World of Tanks || The Sneakiest Tank

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. Today kali12 going to show you why the T8 Swedish , the , is the sneakiest high tier tank yet!

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  1. I Climb Everything

    I hate the E25, because i cant play it well.

  2. can you plz shut up about tank for moment? you are the reason wt auf e100
    got remove do you ever realize that?

  3. this thing has better camo than the ELC?

  4. what about the Krupp Steyr Waffentrager it has better camo

  5. Bill Peters-Cheale

    The el c amx at tier five has 28% when stationary, I can get mine to around
    50% with a camo net

  6. 70 fuckin %?!?! My ELC doesn’t even get 50% all tricked out with some
    ladies running it. Seriously unbalanced!

  7. tier 8 elc amx

  8. 288 pen on a tier 8 this tank is going to get nerfed hard

  9. so the udes03 is basically a e25 at t8, and we all know how balanced the
    e25 is

  10. @QB: The IKV 65 II´s camo is better (27 %)!

  11. yes you’re right. the udes is completely bullshit overpowered

  12. you know.. the elc bis is a little like the new td’s except for the
    accuracy and aim time

  13. I now have 112 battles on the UDES 03, but not had this map or fiery salent
    ONCE. Well, guess what, no like from me. If that were an Acetanker on Paris
    or Himmelsdorf, we could talk again.

  14. I’ve already been looking forward to upgrading to this TD, This video has
    put me into highgear. Great battle.. thx for the share

  15. I am rather disappointed with my performance on this vehicle. Though I play
    it with a decent average wn8 around 2050, I only got 46% wins after 120
    games. Because you have to play it so incredibly passively. Once you get
    spotted, you are basically dead, cos most of the time you can´t get in
    cover in time. That limits your influence to win games.On short range
    tunnel maps like Abbey, Ensk, Himmelsdorf you are completely useless.

  16. The vision mechanics are so broken in this game.

  17. Anyone else have trouble going to quickybaby’s replay site?

  18. I liked this replay, it is the only replay that I have seen of Swedish TDs
    that aren’t camping, well played…

  19. Holy damn that camo is idiotic! 😀 And here we have people complaining that
    the E-25 is OP because it’s got too good of a camo value.

    From this replay it shows that this vehicle can be very good if on the
    correct map and if the enemy team is a little bit stupid and doesn’t take
    the correct positions at the start of the match.
    However, from all the feedback I’ve had from players this thing is an
    absolute turd in most of the matches you end up in but then again so are
    most of the static-gun TD’s in this game.

  20. Марио Петров

    a lot of mods … I thought that all mods are illegal … and they probably
    are …

  21. Does it have better stationary camo than E25?

  22. theblackpixieJTHM

    Pz.Sfl. IVc should get a similar “siege mode” where the sides fold down to
    let the 88mm rotate…

  23. Another thing I think you should have mentioned is how the UDES 03 as the
    ability to raise it’s rear higher, and since the gun is rear mounted, which
    allows it to fire from a much greater height than usual.

  24. This is why I love my UDES :)) It has some tricky tricks up on its sleeves
    than the Tier 9 and 10. I love my Hellcat, played the same like this, but
    UDES in tier 8 totally destroys my love of Hellcat. I’m dumping Hellcat for
    this one :))

  25. i like getting behind a small wall on city maps, then i aim down and lift
    the back end over the wall to shoot and then aim all the way up to duck
    down again.

  26. Just another O.P tier 8 tank. war gaming are rely messing up this game.

  27. e25 still the sneakiest td….

  28. Excelsior Matilda

    I want to play on the 9.17 test server to see which gun i should use on the
    leo, but it doesnt work, is it a problem with me or is it that i just cant
    play on the test server anymore?
    Did they take it down?

  29. Emiel van der Neut

    So this is an even more broken E25 in tier 8… nice

  30. the most hated is E25…WhY? we know it all :D

  31. This tank seems like a stat padder

  32. do you smell that? Nerf is coming.

  33. Gallant Fatco Razy

    sneakiest you said ? try UE 57

  34. so more broken high tier TDs…

  35. This tank can take the guerrilla easily!

  36. 70% camo with fully stocked?!? I was amazed, so calculated it over with
    data i was able to find and got even better result.

    26,1%(base)*1,81(camo skill)*1,2775(commander bonus + BIA + vents +
    consumables) + 15% (camo net) + 4% (camo paint)= 79,35%

    And if you sit in a push you wont be spotted until they literally run into
    I have the UDES myself and I was pretty amazed how stealthy this TD is even
    when firing. Feels even more stealthier than TDs before the concealment

  37. After UDES 03 the best camorating in game is e-25.

  38. Going into that spotting position at the start in the west took guts! I
    wouldn’t have dared to do it myself, especially not if the enemy team had
    just one skilled scout.
    Good game.

  39. So glad that I let my premium time run out. There are so many good games
    right now that are way better than World of Tanks has ever been and WoT is
    only getting worse.

  40. Invite code please?

  41. Wargaming has gone full retard with the Swedish td’s they are way way way
    to OP. I mean look at the tier 8 it gets 288 pen are you stupid that is way
    to mutch

  42. What? The E25 has worse camo than this? BUFF THE E25 its weak

  43. Isnt the elc more sneaky?

  44. I have nice story to tell. yesterday when I played casually My kv2 I saw
    udes side and u know what happened… one shotted it, it was so satisfying
    feeling. (ammoracked as well)

  45. Mission myself promote qmnpu instrument handle margin voice provision

  46. The last QB vid I watched was of the E-25. This machine looks very similar.
    Stupidly low profile, camo, rate of fire and mobility.
    And this one has good pen.

  47. but this tank doesn’t good at city map isn’t ?

  48. Camo on this swe stuff is RIDICULOSLY BROKEN…… you can’t spot em till
    they fire on OPEN field at ranges of 250m even with tanks with
    460+viewrange…. gj…. and they say E25 is sneaky…. lol

  49. My favourite sneaky tankdestroyer must be the ELC AMX :)

  50. obvious overpowerdness

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