World of Tanks | The RNG JEDI | EPIC ARTY BATTLES | 5 V 1 with 10 Kills Awesome Carry Gameplay

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Source: Sir Havoc

Here a Great Game with some Epic Play & RNG where this Bags himself 10 kills which also includes a 5 v 1 Finale!!!


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  1. I loled so hard at that opening

  2. the power is strong with this one 🙂 :)

  3. What’s to say?

  4. Playing arty less fun now, back then there are a lot of counter battery
    actions, now just no more

  5. i play arty when i cant be arsed to drive around the map!

  6. I’ve had arty games where 90% of my shots hit but really that’s 1 in
    probably 1000 games. In addition to get 10 kills and in 1v5….. What does
    this makes? 1 in a million? In a billion?

    I doubt there is another Tier 10 arty game likes this one…

  7. If WG watch this and still think arty is balanced then I’m done with

  8. Full premium ammo, I ll have games like this in my T92 if i use premium

  9. Hi Sir Havoc, I have been watching some of your video’s and I really like
    them. How could I become a member of your clan? Do you also accept girls?

  10. The first two guys were morons, they’d been hit by arty twice, yet stayed
    there on that exposed corner. now I’ve never seen an arty player set up
    were he set up in the beginning of the game, but I’ll be looking for them
    there now. By the way the arty guy played, he made me think of someone who
    operates real artillery, i.e. shoot n scoot. He stayed mobile, never
    committed to one location too long. Most arty players will fight from one
    spot all game long, the good ones will move. as to the rest of the game, I
    saw skill mixed with some luck. He didn’t drive that arty like an ‘”arty”‘
    if you take my meaning, he drove it like a tank. I hope I never have to
    face him, but I’d love to have him on my team.

  11. That was epic!

  12. They were just camping too hard and they were punished…

  13. I don’t hate the people playing arty, neither do I hate arty itself. If I
    am silly enough to sit in the open and get hit, I get what I deserve. What
    I hate is the idea of an autoloader artillery piece that can drop bombs on
    you in complete safety.

  14. If you want a 1vs7 arty I could send it to you SirHavoc. It’s of me I. My
    T67 doing 2,600 damage and dying and then the enemy m12 kills all 7 of our
    tanks because they are idiots. Lemme know if you want it.

  15. MrImmortalityPrince

    Also, either’s Sir Havoc drunk or he’s just being so darkly sarcastic. If
    you hate arty just pls stop actually posting about ”em. You sounded like
    Foch, but he doesn’t even do arty replay.:(

  16. MrImmortalityPrince

    When i play my arties, even down at tier 4, i always miss even if the
    target is stationary. But when i play in regular tank’s i always seem to
    get hit. So arty isn’t OP it’s just horrifically dependent on RNG no skill
    required. Even adding the fact that you have an overhead view or god view
    and you can lob over shells over hills and building’s. Although you need
    brains when you need to evac you pos and not “Noobs didn’t cover me!”. I
    actually stopped playing since my overall accuracy on my accnt is horrid,
    again due to the RNG.

  17. There is little argument that arty is broken and it needs fixing. But how
    can WG fix it without serious backlash from players that have invested time
    and real money into their SPGs

    There are several things wrong with arty in WoT, but as far as I can see,
    there are two major problems and they can both be fixed quite easily if WG
    is willing.

    The two major problems are:

    1. The ability to one shot a tank from the far side of the map, which is
    extremely frustrating for the victims and encourages camping, regardless of
    what WG thinks (just see how reluctant players are to move around the
    battlefield when they see there are 5 arty on the enemy side).

    2. The inaccuracy of arty (yes, it is hard to believe but it is
    inaccurate), which is extremely frustrating for the SPG players who can
    leave a battle having caused zero damage no matter how well they aim.

    But there is a way to solve both of these problems with one solution.
    (Please bear with me.) Artillery, in reality, is an area weapon relying
    upon saturation to cause damage. Artillery do not generally work alone,
    normally working with a minimum of three guns to achieve their saturation
    of the target area.

    In game, WG could achieve a similar effect by having each shot fired
    representing a salvo of three rounds fired (or increasing the splash radius
    of each single round) thus giving every arty shot an increased chance of
    splash damage (or multiples). But, to make it work, they would need to make
    the likely hood of a direct hit very, very unlikely. This way no tank on
    full health could be taken out by one arty shot at range, making non arty
    players feel more free to move around the battlefield, while alleviating
    the SPG problems of inflicting no damage in an entire battle. However, arty
    could still kill a tank by splash damage if the target was on low health.
    Arty AP should either be taken out of the game or be made so inaccurate
    that it is only of use in TD mode (which, in reality would be the only time
    it is used by arty)

    Of course there would have to be a lot more intricacies in the detail, but
    this is what I believe in general could fix the problem. It is a win-win
    solution that would make it more enjoyable fro arty players and less hated
    by the non-arty players.

  18. this is like love and hate…i love good arty players on my team, but i
    hate…hate arty on the enemy side.

  19. this was really funny man. i to get a bit pissed when i get hammered by
    arty but this is funy

  20. I mostly play proper tanks, but a small percentage of arty games too,
    because you are only properly equipped to avoid it if you know how it
    works. It’s not OP but it is broken. It only feels OP when it hits, but a
    huge percentage of perfectly aimed shots miss by miles. What most people
    don’t realise though, is that 90% of the time, you gave arty permission to
    hit you. You sat still too long, or picked an obvious sniping spot and
    dropped a tree etc. People who know how to move and use cover are very
    obvious because they are very difficult to hit. I’ve also noticed how the
    folks who get ragiest and accuse arty of cowardice are the ones with troll
    armour and ten times the hits of the arty. It’s pretty funny that they
    don’t see the irony.

  21. I died a little more inside with each pull of the trigger….

  22. I have the 105 LeFH and love it, 88%on the 5th perk, 8.02 sec reload, not
    very good alpha dmg but oh well.

  23. Made my day hearing you laugh your ass off 😀 Great game too. If you can
    get him to teach for your academy, I’d sign up for those classes!

  24. I have just started trying to learn how to play arty, just for kicks. It is
    my third attempt as they are not as easy to play as the non arty players
    seem to think and I subsequently gave up twice before. This time I am
    getting to understand everything better thanks to Bobo Grimmer and his epic
    series Bobo’s Scrub Arty Records. The series is dedicated to arty and is
    well worth watching if you want to learn how to play arty.

    All that aside, there is no argument that this was an epic battle, however,
    having spent several months now trying to master the art of playing arty
    (pardon the pun) I didn’t see anything outstanding here in his play style.
    He was driving a SPG with great capabilities, he found a safe spot, he
    pre-focused on the obvious positions, he was spamming gold and he used
    Extra Zoom Out and Battle Assist mods to help improve the odds.

    It was an entertaining battle to watch and outstanding for the results
    achieved, but . . .

  25. I laughed pretty hard and enjoyed this one a lot, Sir Havoc. Good job arty.
    Cheers mate!

  26. You do realize that the suspense you try to build up is lost when you have
    a title that includes “10 kills”. When he has 5 kills and there are 5
    targets left, we all know what is going to happen.

  27. Only fags hate arty

  28. Where can I get this COD hitmarker mod o.o ?

  29. hahaha provent camping? u shoot them u track them in a OP arty with a
    turrent haahahah i personally play arty tell u something 0 SKILLS NEEDED

  30. At first i wasn’t going to watch this, but I am glad I did. It was

  31. A very entertaining video and fun commentary, you clearly enjoyed the
    Not sure arty is OP for every good game I have 2 or 3 poor games, I would
    agree it is broken and needs work.

  32. I Hate Arty or what I feel is lack of skill. What he did was use initial
    location, relocation, and prediction to make the correct play. He earned
    that win. I hate arty but not the player.

  33. Sir havoc is just laughing his ass off this entire video

  34. this arty is more broken than the others !! and as if it was not enough
    full gold!!
    Amazing Skill.
    funny end btw

  35. I hate arty playing, point. Bird eye view even more! Why not permit just
    one arty max per team for a start? That was not enjoyable at all btw.
    Sadism people, that’s it.

  36. Charlie “Bealzabub” Barber

    That was indeed all premium ammo.

  37. Well I can see he sold his soul to Satan…

  38. Mr Bowler - Beyond the Horizon

    Really funny intro you have there Sir Havoc.

  39. Best medal I got iny arty was a kamikaze medal in my bishop

  40. I’ve not used that exact position in arty, but it’s only really useful for
    turreted arty – my Object 261 for example would have it’s gun pointing at
    the floor or the mountain.

    I did once watch an Object 261 on my team pick himself up a Radley-Walters
    Medal (and winning the game), going TD mode on the old South Coast map.

  41. first autoloading arty replay I seen

  42. If arty prevents camping, why does arty camp??

  43. arty was ok till the mod came out with the view adjust then it was op as

  44. Any enemy that kills me undetected is annoying, mostly arty or TD’s. But
    with TD’s, I know that that guy had to take some risks and had to have some
    skill to kill me. I also know that he has the same kind of view as I do.
    So, arty annoys met the most. Clicking and sitting on the back of the map
    with bird eye view. Disgusting. I really think that arty players have a
    psychological disorder if they like what they are doing. It is called
    sadism. Not only that, it is cowardly sadism. Pleasure in ruining other
    people’s pleasure with complete immunity.

  45. french animal? I guess a poedel haha

  46. Always a pleasure to see a skilled SPG master at work. Thanks for the share
    and great commentary.

  47. i like the bc 155 58 i have him 2 and also 2 marks :)

  48. Nice game and good commentary Pete. Sounded like you really enjoyed this
    replay. Keep up the good work.

    YOU MADE ME CRY ! ! !

  50. Arty is not OP, i have had games in arty of like 2.6k dmg and two kills,
    while a heavy tank of the same tier does 1.3k and gets the same amount or
    even less kills and no spotting dmg, but gets way more xp than me. Its not
    just the arty though, if a light tank made 1.3k dmg its an instant mastery
    badge, so even if arty wrecks tanks they dont get too much from it, you
    have to be outstanding in a certein class of tank to gaing more xp and
    credits, not just raw dmg

  51. And that’s y I’ve gone up the French line my self

  52. I started playing arty some weeks ago for the missions and it’s quite a
    pain. Admitted i’m only an average player, but you are so much more
    dependent on your team than in any other class. Fully aimed shots just sail
    into the ground some meters beside the target and so on…
    I’m not sure if I will touch it again after I’m done with the missions

  53. The red headed arty of all arty, the tier 10 batchat arty. Its reload time
    and accuracy aren’t worth it.

  54. only play arty for the missions but glad I went with French arty

  55. Man I am feeling ill

  56. Arty with skill and luck. even if you had this skill and luck, most people
    wouldn’t be able to achieve this in any other vehicle! great commentary…
    made me laugh so hard! Also, I feel for that 54lwt… that’s so me getting

  57. I sent you a replay, where I had an epic game in a G.W Panther 😛 3 vs 1
    end :D

  58. hahahaha
    3 thumbs up!!!

  59. Very nice Replay and just godlike RNG!! But a new arty mentor? Come on …
    Nobody ever asks me about it. :'(

  60. For me that is one of the best wot replay great commentary Sir, brilliant
    job. I think you all misunderstood the prevent camping it is that it
    prevents arty from camping hahaha.

    I don’t think arty is broken he picked his shots and aimed in where it was
    needed no doubt he has very good crew and he was fortunate to be on a spg
    friendly map. 99% of players wouldn’t get 1/3 of the damage he got in the
    same battle.

    People get salty when they get owned and call for a tank or tank class to
    be nerfed.



  63. EPIC!!!!!! HA HA HA HA awesome game, can´t deny that. Skill all the way.
    Great video. Thx for laugh :-)

  64. ROFL and another good video well done m8

  65. Great game and very entertaining but no PASCUCCI’S lol

  66. Beats my best game in the Tier 10 B-C arty, I managed 8 kills in mine.

  67. Hilarious gameplay! Love it! hahahahaha

  68. I play arty because of high latency. Over 500 ms this week. When i play
    other tanks they just teleport from one place to another

  69. uliuli!

  70. Arty is NOT OP, but it is broken.
    If it was OP, you would have great battles every battle, but the fact is
    RNG has so much influence on arty you have a few 0 damage battles, even
    sometimes when every shot is fully aimed at stationary targets.

  71. 2nd coment

  72. Uroš Nedeljković

    t150 or kv85?

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