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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – VK 100.01. Today we’re going to find out why the German heavy starts at T8!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. “…the one that everybody wants” I don’t necessarily *want* a Kolobanov’s… I have one, but that was before I knew what they were… lol

  2. Well played to that SU-100. He tried his best against a tier 8 super heavy in his tier 6 TD.

  3. I do like my VK 100, and although the Tiger 1 P was a long grind before gaining elite status while also training crew to have more than 1 skill, I do enjoy that tank now. I almost threw in the towel at one point. The E 75 is proving to be a similar experience on the other German heavy branch. Was fortunate enough to skip the Tiger II after hearing such bad things from almost everyone about their experience with that tank.

  4. 8:42 you mean russian bias

  5. There’re bunch of tier 6s, come on.

  6. Cromwell Berlin huh? Getting better at least, because it its a Cromwell.

  7. Pls review my replay that I had the best battle on the worat premium tank in the game pls

  8. It’s a fun tank but 2 biggest problems with it is mm and gun handling.

    MM puts you in higher tier your boned. Heat can and well pen it just about anywhere.

    An gun can troll you more than the enemy most games.

  9. I love the Maus. I have a replay I’m trying to get downloaded to send in but I cant quite figure it out. I play on xbox

  10. Talking smack about the Tiger (P) again!

  11. 5:38 I wonder if that was planned

  12. lol and I was proud for blocking around 4000 with my E 75 hahaha
    What a good match!

  13. Artillery would have made this game better

  14. no, vk100 01p has paper armor, you guys know why, give me a like

  15. The Tiger P isn’t that bad. It pretty similiar to the Tiger I.

  16. just pay war thunder already

  17. its not that hes not doing his team favours, his team is doing him no favours

  18. Super thicc armor, oh stop you XD

  19. Anyone notice that you can see through his shirt

  20. QB pls… You should read “bartosz” as “bartosh”…

  21. I dont think is vk is op,defender on the other hand is. Also i once shoot 150mm HE with my o-ho under the gun and it did 600 dmg.

  22. does anyone else feel like this player blocked the O-I from getting away instead of getting killed at the beginning?

  23. Review the Lowe

  24. hotdogsgunsandhummerusa


  25. Why can’t frontlines be on console I want it badly

  26. T-50-2 shooting the side of the VK instead of shooting the back end of the turret or engine compartment -__-

  27. I wonder why this player is using premium rounds on tanks like Cromwell, T-50-2, Pantera, and SU-100 when the normal AP rounds can definitely penetrate.

  28. Hey qb ,when will you do a war thunder video?

  29. Hey QB, dont be down on the Tiger P. It has one of my highest solo win rates.

  30. The all have a Porsche Diesel-elektro drivetrain, so it makes sense that the reverse speed is almost the same as the forward speed

  31. All the HE hitting the tank would make it cave in from the heat

  32. Invite you to join the Asia server.
    Loyal fans.

  33. He’s got the skills. Although, one thing. He seems to shoot and then leave camera (zoom) that might make big mistakes.

    It’s curious how many won’t try to hug the vk100. Smaller lower tanks. ?

  34. This is the first tier 8 I am grinding for.

  35. Lemmesee Yourwarface

    Why you bulli one of my favorite tanks..? ;~; Porsche tiger is one of my favorites and has some of my best records. Also the only tank I’ve gotten three Kolobanov’s Medals in.. Porschy is a great tank if you treat her right..

  36. This wouldve been a nice game for the HT-12 missions

  37. SUPER T H I C C

  38. Dare ya to play world of tanks blitz *again*

  39. IMPORTANT MESSAGE I RECEIVED FROM WARGAMING. Quickybaby, I hope you read this and i think you’ll find it interesting and spread the word. I submitted a ticket to support when I noticed the Natural Cover directive did not seem to be getting applied correctly to some tanks. After several messages back and forth and allowing them to access my account I received this message:

    Dear MakersMike
    “Our developers are aware of an issue where some of the directives are not complying with its effects. Once the issue has been properly diagnosed our dev team will release a fix in an upcoming patch.
    We shall contact you for additional information if needed, and we sincerely appreciate your interest in the improvement of World Of Tanks.”

    It is alarming to me that they are still encouraging players to spend money on these directives when they know there is an issue, and they have yet to post a notice on their web site. They should shut down the option to purchase until they fix this. Thank you Quickybaby. I look forward to your thoughts and hope you read this and get the word out. NA server

  40. High explosive is fucked up nowadays… artillery hits direct at you, barely does damage, but boy if arty hits 5m away from you it does massive damage. It’s so weird.

  41. I played the VK 100.01P through with the 10,5cm gun

  42. I love it when QB wears that shirt

  43. The vk 100 with the 100 mm in blits is way underpowered. Then you get the 128 mm and its completely overpowered

  44. so you have to be extremely lucky to get that mission done? wot balance!

  45. And in his other 100 battles he was ripped apart by Prem ammo and died horribly. Plus we all know that the element that makes for epic battles is noobism on the other team but fair play to him he did a good job of using that dead tank to cover his lower hull.

  46. Best superheavy in game, 59% win rate

  47. Too much APCR shot. I would have used APCR for the Löwe and for the KV-4. All the other tanks are pentratable with standard ammo.

  48. hey qb van you make a review about this tank bcause i have trouble to fight against this monster i have more pen but its just blocks all my shots

  49. another hole in quickybaby’s chest, I wonder how he breathes sometimes

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