World of Tanks – The Role of Armour

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Thx to my bae cryspy for helping me in the training room xoxoxo

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  1. *Cries in KV-4*

  2. Spencer Smither

    10% rng on pen rounds should be a thing, 25% is just retarded…it made some sense back in 2012 when prem rounds were literally pay to win, since without 25% rng you just couldn’t do shit to a maus or IS7 at that time. But now…since TDs were introduced and prem rounds became available through credits it no longer makes sense, and hasn’t made sense since the early stages of this game…

  3. Having played since closed Beta I can honestly say it was more fun when almost no gold shells were used. The game was originally balanced around the standard penetration of guns and the Maus and IS7 were actually heavy tanks with 248-260 pen shells being fired at them and everything worked just fine.

    Introducing Premium shells for credits was a huge mistake for game balance and mediums with 330 pen heat shells make a mockery of any kind of balance. T10 TDs with 300 pen guns have a lot of negatives to go with those huge guns so that is balanced , meds with 330 pen at a press of a button is not balance.
    Blaming corridor maps and saying meds have to be competitive ….. why do meds have to be competitive on corridor maps but heavies not competitive on open maps ? Meds have huge mobility and camo advantages buts that just fine isnt it by your argument. I play mostly meds and honestly tough shit , if you are on a corridor just deal with it and yes you have to fucking flank or play a support role. Pressing 2 and smashing through a heavies turret is shit gameplay and a stupid mechanic.

    Newer tanks like the TVP and T10 lights have lower pen premium shells and that is great news. Balancing premium shells to a tanks other pluses and negatives is a good step forwards.

    My prefered change to balance premium shells would be to limit the amount a tank can carry. 1/4 of a tanks max ammo capacity for gold shells. That way you have to use them wisely and cannot just spam them all the time. For a tank like the Batchat allow it to carry 2 clips of prem ammo for a 20/10 loudout.

    Wargaming really do not give a damn and will make any changes that earns them more money and to hell with balance and the future of the game. They will just sell super OP premium after OP premium until all games are 15 premiums a side.

  4. before maus buffs people spammed heat….including you lol…..

  5. great vid Anfield, this is exactly what i was hoping for when you answered my comment on your last vid. GREAT EXPLANATION and not only explaining why you are forced to using it now, but also a reasonable solution which wargaming should really consider

  6. map design is the easiest way to balance gold like you said, not even that different damage mechanic. As soon as flanking is viable, it would make gold less of a reasonable choice since map control is more important anyway to win.

  7. Anfield is a god

  8. Maps, maps, maps – WG has not introduced a decent map in the last 3 years. Paris is ridiculous, Pilsen – laughable, Overlord – pure poppycock. And some well-known streamers actually endorse these maps in a way – “yes, but you can use scouts in Paris on flank, and heavies on the other”, which is total horsecrap, and all what people do on Paris map is to chase each other around buildings like Tom & Jerry. So exactly what you have said in the video, more maps and slight rebalancing of the gold ammo would be very useful. Instead WG wastes money on the modes which are unplayable – remember the Historical Battles or Rampage modes? Even recent Frontline mode (I call it Rampage 2) does not excite my imagination as you are completely disconnected from the other 10-20 players on your team. I just hope that WG does not cut the Frontline map into 9 pieces and start saying “But look we have introduced 9 new maps”. New maps ranging from 1.5kmx1.5km up to 2kmx2km are needed for the standard 15vs15 Random battles where the scouts and arties play their role.

  9. didn’t even touch “nope” armor?(is7 turret, e5 upper plate, ect)

  10. killer chemstar


  11. Armor isn’t about bouncing, it’s about bouncing sometimes and well used armor bounces more often, thereby prolonging the time you can shoot back/increasing your effective HP. Front on turret get’s penetrated like 70% or so (E100), angled turret get’s penetrated maybe 45% of the time. So one time you get roughly 2700HP/0.7=3850 and the other time you get 2700HP/0.45=4900. So the time for an enemy to take you down is longer i.e. you can shoot back more often.

  12. Akuretaki Nikolay

    The less armored tank is EU tier3 french td

  13. standard ammo, medium dmg and pen
    HE ammo, high dmg and low pen
    Premium ammo, low dmg and high pen
    this would be so easy to solve

  14. The RNG is ridiculous on everything in the game, accuracy, armor penetration. The fact that it is 25% alone is a joke. It’s why WG can’t get WoT into any real competitive gaming leagues cause they refuse to ditch the 25% RNG.

  15. The armour values would be perfectly fine if it wasn’t for premium ammunition completely bypassing it in a lot of situations.
    I for one would be a big supporter for having a limited amount of premium ammo per tank group (i.e meds, heavies, tds etc) but I doubt that would ever happen.

    Thanks for starting up this discussion Anfield, it’s a worth while discussion to be having.

  16. I like how somebody with lots of experience (pub AND league) and sober view does 11 minute video, yet half of the comment section does not care and goes on about “armor role my ass, you heat spamming uniscum”. They know better than Anfield for sure 🙂

  17. armor exists to protect your tank
    weakpoints exists to balance it and make tanks vulnerable if enemy have enough knowledges
    and…premium ammo exist to ignore both and wreck balance just because you pay more.

    great video ! 😉

  18. Marshall Allshouse

    I’m glad to hear that map balance is a true problem in this game, I’ve always felt somewhat ineffective in a med on some maps just because the maps are too well designed for frontal engagements

  19. Remember when the dumbasses at WG decided to nerf the pen of gold rounds a while back, but because they nerfed the pen of gold rounds they also nerfed the pen of regular rounds which made the nerfing of the gold round pen completely useless. The people running the show at WG HQ must be beyond retarded.

  20. Standardize the load outs.

  21. Having some armor can help you when in with a group of allies and attacking. Enemy will tend to fire at the thin armor tanks and eliminate them first. I was in my IS3 and had a French tank ally go with me to attack and the enemy all shot the french tank and ignored me. We finished off the enemy tanks and I still had full HP but my french tank ally was beat up bad. So having armor is a good way to “force” enemy players to fire at your allies instead of you (as long as allies have easy to pen armor tank).

  22. ThatAussieBloke

    My gold ammo says it isn’t relevant

  23. I definitely agree with what you have to say in regards to armour. As for ammunition balance, I feel that in most situations, there are not any major drawbacks in most cases outside of HEAT being eaten by spaced armour (well, cost is a drawback, but I am talking more towards in battle). Part of this has to do with game design, APCR IRL lost penetration at a greater rate than standard AP over long range, but in game this doesn’t have a huge effect because of how short the ranges are (combat ranges are honestly fine in my opinion). As well APCR was also inherently less accurate and tended to have reduced after armour effects; in game APCR, despite having less normalization, is simply straight out superior to AP. As for HEAT, while it does have some drawbacks (namely spaced armour and usually lower muzzle velocities), it lacks many of the issues that early HEAT ammunition had in time frame; early HEAT rounds due to being fired from rifled guns suffered from inconsistent and unreliable penetration due to the rotation of the projectile displacing the explosive lining of the shaped charge. As well, the lower muzzle velocities of HEAT ammunition also meant that they too suffered from reduced accuracy. Now I am not saying that Wargaming should implement these sorts of changes, but I definitely feel that they should make it so that each type of ammunition has its own strengths and weaknesses and be worth taking on its own merits (maybe changes to price as well to reflect relative performance?).

  24. Good ideas. Now if only we could get WG to change there monetization…

  25. ThatAussieBloke

    scumbag wargaming

  26. best example is probably e50, completely two different tank when using AP or APCR. such a beast when running with full apcr loadout and so dam useless when only carry AP

  27. they buff my type 5 but actually there is no fucking changes at all even i side scrapped my frontal armor is fucking useless its called SUPER USELESS HEAVIES and PROMISE I REGRET TO GRIND THAT SUPER HT

  28. I agree with you regarding nerfing the damage of premium rounds, there should be some kind of drawback to increased pen. I’d happily trade reduced damage to reliably pen the buffed maus

  29. i think the whole point is they want you to spam premium ammo….. run out of credits, use gold to convert credits…simples….
    Not something they are likely to change

  30. Completely agree with you on this Anfield.

  31. Absolutely agree with you on the premium rounds. It’s all about control basically. The better you get at the game, the more you realize you need to have control over every single shot you fire. Penetration RNG basically removes a lot of the control out of your hands, so prem rounds are a must for any competitive player. Remove the RNG on penetration, and I’d be glad to take the extra effort to pen my standard rounds, knowing for a fact that I will penetrate a certain shot before I take it.
    The only thing I might think of is that penetration RNG prevents cheating mods from being able to be that efficient( imagine a mod that would calculate all the angles, fire at the weakest spot and pen every time).

  32. nice vid good work!

  33. armour had a big role in past when gold rounds cost only gold. cos then no1 carried gold rounds all the time. it was too expensive. and it made it difficult to pen hulldown superheavy taks that dug in at good spots. ppl did more cursing at arty at that time for not helping em. arty was much useful then, cos that was the only way to lure jpze100 out of cover

  34. it should go back to cost real Gold. as in the old days.

  35. The problem with the maps is they are too varied. I drive my Maus more than I probably should because I have always liked the tank. But there are maps where it just plain sucks, you can still play it and normally do well but for the most part you either get a damn good map for the tank or a crap one. There is no all round one for all tanks really.
    I honestly feel there needs to be more maps. And balance the maps that already exist. That is coming from someone that loves my corridors (and pushes aggressively most of the time).

  36. Great video/topic keep up the good work. thank you!

  37. Like it, or not. Armor penetration is a statistical process and ought to be present in the game as such. A round wich has the exact same penetration value every time you fire it, is just plain unrealistic. I will agree though that a +/- 25% variation appears to be exzessive. The scale of varation should be in the order of a few percent. But then off course, people would hardly notice it.

  38. this is good content subbing now

  39. David Cicchetti

    I agree something needs to be done about premium rounds. I just enjoy the game more knowing where to hit to pen actually aiming my shots and so on. I have no ideas on how to balance it I just agree that it should be balanced. Also the premium rounds on the type 4 and 5 are bs! Good video

  40. These fucking idiots at WG will not improve this game, they don’t have the intelligence or skill set to do so.

  41. You know I figured this out on my own. By experimenting for myself to see what can and cant be done.

  42. There will always be something to complain about. Betcha the allied forces cried like babies when the pitted their shermans and crusaders against tigers and panthers in the beginning. But they mounted bigger guns, loaded better ammo and fought back as hard as they could. Get a tier 8 premium tank and grind credits (way easier now since mm will put you on top tier a lot more) so you could grind for your own premium shots. If you spam premium rounds at silly targets then well it makes no real difference since damage values are mostly the same (except for type 4 & 5). But if I am playing my M6 tier 6 heavy and face up against O-Hos and the like I definitely dab into my 2 key. Without that 2 key I have no chance to make any difference. Even if I face a wz-132 in a tier 6 heavy, which face it will be at range, my AP round will lose so much pen over distance that I will ricochet off even the weakspots and the speed of my AP round is so crap that by the time it reaches the target he already had his cup of coffee. At lease with apcr rounds their speed and pen values at distance gives me some chance.

  43. so u have to turn your 100+ tones e100 turret like a drunk pussy while hiding your lower plate just to hope that a russian MEDIUM take longer than usual to kill you? does it make sense? never ever try to justify gold shells by saying people dont know how to angle the armor. the sole purpose of gold shells for everyone is for WG to make a fortune from pay to win retards. A T150 firing gold and penetrating a KV4 front, does it ever make you feel the whole concept of different tank tiers and tanks with different armor value pointless?
    Now please show us a video of the skills required for an IS7 drivers to bounce HEAT shells from the frontal turret.

  44. Historically HEAT/Sabot rounds were (in WWII timescales) less accurate. Therefore I think a rebalance along accuracy lines could be a good idea. The sandbox rebalance of pen at range was a good idea but didn’t work as HEAT pen is range independent. HEAT was however a slow round to give the charge time to develop before the shell hit the armour so make HEAT slower or less accurate……
    IMHO though the problem is more power-creep as WG brings new lines in & has to make them attractive somehow. Hence pen & DPM keep creeping up making tanks which were fine a year ago lacklustre now. The response is to buff the old tanks whereas I can’t help feeling bringing new tanks in at representative balance would be better.

  45. Map rebalancing and larger maps are sorely needed so mediums and lights can actually flank in more than 33% of situations but I just don’t think it will happen simply because it would lessen the amount of prem ammo used and they’re seemingly taking all the measures to do the opposite so they milk players by making premium accounts increasingly more useful and to some players even necessary. This game would have most of its flaws sorted by now if they’d only care about that. Just look at the amount of time it took them to implement 3 fucking patterns in the mm of which only one is new or at least happens way more often than it did before patch(one tier matches).

  46. Some people don’t even load any ap rounds wallet warriors.

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