  41. Kids playing this game.Kids under 18 should not be allowed to play this game or they should have their own server.Kids are scarred. They have no ability to take any responsibility and they cannot think strategically.For them it is just shooting.They have no clue about the game mechanics.When you have 6 of them in your team then it is better to jump off the cliff.

  42. Well, that’s 30 IQ points I won’t be getting back in a hurry.

  43. well that ARL player is a special kind of special….thats one that you have to remind when they look up at the sky THE BIG YELLOW ONE…THAT’S THE SUN! yup.

  44. I wish I still had the replay from when I still played WOT on this map but it essentially went like this.

    My entire time splits between mid and east flank, I’m the only one on west flank. I decided to hull down best I can in my French Hamburger Tank since I’m not getting any backup….and the team hasn’t spotted anyone yet.

    Fast forwards 30 seconds or so where I start to get suspicions and drive forwards maybe 15 meters, where I then spot 15 enemy tanks and my game *BRICKS.* When it finally comes back I’m dead since the thing went and froze for about 4-5 seconds and I was shot by around 15 enemy tanks at once. We won though, somebody just capped.

  45. to be fair, in my experience it is actually possible and even easy to miss some of those shots fired by the arl, when there’s lag, and experience a lot of lag, then again I managed to miss a completely out in the open, side on maus in the strv 105 with a nearly fully aimed shot at center of mass, damn thing flew up and to the right as far as it could POSSIBLY go, it had somewhere around 5 pixels of aim circle not on the maus and of course it flies directly towards them, these are the reasons I hate world of tanks, idiots and rng, thank you for coming to my ted talk

  46. So WWI was a giant lemming train.


  47. At 12:23 I was really confused at what “justifies description” meant, before my brain clicked back on and I realized you said “just defies description.”


  48. Surely the Grille wanted to teamkill the Lefhefefefefefef.

    That name is also absolute bait.

  49. Laughed my socks off.

  50. dont drink and drive kids

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