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World of Tanks – Tortoise. Since 9.21 the Tortoise might as well be called THE ROCK – today we find out why!


World of Tanks is a 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. Great play but If I were there I would just push him with 3other tanks and just wipe him out,but nobody wants to die and thats why their team lost

  2. Behold the british Dwayne Johnson

  3. Pffff that T-95 was such a fucking idiot. Firing standard ammo at weakspots in 2018. What a dumbass.

  4. my bigist issue is with all the work he did I think the epick awards sould give credits a loss of credits in a game like that dosent make to menny want to put the effort in

  5. What is the point of the Jagdtiger now. The Jagdtiger used to have better armor eksept that lower plate but, now the Tortoise has better armor and more dpm.

  6. #Powercreep

  7. I have blocked around 14k in the tortoise. That is my record.

  8. Henri Liimatainen


  9. T-43 and T25 Pilot threw this game for the enemy team, they should’ve capped… You don’t try to fight tier 9 TDs face-on when you’re in those things.

  10. They should had start capping

  11. more like noobs blindly firing at the hull armour.

  12. PickelJars ForHillary

    Another loss sponsored in part by No Cap Kill All Syndrome.

  13. *”HE doesn’t bounce….”*


  14. so tortoise being almost impenetratable is ok? How come? the “weak point” can be barely penetrated by gold rounds from any tier 10 except TD

  15. They buffed the weak spot on top? Cool!
    *looks over at my T110E5*
    ….nah. Making that weak point bearable? LOL good one. nah I’ll just suffer a little more first. They have their priorities, OP Russian tank Destroyers that make me miss being a one shot for artillery. I guess we complained too much about artillery and now WG is like “oh yah we’ll give you something to complain about”

  16. Once again game decided by 3-5-7 template. Enemy top tiers were stupid idiots and lost the battle.

  17. Really nice when your top tier don’t know anything that’s going on in WoT development, like that T95. Always on top tier >:(

  18. He got really lucky

  19. 16K damage blocked and still doesn’t make a profit in credits lmfao.

  20. Sw1tchd Badarovski

    Why are some fans mad about wargaming putting more premium they are at least updating and adding content. Valve treats CSGO like garbage they add op guns and nerf them till they sre useless be happy wargaming is listening valve isnt

  21. do tetris kutasy tepe

  22. I believe the term you were looking for Quickbaby was casemate

  23. E100 , tiger 2

  24. that was such a terrible gameplay from the enemy team

    I know what you’re referring to QB 😉

  26. I blocked 20k with my Type5 without using derp gun, 8k dmg and radley, you didn’t feature that one :'(

  27. why didnt the knobheads just cap out when they see what was going on with the Tortoise?

  28. Only in WoT can the entire enemy team bar 1 player think they can keep shooting the front and win that way… Its not that the tank is so great, its that the enemy is so dumb.

  29. Yes, the Roof Armour IS on top of the tank. Well spotted sir.

  30. for that kind of game 81 k credits is so low no matter what..he have to recive atleast 200 k ,wg have to take this to think about it and make some changes in reward’s..But thats me….

  31. Wish it was in this state when i played through it

  32. This tank didnt need a buff whats going on?

  33. wooooow nice rock 🙂

  34. Some talk of Alexander, and some of Hercules.
    Of Hector and Lysander and such great names as these.
    But of all the world’s great heroes, there’s none that can compare.
    With a tow, row, row, row, row, row, to the British Grenadiers.

    Those heroes of antiquity ne’er saw a cannon ball,
    Or knew the force of powder to slay their foes withal.
    But our brave boys do know it and banish all their fears.
    With a tow, row, row, row, row, row, for the British Grenadiers

    And that is as much as my patriotism can remember.

  35. The ism is the reason the tortoise is still alive in this game, well played to him, how ever when I play my e3, and holding an entire flank alone, my team always leaves and no one to guard my sides, well anyway we’ll played to both of them

  36. I love the fact that the enemy players did not have a single braincell between them and thats why the tortoise couldve done this… 3enemy tank in capcircle and easy win for enemy team

  37. I remember doing 8500 dinged damage on the same map in jt 88… but this is almost double of that!

  38. No premium account to him?

  39. Michael Ritzen The personal missions are retarded anyways. Like the medium mission where you need to set enemy tanks on fire. Why do you need to do that and why in a medium tank?

  40. Yeah, I get that it kinda encourages outflanking, but sometimes people just do wierd stuff with the missions. If I could have used any other tank for TD mission 15 for the T-55A, I would have gotten the secondary ages ago. Or the LT-15 for the T-55A, I just can’t seem to get the spotting/damage and secondary requirements for that mission, or only the spotting/damage part. In my mediums, I would have gotten that mission done numerous times already. I think it would be better if the missions weren’t tied down by class of tank, but just when you get it, you get it, regardless of tank (if you bounce 6k damage in a light, get the fucking mission that is tied to bouncing that amount)
    Another thing that I find annoying with the SPG rework, is that now, I can’t bounce arty shells anymore, to have it added up with the rest of damage bounced. You wouldn’t believe how many times my Maus or VK B absorbs arty shells, only leaving stun….. Damn brother, I want that 1050 damage that I just blocked, added to my total!

  41. When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object

  42. So many morns loading gold even that doest matter, they either can pen cupola or nothing with both standard ammo or gold

  43. Fatalbullet DeutscheWölfe

    I cant understand why the enemys played so bad :/ its not hard to pen the tortoise

  44. i have stood next to this beast at the tank museum its absolutely HUGE

  45. I have two favorite tanks t110e3 and the t95

  46. Actually the Tortoise’s armor wasnt buffed, it was fixed. There was an inaccurate armor weakspot where irl there is actually an engine compartment hatch backed by the actual armor. For a long while the hatch was modeled as the actual armor, leading to an extremely stupid frontal weakspot on the vehicle. It being fixed is a good example of WG doing historical accuracy properly (too bad they dont follow up for other lines).

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