World of Tanks|| The Road to GamesCom Giveaway! Military Challenge Coins Accept the Challenge

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Source: Sir Havoc

World of Tanks|| The Road to GamesCom Giveaway! Military Challenge Coins Accept the Challenge

The one where Sir Havoc hosts a giveaway for Gaming Awards, The Prize? Military Challenge Coins.

Who can win? You guys watching and you guys visiting GamesCom.
whilst here please take the time to have a look around my and stay if you like.

Good luck everyone!!!
►Gaming Awards

maybe you can return the favor…

►Looking for replays with-
(Replays MUST be the latest version of WoT and meet ALL requirements set)

Hall of Fame Rare Medals Or Base XP 1600
Its Time – People on your team being Dicks
Really Funny things in game LOL moments
And Thug Life moments

Please title the email with one from above and put in the time stamp of what there is to see

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  1. Favorite is the B-C 25 t. 🙂 Good luck to everybody!

  2. My favorite tank at the moment is FV 304, my Little Bertie. :)

  3. My Favorite tank is the Jagdpanther

  4. It got to be the Centurion 7/1

  5. VK 30.01 (H) Love this tank !! got great gun and reasonable armor

  6. My favorite tank is the AMX elc bis (ELC amx)

  7. I’m a light tank enthousiast like you Sir Havoc, but I have a huge weakness
    for my BDR G1 B for it’s top gun is just too juicy at its tier!

  8. T29 turret armor FTW :)

  9. My favorite tank is M103,its the first T9 I ever got!

  10. Richard Griffiths

    amx1357 or cromwell b

  11. my favourit tank is definatly the AMX 50 100 🙂 nothing better then a
    autoloader :>

  12. Richard Griffiths

    a lot of military guys have a pouch ona cord round their necks

  13. T67

  14. It’s all about the T54 mod 1

  15. My favourite tank is the Panther – even on the worst of days it performs :D

  16. Matthew Cairney (maximatt)

    Cromwell B is my favorite

  17. Tiger I, definitely my favorite

  18. Crusader – British light tank

  19. My favourite tank is most definitely the e-25.

  20. Hello, my “go to” tank is the German VK3601H. When I get frustrated, I play
    this tank. Even if I lose, the tension just seems to drain away and I’m
    good for another go. My in-game name is NorthernDrifter on both NA and EU
    servers. Thank you for the opportunity to win these coins.

  21. Pattonsarmyvet Son

    See YOU in my Gunsights . . .

    My favorite tank is the M7

  22. My favorite tank on the Xbox 360 is the m18 hellcat on the computer AMX 30

  23. leopard 1 no armour but really enjoyable to play

  24. Conqueror Becaus i got my first Colobanov´s medal in it..:D

  25. I guess my favourite is T29

  26. my favorite tank.. Black Prince..

  27. Buldog favorite for fun :)

  28. Cromwell :)

  29. Casual Nerf Dragon (Nerf mods and paint-jobs)

    my favorite is the Leopard 1

  30. Richard Wroblewski (Roboticwonderwaffle)

    T34 American Heavy Tank. Why? Cause it was my first tier 9 ever. My first
    tier 7 was the T29 and when i got to tier 9 i was welcomed by my first and
    well. my T34 is still with me today

  31. vk 3001 p is my favourite tank. almost 2500 games played with it. :)

  32. My favorite would be the Chaffee. Speed, agility, and a competent gun.
    Also I wonder how many people will be freaked out for being mistaken for
    one of these two guys when some random person says “Seee you in my
    gunsights eeeeheheh” just saiyan.

  33. My favorite tank is IS-3

  34. T26E4 SuperPershing

  35. Matīss Brikmanis

    I luv m18 Hellcat

  36. minecraftminigames1

    T95 Is My favorite tank

  37. Ru 251 the spypanzer, best tier 8 light tank, can cause major problems even
    for tier 10 tanks, love it so much! Even gna have the cover of my phone
    customized to have the ru 251 background on it.

  38. almighty 2nd hand of stalin aka the DERP – kv2…152 reasons to like it

  39. KV2. A completely unserious tank, but totally fun.

  40. Favorite tank ? ELC AMX !!!

  41. KV2! Big barrel… erm refrigerator of fun.

  42. Tomas Trimailovas

    T20 my favorite would be

  43. T-34-2, love it when it works ;)

  44. FV4202 :D

  45. My favorite tank, the amazing, the troll, the crazy T49 :D

  46. Cromwell B

  47. I,just love the KV 1

  48. SU 152. Why just it can derp with its 152mm or go kapow with the 122. 

  49. Heavy tank Conqueror.. tough relatively Mobile and a gun that demands

  50. Hands down my favorite tank is the E-75.

  51. Cromwell B for me, It’s kindof like a light tank on easy mode, but its so
    much fun to play! :)

  52. I know some wil hate me now lol but my favorite is the Bat.-Châtillon 155

  53. Leo1

  54. My favourite tank is the T-34 at Tier5.
    It is just lovely.

  55. T29 – coz it gives me the feeling that I’m driving a proper heavy tank that
    can go in front and take charge. thank you

  56. E75 ıs what O play whenever I feel the need to relax, and hear the enemy
    shells go “ping” :D. My favorite tank to play, hits hard, and very

  57. Sherman Jumbo.

  58. My favourite tanks is Centurion 7/1 great tank! Gun,mobility and armor is
    Good 😡 :)

  59. The Object 268

  60. [TvG]Creepermen99

    The Königstiger (Tiger II) is my favorite tank, looks just amazing ;)

  61. Pz II J

  62. My favorite tank is AMX 13 90

  63. my favorite tank is pz.kpfw.IV.Ausf.H its a lot of fun to play :)

  64. My favorite tank is Tiger 1

  65. Love my WT auf PZ

  66. T-34-85 easy :)

  67. ELC AMX Just because of the speed, gun and its low profile! So fun to get
    beside a large tank that can’t shoot because your so small and
    watching them rage! ???

  68. M41 Walker Bulldog

  69. WZ-132

  70. E 25! Pew Pew Pew!

  71. SU-76, even when bottom tier, can still damage any opponent.

  72. Pz.Kpfw. II Luchs

  73. Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H

  74. My favourite tank is T54 Mod.1, an awesome tier 8 premium tank!

  75. My favorite tank is T29. :)

  76. My favourite is the 112, I love bouncing shells with it!

  77. My favorite tank is elc amx xD

  78. ST1 Soviet steel!

  79. Centurion 7/1 beautiful tank :)

  80. FV304 tier 6 arty for UK

  81. favorite tank would have to be the mighty ELC AMX

  82. My favourite is the Centurion 7/1

  83. cromwell

  84. Derp Alecto 😛
    Most fun that you can get with your clothes on

  85. My favorite tank so far is t34 russian medium 🙂 

  86. Cromwell. Its just so much fun and carried many games in it.

  87. Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H
    because I like its looks and the derp

  88. My fav tank in WOT is ST-I

  89. Sir_Havoc my favourite tank is the Cromwell

  90. I know I’m a scrub, but KV-2 is my favorite tank in the game.

  91. Centurion 7/1, best tank yet :)

  92. Sir_Havoc my favourite tank is the Cromwell 

  93. my absolute favorite tank is: T49, heavy derp, heavy fun! it’s so lovely to
    have games where u can pull off 5k+ dmg and feel so good about it!

  94. hull down T-32

  95. Bartul Javorčić

    T-34-85 my favorite tank

  96. my favorite tank is ELC AMX XD

  97. I have fallen in love with the SP 1C.

  98. Follow us at “@WOTboys” for the Challenge Coin Giveaway.

  99. My favourite tank right now is M10 Wolverine. I’ve fought hard to achieve 3
    Marks of Excellence on him and it was worth it – great choice of guns,
    awesome viewrange and nice mobility :)

  100. Carajeleascov Alexandru


  101. so far its the Centurion 7/1 cos i love the gun depression and penetration,
    and the bouncy bouncy turret ^_^

  102. E 25. fast, invisible and deadly.

  103. Kv-2 ofcourse!

  104. RU251

  105. AMX 12t, mobile, autoloader, good scout.

  106. Thanks Sir Havoc, great job, looking forward to Gamescom and meeting the
    Community guys. We will be in white polo shirts with the Gaming Awards logo
    on the left breast.Follow us on twitter “@WOTboys” to see the image of us
    again and follow the giveaway. Best regards The WOTboys. (See you in my

  107. Kv-5
    got my first pools and kolobanovs in it :)

  108. My favorite tank is Ru251 :)

  109. STUG III G is still my favourite. Nailed 2 Pool’s in it. Its sneaky, got a
    good gun and pretty fast reload.

  110. My favorite tank in World of Tanks is probably the Lorraine 155 51. Because
    it’s always extremely funny to drive to the enemy and shotgun them right in
    the face and then run 🙂 It’s also my favorite tank because it’s very good.
    That rapid fire gun and the accuracy are amazing. In one day i got 3 Gore’s
    medals int he lorr. 155 51 :D

  111. My favorite tank is IS-7

  112. Walker Bulldog, great light tank :)

  113. KV-2

  114. My favorite is M41 Walker Bulldog!

  115. VK 16.02 Leopard, must be cos Im born on the 16th of the 2nd!

  116. Mine is M4 Sherman, derp derp.

  117. E25, because its awesome if you use it the right way :)

  118. Obj. 140 is just a pleasure to play.

  119. i must say that my favourite tank is KV-3!

  120. My favourite tank so far is the T67 but I’m not very far in. 

  121. Jan-Willem Jansen

    Hmm favourite tank? KV2 # don’t need to see you in my gun sight to 1 shot
    you ;)

  122. The Cromwell b she’s just a little bit more fun than normal Cromwell and
    I’m not saying the Cromwell is pants they are both good at moving before
    you get shot.

  123. Tough one…Prob regret this after but id say E75. It is well armored has
    amazing gun and it truly is one big mean killing machine.

  124. my favourite has to be the WZ 120

  125. Joe Raw Cockerill

    Type 59

    Simply the best

  126. ELC AMX :-)

  127. Achiigin Burendei

    Centurion 7/1 :3

  128. My favourite tank is the IS-3

  129. AMX 13 90

  130. Bas van Steenbergen

    My fav tank of all time must me the t5 m7 in the amaerican line

  131. my favorite tank is the jagdtiger 8,8 just amazing

  132. T110E4 Stronk Tank

  133. my favorite tank is the kv-2

  134. Cent 7/1 

  135. T34-85

  136. Mine is the T29.
    Simply because of the great gun for its tier and the stronk turret armor,
    which brings along the weak hull with which you have to work.

  137. my favorite tank is the centurion 7/1

  138. My favorite tank îs The KV-2! Because Stalin guide my hand if i drive it.

  139. good luck to all
    may the best person win

  140. The IS, just a beast in the right hands and an awesome fire rate with the

  141. My favourite tank is the ELC AMX, i like it because its smal,fast and has a
    90mm gun

  142. My favourite tank is the matilda

  143. su 152 with the 152mm gun hits like a train and doesn’t care about the

  144. The old KV-1S before it was nefed and set to tier 5

  145. KV-2

  146. Caernarvon for me.

  147. My favourite tank is the t29

  148. My favourite tank is the T-54 ltwt.

  149. AMX 30 1er prototype

  150. My favourite tank is by far the elc it is to funny to play :)

  151. My favorite tank is the Conqueror. Very powerful gun.

  152. Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H is my favourite so far

  153. Cromwell definitely~ as a medium tank it can perform as good as or better
    than majority of the light tanks

  154. T-54 just a pleasure to play when top tier good armour good gun and good

  155. Favorite tank has to be the go-cart with a cannon strapped to it the elc

  156. T 54 Mod 1

  157. T57 Heavy best Tank and my favorite

  158. Centurion 7/1 

  159. My favorite tank is the T37
    It is fast, has a great gun, nice view range, and awesome camo.
    Keep up the great work havoc, and see you in my gun sight :)

  160. T26E4 superpershing hard to kill with a good enoff gun

  161. My favorite tank îs The KV-2 !!!!!

  162. Oh it would be the T49. That thing is a beast. It’s able to wreck light
    tanks of the same tier and weak armored tanks. Moving around at 60+km/h and
    derping 950 everywhere it goes! Was my first tier 8 light tank, and was the
    first tank to get 3 stripes of excellence in

  163. hard to make mind, but I’ll go with T-54, because it’s T-54 (sorry
    centurion 7/1)

  164. My favorit tank must be my Cromwell B

  165. Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger

  166. Favourite tank is ELC!

  167. Probably the Comet

  168. M18 Hellcat

  169. KV-2 is Stronk Fav

  170. There are so many lovely tanks but I’ll have to go with the Cromwell

    Played over 1.4k games in it with 3 marks on it, the Cromwell is just

  171. Is-4

  172. AMX ELC bis dont realy know why

  173. Crusadertank01 .H2VOC

    ELC AMX because it French, Sexy and is amazing to drive :D

  174. Julopabene Bananenplantage

    I love my M7! No, not the artillery, I mean the T5 american medium tank! It
    is fast, it can bounce some shots and the rate of fire on it’s gun is
    terrifying for every lightly armored tank. Oh and I can do consistently
    well in it :)

  175. I’m gonna have to say, my favourite tank is the M4 Sherman with the derp
    gun… :)

  176. cent 7/1

  177. Cent 7/1. Awesome tank!

  178. my favourite tank is the comet i love that gun depression.

  179. B-C 25t

  180. If anyone says anything other than the KV-2 then they are doing it wrong!!!

  181. SU-122-44 is my favourite tank

  182. Tank Destroyer: E 25

  183. WT auf E100

  184. E25 is the best for me.

  185. Maksymilian Reviews and Tutorials (Maksymilian Tutorials)

    E75 :D

  186. My favourite tank? That would have to be the T54 😉
    There is no downside! xD
    World of T54! nearly as good as World of Tanks!! xD

  187. Favorite tank is T 25/2 idk why

  188. ELC AMX, camo/view/speed/weapon power

    And French :)

  189. M18 Hellcat is my favorite tank

  190. My favourite tank is the stronk Russian BIA T-62A.Stalin turret,great
    gun,mobility…Just a great tank. Love your channel Havoc!!

  191. Kenn “KM” Mahesh

    My favourite tank in WoT is by far the Cromwell/Cromwell B. Awesome
    mobility and gun performance! :)

  192. my favorite tank is Cromwell, best tank ever :)

  193. Milo-Sidlo Marcell (Marcellious)


  194. my favorite is the kv-1

  195. My favorite tank is the IS-3

  196. Here’s me thinking of my favourite tank, the T-34-3 ;)

  197. My favourite tank in the game is sherman firefly

  198. Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J

    I love this little monster?, great video Pete nice story

  199. AMX 30 B best tank!! :3

  200. Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. C – a funny little bugger ;)

  201. Matilda

  202. See you in my gun sight of my favorite tank the IS-3

  203. M26 Pershing

  204. The U.K. Tank Destroyer, The Mighty Tortoise

  205. M3 lee

  206. It’s a tough choice but my favourite tank is probably the E-25. It’s such a
    sneaky bugger.

  207. T49 – I luvs ya! (ha – you always post just as I sit down to relax on a
    Sunday evening in Auzzie)

  208. HI HAVOC

  209. VinylSnapz Music and Visuals

    My favorite tank is the KV-13
    A cheeky little bugger that is! Armor of the IS and the speed and gun of
    the T-43

  210. RU 251

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