World of Tanks – The Server That Time Forgot

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When you’re having a day in World of Tanks, just remember, it could be a lot worse. You could be on the Asian .

If you ARE on the Asian server I suggest Hello Kitty Online.

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  1. about time server I play on gets some loving :)

  2. Unfortunately I know those morons in Platoon 3!
    That clan is full of retards!

  3. Jingles… Why you so mean to SEA servers… I’ve learned my knowledge from
    EU and NA players
    ;( (sees how team sucks) Nvm I take it back…

  4. i play on the SEA and i (no jokes) believe the end tier player quality are
    way better than NA and EU
    install WN8 and win rate display mods, Jingles and watch some replays
    youll be amazed by how good the average player of tier 9 10 are
    greeny in tier 9 or 10 is just an average joe here
    these are my stats feel free to call me a noob but

    i have my opinions

  5. hope these a$$ hats stay on the Asian server……

  6. That wasn’t Pointy Haired Jedi getting the kill at the beginning of the
    video it was Caption Guy using his account

  7. Makes me sad Aus doesn’t have its own server. 300+ ping is a good day.

  8. just you remember jingles, us poor australians are stuck there too

  9. welcome to asian server! where people shoot each other :)

  10. Aussies sometimes hate us Asian because we cant play

  11. Jingles, Commenting the SEA server can be biased, when I play random
    battles in SEA I never ran into this kind of scenario despite having
    pubbies and xvm snipers and lemming trains. At least the comments or
    behaviour is not as toxic as NA but not sure in EU. And there is a minority
    of good players in this server and they have to deal with random battles.

  12. Wow, this is fucking disgusting…

  13. Nope now in Asian server players r quite good as my every single match go’s
    smooth and just one Match was trolled

  14. I thought EU was full of retards, then I watched this and suddenly felt
    privileged. Good job on the team damage system, WG. It certainly seems to
    be working as intended. Not broken at all. Nope.

  15. Thought asians are humble and nice. How come most in WoT are total dicks?

  16. It could be worse than Asian server, try Xbox EU on a special event and
    every man and his dog is playing, with no idea what they’re doing… The
    amount of matches where I’ve been screwed over by a team who don’t move
    from cap only to be killed very quickly is amazing

  17. Yep. That’s my server. A few games ago, watching battle countdown…3 blue
    on our team. 3, 2, 1, 0 boom boom boom. Yep. 3 team killers in one game.

  18. Hooooold the phone! A Jingles video on the Asia server???
    I promise to double my salt mined by the end of the day!

  19. I remember when they offered me a free transfer to the Asia server, as i
    live in Australia and was currently on the US server, if the ping hadn’t
    been WORSE i might have actually considered it. I am so glad i chose to not
    transfer at that time.

  20. i play in asian server, but in low tier battle things like that is rarely
    happen tho…

  21. And Wargaming wonder why I refuse to play on the SEA server, I play NA from
    Australia. better ping, better people.

  22. Samuel Peter Hunt Hunt

    and here i was thinking that EU 2 on the weekend was bad. i take it back.
    i´d rather be in a weekend battle than in that chaos.

  23. To be honest I’m as bad as this but I only started playing yesterday.

  24. Makes me wonder how WoWs is on the Asian Server. Everyone constantly
    spamming torps and ramming the own team?

  25. I do play the Asian server. The problem is the population of the server is
    so low that the spread of experience becomes so high that you end up
    playing with donkeys 9 times out of 10. From what I see the NA server is
    about to head this way.

  26. Sir overload Jingles. Korea is not on the SEA server. it is its own server
    just like China.

  27. I have about 5000 battles on the SEA server. I see less trolls but see more
    stupid moves. Seems to be worse at the higher tiers. I avoid playing above
    tier 6-7. Above that seem to get a lot of team kills and pushing you out in
    the line of fire. I tend to play lights and TD’s and I am forever getting
    used as a shield for mediums and pushed out of my hiding hole when

  28. Well, after watching this video, I don’t know which team should I feel bad

    Anyway, as a player from the SEA server, there’s this thing called the
    “Magic hours” during which you either win by a far margin or you suffer
    crushing defeats. There are days that I win rapidly with poor results, or
    lose with good results myself. But I’ve never seen such battles like this,
    really. I mean, I’ve seen some strange matches in which both teams are
    quite on par in terms of skills but the result was 15-0. But never before
    have I seen a battle on this scale of derpiness, nope. XD

  29. I call TK in SEA is rarely happen
    one day i play about 50 games and non of this shit happen
    Every match not happen in the video
    it is a 50/50 chance
    SEA server make stats padding super fun

  30. Try playing in this cesspit of poison with 200+ ping… Now you know the
    life of all the Aus / NZ players of World of Tanks! :/

  31. One has to wonder.
    What is going on in the Russian server? We never hear anything from them,
    despite being the biggest cluster by far.
    Any Ruskies here to elaborate?

  32. Happens on the EU server, nothing new. Welcome to a normal day.

  33. This is why i stopped playing

  34. I’m a Vietnamese guy who watch the chat and get embarrassed by the people
    in my country who played in that match…
    If u could understand they were all using very bad curse words….

  35. Plays on Asia server. Instantly feels bad

  36. Well it doesn’t matter whether SEA may become one of the worst server in
    the world of tanks. But it also happen too in the other online game such
    like DOTA 2 or Counter Strike Online.

  37. so much love between them

  38. well i quit wot mainly cuz im sick of fucking retards tk and cauzing me to
    be killed. so yea i live in aus

  39. the only server that allows warpack piss poor management to boot i know
    wiht 40k plus games there .

  40. I live in Australia but pay on the NA server, mostly because I was in the
    close beta, but also because I know the level of nezbits that pollute the
    Sa server

  41. See now you see the pain of SEA, be happy you’re across the sea. For
    clearly, as you can see, we would be better off if they were not able to
    English is a crazy fucking language even though its my first…

  42. Some champion here !

  43. plz pray for us on the Asian Server

  44. WoWS SEA server is just as bad. Regret starting on it. And wargaming is so
    backwards they can’t work out how to perform server transfers.

  45. Teamkiller number one or teamkill no-one?

  46. What did I just watch……god forbid I ever play on the Asian server.

  47. …Yeah. I’ve got nothing. 0_0

  48. I wish Australia wasn’t apart of the Asia servet because of stuff like this

  49. Jingles must’ve never seen the Chinese exclusive server. Makes the Sea
    server look like utopia

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