World of Tanks – The Skorpion

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Source: Mighty Jingles

You know, we only have five German tier 8 Tank Destroyers available in World of Tanks, we could really use another one. YOU’RE IN LUCK!

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System Specs: i7 6700-K 4.0Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX970 GDDR5 GPU, running at 10×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Looks like a souped up Marder.

  2. GG and Good stream with QB even though I couldn’t get the code to work on
    my NA account. :(

  3. Nice games good job jingles

  4. As always great video but i was expecting a comment or at least a villain
    laugh about the “Admin camper” accusation.

  5. Personally I’m waiting for a premium tier 8 TD for the US

  6. slowest growing channel on yt

  7. +The Mighty Jingles just some advice from one tanker to another, it could
    have been possible to kill that su-152 if you would have kept moving, and
    got in around the flank. you stated that the 152 does not have good
    accuracy, so if you would have kept moving it might have tricked him into
    rushing his shot, and missing. from their you could have gone around the
    flank, and squeezed the trigger from point blank range. No criticism
    intended, just some advice for next time!

  8. T-54 lwt: Admin Camping.


  9. Borsig is love, borsig is life.

  10. IronGolembrawler smashur (TMwot1)

    Aaaaannndd Jingles gets the camouflage values wrong…

  11. IronGolembrawler smashur (TMwot1)

    Aaaaannndd Jingles gets the camouflage values wrong…

  12. TheRayrayrayrayray

    why didnt you just circle the su152

  13. To my fellow salt miners I wish to ask a pc build, I am willing to spend
    about 600 on the project but im a bit of a noob to this so i would be
    interested in your help and tips for it

  14. 17:51 I know the adrenaline was rushing at this time but still you could’ve
    pulled behind the rock and then approach the 152 from the other side

  15. You know…Jingles, you always are talking about how rubbish you are at the
    game…somewhere along the way you have gotten pretty good :)

  16. 14:22 – Butthurt chat?

  17. how much is the tank?

  18. I have already watched QuickyBaby’s review but I’m gonna watch this too
    because Jingles is a beast.

  19. Lukesmasherz Gaming

    Hey guys I need help, I’m an experienced wot player and a veteran of war
    thunder, what is better, the type 58 or the 59-16

  20. your detected notification only comes on when you are looking in the
    detection of the tank spotting you. so when sixth sense kicks on look
    around until your detected notification pops up the enemy will be in that

  21. Jingles don’t you find this tank too OP?

  22. I just laugh at how WoT is claiming itself as competitive game, with such
    amount of RNG

  23. So it’s kinda like a German cdc with a better gun??

  24. Panda? panda… Panda.Pandapandapandapanda…

  25. world of tanks pro player LuddeS123

    what wokerboldog?

  26. Jingles where are the mansized Reviews ? :(

  27. ive heard this described as the hellcat of tier 8 which seems like an
    accurate comparison

  28. skorpion, a deadly tank in a right hands… but a turkey tank on the wrong

  29. +Bohemian_Eagle I want a French Battleship! What one, and what Tier? Will
    it be on the British or German tech tree? How soon? Is it a premium or a
    researchable ship?
    Need input! More input!

  30. Probably could have bought it but i’d rather not have a tank with desert
    camo & a red scorpion painted on it. Even in winter maps.

  31. cmon t 34 don’t shy your mother wasn’t ???

  32. Why does my world of tanks game on my pc look terrible, its on ultra with a
    r9 290x

  33. German version of hellcat is my thought

  34. all mighty jingles can you tell me why wargaming is always trolling the
    average joe world of warships

  35. Screw the Skorpion. GO CRUSADER SP!

  36. jingles, i think its better to use telescope and play it campy (since you
    got cammonet anyways) you can get to the 445m mark very easiely ;)

  37. The real thing had the long 88

  38. Now I can have two Scorpions!

  39. nothing, nothing and nothing

    That first match RNG is pretty much same as Jpanther2 ever match for me…

  40. Armor… T7 American Scorpion… armor is 1… just 1. and still bounced
    a shot from a Tiger.

  41. the chassis is made off the vk 16.02 leopard i think

  42. The French are coming to WoWS

  43. The Anime Civilian


    We don’t care if you stay up till 5 am.

    We just want a video.

  44. That guy calling him “Admin camper” in chat lmao

  45. Fuck you WG 😀
    US Scorpion get a shity gun
    And you get this fuck a T10 gun?
    Fuck you
    Im buying this anyway
    Waste money anyway

  46. T-45??

  47. David Genthner Jr

    Great video. Most tier 8 stuff is either affordable like the Super Pershing
    or expensive like the T34 American tier 8 Premium Heavy. They will probably
    put this towards the expensive side.

  48. Stet pedder Kemp bush..

  49. looks like it’s based off the Panther Ausf D judging by the hull having a
    slit rather than a machine gun port

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