World of Tanks || the STRV 103B

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World Tanks – STRV 103B. Today I’m playing the best sniper in the game the T10 Swedish tank destroyer the STRV 103B!


World Tanks a 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. grille 15 has 0.24 acc so its better then 0.25 acc what strv has

  2. Swedish TDs fit nicely in the game. If you get yourself farmed away by these things you’re doing something wrong.
    1. At start check if there are any Swedish Cheeses
    2. Predict where they will sit
    3. Avoid being in a line of fire from those positions
    4. Got hit by one? It’s fine, just 390 hp, get in cover, change flanks.

    Far better than getting slam dunked by 750 alpha bots from the redline. Or derped for 600 hp by a Hesh shell even when you’re hulldown.
    High alpha TDs are much more annoying. They punish agressive plays way more and force you into playing passive.

    I don’t care about getting hit by a strv, I will make sure it won’t happen a second time. But when I get hit by an E4 usually rolling for 850 I already lost 40% of my HP. Way to punishing

  3. Do why did you ban skill on Twitch?
    And says udes is more accurate do you are wrong. 0.23 strv, 0.22 udes

  4. Did anyone realize that QB was talking about the type 59 was being sold again in the boxes and was upset about it but was not upset that the sold the M6A2E1 that was suppose to only be for the people who pre-ordered the game. keep in mind that he had the type 59 already but not the M6A2E1…

  5. I’m driving STRV-0 like madman run and gun 😀 Elevate the armor correctly, I bounce tier 10 like a boss until E100 show up @_@

  6. I love the STRV S1 prem tank. Can’t wait to get past the tier 7 crappy thing

  7. I don’t get it, why are you saying if a tank has 40mm of armor, regardless of angle, a gun that is larger than 40mm such as a 120mm or 122 mm will go through it. Well if the size of the gun (mm wise) is more than the thickness of the armor, regardless of angle, wouldn’t that mean that a 45mm gun would go through that 40mm armor because of the over match?

  8. Hey QB.
    I know you like to wait & see.
    But Wargaming have 3 video’s out in Russian about the new Italian Line!
    Nothing about the Polish tho.
    Love the content 😉

  9. 74,738 credits!? Since when did 87,536 minus 54,815 equal 74,738? or am I missing something?

  10. Uh QB don’t think you made that many credits. The difference between the raw credits and earned credits is only 10k for premium but is about 50k for no premium, replay bug i guess?

  11. edgybaby is pinging the map boiiii

  12. The binary nature of the armor on these abominations is horrible for the game. You are missing 1mm on your caliber, well fuck you, no pen possible.

  13. Green screen shouldn’t be used :/

  14. @Adam C. Gun calibre should be 3 times the thickness of the armour,only then the over match mechanics comes into play

  15. Just as a side note, Quickybaby (if you’re reading this), I think that little camera window that you used to have in your videos with background surroundings (the plant!) is so much more “you”, than this new green screen. I dont know if you’re testing, or you’ve settled on this, but decorating the room behind you would be so much better than this.
    Otherwise, top content, keep it up !

  16. regarding the swedish TD line, I am currently at tier VI and I must say that wg can’t balance anything. tier VI has a gun like a hellcat with lower dpm, zero armor and no turret. it has the lowest dpm of all tier VI tds I think or close to it. otherwise the tanks seem all right maybe although I am curious what the higher tiers are gonna be like

  17. That was only Class 1 LOL

  18. Quickybaby what made you start playing WOT and I need to know something what is the least amount of storage you need to play PC WOT

  19. Dhaniele Joseph Demontaño

    That lorraine 40 t was 1337 .

  20. Everybody shaming on gold ammo…….get over it, it’s part of the LEGAL game. Most of those complaining more than likely use a Mod which I think should be Vehemently policed with 3 month bans. Pay to play is a fact of life…..cheating should not be

  21. Novel mechanic? No, it is just Italian tanks having x2 more speed going reverse…

  22. <3 Sverige

  23. shermandragonfly WOT & WOW

    Can someone please lend me 3250 gold

  24. I said this on some forums, like if you agree(I am hungry for likes). The Polish will have the new mechanic, it will be double turrets, they tested it out with the Franken and Stein, well ya heard it here first folks!

  25. QuickyBaby ISIS confirmed

  26. I think wargaming in some kind of way learn from there mistakes ass one of the vieuw and i am willing to gif them an other change and sinse i am a console player and the pc game feels like a beta now a days they wont make the same misstakes twice

  27. @Quickybaby is there something to block other people to see my WN8 etc. at all?

  28. I just got my 103B. I really like my Swedish TDs.

  29. More bathtub

  30. u look happy in this video quicky baby. Is there something good happen? 😀

  31. @QuickyBaby I think you should put enemy hp as part of the xvm in an alternative version of your mod pack. Information is the key today. Maybe you should have 2 versions of xvm, one barebone version for players like you, another with the most amount of information for players who prefer to know things before going in. Keep in mind that not many players will give the team information they needed after their death.

  32. I’m from Russia nashol your channel accidentally, I’m 13 years old I do not know English, I’m sitting translating with an interpreter! But your fight really appeals to me!

  33. The fight is just super, Pavel will have me.

  34. They have Optical Camo.

  35. Quickbaby plz make a review on…T-10 & strv 103 0…

  36. M26 Pershing next?

  37. I’m on the tier 9 and have to say shooting before siege mode is something I’ve been doing. A couple of times you end up charging in for whatever reason, I try and stop just short, shoot, then go into siege mode.

  38. it wasnt no “revision” of the overmatch mechanic it was the outright removal of it to make these tanks immortal when played properly

  39. One of the dumbest things in this game was the releasing of these camp-tanks. Very poor choice to be made by WG

  40. Brawling in this tank really is difficult to pull off. Usually I try to get the first shot in by ramming, but once I messed that maneuver up. I died, and effectively threw the winnable game. Learning curve… sigh

  41. That was an entertaining battle to watch. One of which never happens with that td. Well played!

  42. if you have the pnzr V/IV it can be used for raming practice

  43. 17 gold shells in Strv 103B, even though the normal pen is 308 !! Dude you can’t play tier10… btw you still have no 3 mark on a tier10, you are rly the worst super unicum :P… that shows, that wn8 / xvm is trash

  44. i hope the Italian feature is a separate spaghetti launcher

  45. Yes the are a lot no help monkys that spam the map like idots thats no helping 😉

  46. I just got kicked out of a game because EU servers are full. What the actual fuck, War Gaming!?

  47. SERVERS ARE DOWN ! :,(

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