World of Tanks – The Return of The TROLLCANNON

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Source: The Mighty

I’ve been a bad gnome, it’s been far too long since I did one of these.

System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. glorious Ballistic Laser Mk.10

  2. After the 80 000xp grind from buying the ISU to mounting the BL-10 passed with a 32% winrate, I played four games before it hit anything. And that one bounced off a Tiger I.

  3. FOr a second I actually thought the old man will be the one playing the game.

  4. late i was…..

  5. Never seen that title before :p

  6. Palindromemordnilap

    Loving the arty vingettes.

  7. Damnit Jingles! It’s 12 AM! Sleep, or Jingles? Sleep or Jingles? Sleep or Jingles? Uhh…

    Sorry, but…

    I choose Jingles!

  8. drinking game:
    step 1 – drink every time Jingels says “152mm gun”
    step 2 – call an ambulance

  9. waiting for jingles to make a playlist for the trollcannon 😉

  10. Griffin Faulkner

    So that last shot against the AMX 13 F3? That was an HE shell. It missed by something like 3, 4 meters and STILL killed him.

    Because with the Trollcannon, even your misses occasionally hit.

  11. I love the fact that Jingles uses the South Park dog impersonation sounds in his videos now. They’re fucking glorious on how he uses them.

  12. the borsig 150 pen was buffed a couple of patches ago jangles ..

  13. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    He could have went for the Fadins Medal.. i realized it yesterday while i was carrying my Team with 21 HP 1 vs 4 with 10 Shells ^^ Fired all Shells except 3 for arta, worked out 😀 eZ Fadins

  14. chinese tds will be russian tds with less gun depression

  15. Before patch 9.18 unlocking the top gun on the S-51 was exactly the seam feeling.

  16. I loved the shit out of the Su-152 and I love my ISU-152. I still use my su-152 every once in a while with the derp gun.

  17. If only I could use that gun on my ISU-152, but unfortunately Stalin has prohibited me from using ANY 152mm gun. I am forced to use the 122mm BL-9S, though I have been doing very well it.

  18. “I just love this machine i can’t explain it” Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?! You can’t explain that this gun is just rediculous?!?!

  19. Iordan Sorin Titus

    Great start to the video!

  20. Early joke- My Battle count

  21. when I see mighty jingles vlogs he kinda reminds me of Winston Churchill

  22. Yes commrade bigger= number higher accuracy of vodka

  23. I love how the dutch guy inchat at the beginning just assumed that everybody spoke dutch XD

  24. 286mm pen? didnt It have 298 mm pen?

  25. Lucky Kill me, he completed one of the 15 lv missions for the t28 htc. I was denied the t55a in my m53/55 by 4 xp. not 40, not 400, 4 xp. and it was on a city map. I sent in the replay to jingles, the email titled heartbreaker. Thing was, i had the medium, heavy, and TD mission 15 completed with honors for the t55a. and for the arty, I had the secondary (survive the battle) done, the second requirement (do at least 2.5k assistance damage), but i didn’t have the first requirement (score top in xp earned). I was pissed off for the rest of the time I was playing World of tanks. As a Lowe driver said to me, “Its ok to cry, i know I would.”

  26. Trollcannon… once I missed 4 (yes, four) consecutive shots at 200m on a stationary heavy fully aimed…

  27. Okay,that INTRO……………
    My Great and Mighty Gnomish Lord of Salt…………..
    You OWE me for a new monitor………….
    I nearly choked on my coffee laughing watching that intro, spewed it all over my nice flat screen…………

  28. DarkDragon7able

    Russian ships in WOWS are serious too 😉

  29. Charles Darwin Morales

    Jingles have you played Dreadnought?

  30. Did Rita play Aliens Isolation with you behind her yet?

  31. He didn’t even hit the arty in the end

  32. i would always help the enemy back onto its tracks

  33. *Shut off the porn once he saw that Jingles uploaded*

  34. Derpgun>Trollcannon.

  35. Huzza!

  36. #russianbias

  37. 755th! am 70K Exp away from ISU 😀

  38. Unverified User

    Sign… same thing happened to me in my kv2 during strongholds. Penned a Cromwell with HE and only did 736 dmg. I want a refund

  39. war thunder is a better game yeah i said it everyone go get your pitchforks

  40. i know how i felt the first time i shot with the bl10 it was an ammorack hit on a haevy tank …. i felt like a did come after a threeasome 😀

  41. Ronald de Rooij

    Jingles, T28 got a speed buff. It can do 30 km/h I think.

  42. Bramblestar Gaming

    God damnit Jingles, I can’t decide between you and Quickybaby!

  43. I eat all my candies for today, what should I do O_o

  44. Sometimes you talk to much. 🙁 . I was trying to hear something. 🙁

  45. Brute Firepower

    I don’t know, if you are aware of it, but Germans during WWII called this machine “der Dosenöffner”, what means can opener, because one shot from this troll cannon often caused ammo explosion in ANY German tank and the turret flew away, so the can was opened 🙂

  46. God bless jingles for posting more doom cannon

  47. That enemy team is always (90% of the time) is my team…..

  48. Isn’t this the return of the return of the Trollcannon???

  49. Non-notification squad where are you??

  50. Shoji_WarThunder

    You should play td’s more often jingles

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