World of Tanks – The Smiling Assassin

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Source: The Jingles

In which Nertaku tries in Hard Mode and plays a light tank and I show a picture of his tank with a 105mm howitzer in the thumbnail just to make him and all the other Vk28.01 drivers cry.

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  1. well I picked up wows again. had to grind back to the monty as for some reason it was gone after 2 years of not playing. It feels better than it did when I left.

  2. I love people doing well in midtier games. The enemy could consist of very experienced players, it could consist of people who have only been playing for a week: who knows. As Jingles said in the video as well, sometimes you can confuse the living shit out of players by being unpredictable if you don’t know what you’re doing.

    Well played to Nertaku for staying calm under pressure and giving his team the win!

  3. Thank you for featuring me!
    And thank you for making the first boring minutes bearable with your commentary. 😀

    The VK2801 was my favorite tank back in the days when it had the Derp and was matched against T10 tanks.
    After they gave us the VK28 105, I 3-marked that one. And just for the good old times I got the VK2801 back into my garage.
    Got my 3rd MoE on him 2 days ago. ^^

  4. the enemy artillery were dang accurate with their shots.

  5. Us said the d word….demomitized.

  6. This used to be my favorite arty killer until they took it out of the game. When it came back it had no derp gun and its speed was massively nerfed. Bastiches.

  7. Wouldn’t have even noticed you said “damn” in the first 30 seconds if you hadn’t gone on about it for 20 seconds afterwards.

  8. UNICORN - S.F. 3 - Pro gameplay🍀

    Best content, have a nice day!

  9. I 3 marked this earlier this year, but used the stock turret because it doesnt have an ugly cupola on top xD still got almost to max viewrange with it

  10. 2:24 I think you just discovered one of the reasons why the T20 wasn’t pursued as a tank in itself – that monstrous 90mm gun took up too much turret space iirc

  11. There’s a misconception around about WoT is a team game. It’s not. It’s a two-sided battle of up to fifteen teams by side. I become used to play mediums because the light game was hard to cope with: no one shots the tanks you spot, and people believes that if you are playing a light, you must be five feet in the face of the enemies.
    But I found the german lights tree and free-exp’ed it until tier 9, and I’m having a blast with that little turd. He can do damage! So now I spot and when in my side (my team is usually composed of me, my and mine) people do not know how to shoot, I can do it.

  12. playing mid tier in world of tanks and world of warships can be a lot of fun due to the vast variety of player experience levels and skill, and you see and experience some wild crazy crap sometimes. But that also allows you to experiment with different tactics, playstyles, builds and ideas yourself.

  13. I miss the old HE mechanic I remember I did more exp in my T-43 using the 122 derp gun and spamming HE on the tracks of the Object 252U and came second on exp

  14. That tank looks like an Aufklalunspanther. Poor speedy panther, removed and replaced with the hideous SP 1C. How I miss being able to ram mediums to death

  15. Concorde Makes Videos

    [Naughty word redacted] you Jingles…. I am now hooked on Aliens [dry-heave] Fireteam Elite…. I mean.. it’s great… But damnit I have a full time job! I can’t believe I let you sucker me in to playing addictive videogames!

  16. “The Smiling Assassin”? I thought that was E-25? That’s what you called it in 2014 video. Yes, I’ve watched this channel for a few years.

    • “The Flying Cockroach” better suits the E-25. Man I hate that thing. It does have weaknesses but boy does it have strengths!

  17. Morning Minor Jangles. I dont play WoT because they took all the fun out of the game and it is nothing but a money grab now.

  18. Jingles, you do realize that the premium VK with the 105mm (VK 28.01 mit 10,5 cm L/28) was given to every player with 4 or more years of service in the reward event of 2021, so there are thousands of them around, and they are quite common in the matchmaker.

  19. dangit, Jingles! don’t make me want to play WoT

  20. Ah, the VK2801… that tier 6 chaosbringer that was tragically nerfed… but in the right hands its still the hellion. Nertaku, GG!

    And after this video, I’ll watch the coverage of the movement of USS Texas to Galveston for her much-needed repairs… I wasn’t able to watch it live due to the fact, that where I am (in the Philippines), I’m fast asleep and then had to hustle to go to the proverbial salt mines.

  21. You chose that title on purpose? Didn’t you Jingles? Just look at it in the tiny preview pictures and what the runtime-stamp leaves over to be read…. 😀

  22. I wish about 15 of those tracks on an American St.Louis, roll her up and start chuckin lol

  23. “Panzer IV G turret from the Panzer IV H”.
    Which one is it Jingles!

  24. The HE rework doesnt really affect the vk 2801 105

  25. So a LIGHT TANK carries 87 rounds of 75mm ammunition? Where does it store them? Is there any space left for the crew? Is the tank an unmanned vehicle? Well, RuSSian logic is like religion: no point expecting it to make sense.

  26. 4:12 Jingles goes full CriticalDrinker for a moment xD

  27. CrazyWarriorsCatFan 🇺🇦

    WG aren’t Fun Police, their Fun Stasi

  28. This is my all time Favorite tank to this day

    I just love this flying brick

  29. We need more TOG content!

  30. not only is he in a light tank, he’s in a bad light tank too ! There are no reasons to play the regular VK 28.01 now that the VK 28.01 105 is available as a well deserved reward ! It’s the same tank but with the old 105 derp gun and it’s so much more fun to play this way !

    • well not the old ammo and yes i see them do very well in some games but many do zero or next to zero in others i myself have been 1 shot from them but more times with the he nerf it just does very little

  31. Jingles comments made an interesting game, more than just fun to watch!

  32. Aww baby’s first tank game. So cute. Let me know when you get the balls to play war thunder

  33. you talk about armoured cars all the time but never feature them. We need to hear the full moanfest via a ridiculous replay

  34. “Hang in there, you can always make a difference later.” is some great advice if you’re feeling less than optimal. gg.

  35. If he’d waited about 30 s before killing the SU-152, he’d have been eligible for a Kolobanov medal.

  36. Well played!!!

  37. I the only one that actually enjoys this tank?

    Lot of your complaining can be chalked up to for balance but logically make very little sense.

  38. I would as a team be ashamed to lose from a light tank, It’s like losing from a submarine in wows…But for the player great victory…

  39. Always nice to see a well played LT game,

  40. WG loves killing fun. Like the complete death of the 3cm gun on the luchs.

  41. 9:50
    “it’s easy to look good on the scoreboard if you’ve been sitting in the back of the map the entire game and you clear up kills on low hp tanks”

    ………you mean what the VK was doing?

  42. Nobody is going to be playing higer than tier 5 after the Italian td fiasco and the insane Vipera, I’m looking at lots of low tier gameplay now as it’s just more fun than the high tier hull down gold slinging fest. . I with they would bring back the old HE.

  43. A point concerning the 75L43 vs the 75L48 guns. On paper the 75L48 was a noticeable improvement to the penetration, however, in reality this wasn’t the case. The German’s had pressure issues with the L48 variant. They not only increased the length of the gun tube but also increased the powder charge. To counter the overpressure issues they walked the powder charge back which resulted in only a marginal improvement in practice. I can’t remember the exact figure, but an 6% sticks in my head.

  44. I really don’t like this game anymore, largely because my favorite tank…well you couldn’t say it was nerfed it was just powercrept. The M26 used to be an exemplary jack of all trades. Now it kinda just does everything alright I guess but other tanks do it all better for…reasons.

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