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Hey Guys welcome back to , this time we have a that Does not know when to stop killing!!


►Looking for replays with-
(Replays MUST be the latest version of WoT and meet ALL requirements set)

Hall of Fame Rare Medals Or Base XP over 1600
Its Moron Time – People on your team being Dicks
Really Funny things in game LOL moments
And Thug Life moments

Please title the email with one from above and put in the time stamp of what there to see

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  1. What is problem (in general) with Heavy’s going left side? If they don’t
    stop and push that 1 line, i believe it is ok. Also there are not many
    arty/TDs in enemy team.
    Whoever controls that 1 line has so much power in this map… vision,
    different angles, etc.

  2. Ha, you are so right about the T69. Fully aimed, you can count on at least
    one of the 4 shots flying wild or bouncing off paper.

  3. Bit rich complaining about players not moving after his own stalling
    tactics earlier on. I guess that some players just always see them selves
    as being the CO. Twat indeed.

    And do my eyes deceive me or do I detect a weak spot aim mod?

  4. Roll on floor laughing stomp? Much sense was made today 😛 great video not
    so great naming

  5. DaAwesomeMinecraft

    2:50 did you pour some drink or something? I swear I heard something… Cup
    of tea? If so, good on you.

  6. Twat’s really living up to his name… what a salty player.

  7. love the sarcasm.. totally British

  8. The other day I had someone asking me to invite him for the bia medal, I’m
    not really that surprised but people seriously care about that?

  9. Good job to him, but wow, he’s a real a^^hole. Must be on drugs or
    something with that rage.

  10. can anyone tell me what mod is that dont have circles on my map….range of
    visibility and shiz…

  11. ” mandatory bounce”….. :))))))))))))))))))

  12. lo, this dude is a clan mate, you should of just blurred his chat, he’s soo
    salty and swears all the time on ts3 xD im the one who told him to upload
    this to you xD

  13. Lol I loved this. As a good friend of um ‘MT’ watching you commentate
    exactly how we have our banter. Damn…. I’m in tears. Effing brilliant sir

  14. Laughed my *** off with you comments toady. Made my day, thx again!

  15. I’m Famous 😀 lol

  16. If my wife would let me i would camp in the bush all night long!!!!!!

  17. Kemp bush, unfair plane! Good commentary Pete, tons of fun!

  18. Hehehe BOOBS

  19. I like how the TVP gave him the last kill

  20. Second


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