World of Tanks – The T-55A

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The communist tank that can’t decide if it’s German or Russian, the can be yours on completion of the third set of Personal Missions. So you need to be very good (and lucky) or very patient (and lucky) to have any hope of owning one, but if you do…

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  2. I’ve seen multiple videos of T-55’s in the Middle East cooking off when
    they fire due to breach failures. In one of them the “commander” gets shot
    out the hatch like a cork lol

  3. Finally get to sit down and watch a new Jingles video.

  4. “Massed ranks of enemy tanks” The Mighty jingles 2017

  5. I want the T-55A more for the DDR logo on the turret than the tank itself

  6. You Probably get asked this alot but what happened to war thunder

  7. Very good vid! :)

  8. There should be an historical version of WoT where all tanks have the exact
    specs in game as they did in real life..

    Also…. Only tanks of the same era can fight against each other,, None of
    this 1970’s Swedish tanks versus WW2 stuff.. They should there own tier

  9. can’t wait for this tank. LOL I have so far to go. I stopped playing for
    over 2yrs. and I’m still on the stug.

  10. Still stuck on the StuG IV missions, because I can’t pilot LT jack shit and
    the last arty mission is nearly impossible to carry out with honours.

  11. learning to aim is fundamental

  12. The Mighty Jingles. The guy who disses console players, but still has to
    buy upgrades for his computer every year.

  13. hey do i spot a castle bravo

  14. god all mighty, Jingles, I LOVE YOUR channel!

    Please keep up the history lessons and commentary on historical issues! *Golf

    one of the greatest channels on youtube!

  15. why is the frontal armor thinner than a T54 in wot? And then why is the
    turret armor not thicker in the front and thinner in the rear? in addition,
    it should have a stronger engine, not weaker. WG really messed this up

  16. where did they find the crew. Ahh Peasants. Quantity has a Quality all of
    its own.

  17. 3:35 That statistic puts an immediate image in my mind of a T-55 driving
    out onto a pier, pulling up next to a battleship, and putting a few HEAT
    rounds right through the armor belt just to show it can.

  18. The T-55’s combat history essentially consists of 3 things, at least one of
    which describes every conflict they were involved in.

    1. The other side had essentially no tanks or anti-tank capability.
    2. The other side’s tanks and/or crews were at least as bad.
    3. The other side actually had decent tanks and crews, which turned the
    T-55s into the equivalent of gunnery range targets.

    Not entirely the fault of the vehicle, as most of its combat was either
    serving with pretty lousy armies and/or decades after it entered service,
    but that’s the way the turret armor crumbled in this case.

  19. or pay enough u forgot that one jingles

  20. did jingles say “high and dry” the first thing that pop into mind was the
    radiohead song.

  21. u like metallica and megadeth old man!

  22. цель приняты

    I want this tank so badly

  23. Jingles can you review the vk2801

  24. ah yes the Tamil Tigers a terrorist group defeated by a Tsunami

  25. Hey heads up guys. the player featured in this video, Shadow Assassin, has
    an iFunny account, and I follow him, you should too, he makes funny world
    of tanks memes. send him some love: @iWargaming

    tell him I sent you too ;)

  26. Native American Prince David

    Well Jingles, if you hate console replays so much, then don’t show them
    anymore ????

  27. Thanks Jingles for a PC World of Tank video, much appreciated and enjoy the
    history on these a lot.

  28. Hey Jingles Thank you so very much for this video. This is the type of
    video that I became a subscriber. I realize you can’t make videos just for
    me so that is the reason I never unsub’ed but most of your content is very
    entertaining the other reason I never unsub’ed. I can sit here and watch
    these history/ heroic stories videos all day> I realize it takes an immense
    amount of effort on your part to come up with enough info to fill up the
    video so thank you for all that effort.

  29. I love seeing history in these types of videos, it makes the tank seem a
    lot more real

  30. I don’t have the time and nerves to go thru all that idiot missions for
    this tank , is a good tank but is not worth the pain needed to get it ,
    Wargaming can keep it .

  31. A 10.0 from the East German Judge.

  32. Losing money playing WOT, I just cant imagine that

  33. Thats why I gave up this game, everything takes forever to unlock and costs
    way too much in credits to run.

  34. It ain’t a money maker, it a booty shaker

  35. I just downloaded the game today. What country and what type of tanks are
    best for beginners?

  36. Thumbs up if you want Jingles to remove the intros and just go straight to
    the content (I skip the intro every time).

  37. Jingles grandpa Lowe part 2 just got put up by mynameispuffs check it out

  38. I can’t wait to get one. I’m two missions away and it is gnawing at my

    I’m stuck on HT12. It is so hard to block x3 my health when arty is in the
    match (which is 8 out of 10 matches). I actually think HT15 will be easier
    than HT12. And I already have a T-54, so why in the hell am I trying to get
    a T-55A?! Because I want it painted German damnit.

  39. That’s all well and good Jingles, but what about tanks we actually have a
    chance at playing like this one:

  40. Yup nice. The tank really HAD better be worth that grind lol

  41. Ole Christian Unneberg

    Wonderful video Mr Jingles, The Mighty.
    I love that you talk about the real tank and it’s service record before
    showing the replay.
    I hope there will be more of this in the future.


  42. It’s practically impossible to get the tank nowadays, as several HT
    missions for blocking damage can’t be done with the gold spamming standard
    in play since a long time.

  43. Watching the IS-2 and T21 getting destroyed was just sad. Like you said,
    they’re no threat so why the fuck are they in the same battle? lol I will
    never be able to understand it.. :p

  44. Good morning Jingles. First of all – amazing video on the T-55A and the
    historical relevance of the tank. Now – the B in N.B.C. is really for
    “Biological” weapons – and is not even close to being limited to the
    quick-acting Bacteria used. There are many viruses that were tested for
    biological warfare that would disrupt environments via livestock and
    agricultural degradation, as well as quicker acting viruses that caused
    quick-acting illnesses in human beings. The slightly more modern use of
    entomological weapons (insects), and more long-reaching genetic
    bio-technology really brings the idea that Biological weapons are far more
    devious and potentially more devastating over time than most of the quickly
    degrading Chemical weapons of all eras.

  45. ACE_stealth251 [ACE]

    0- 10:31 jingles just reading his pre written notes out.

  46. Kenneth André Hansen

    Great vid as always. Absolutely love the history lessons at the beginning,
    those are without doubt your best material! :)

  47. I know this comment probably won’t be seen, but can you possibly put up a
    some replays involving the indien panzer, there are a lot of critics who
    say it’s a terrible tank, but I love the thing and in a good game deal 3-4K
    damage and block 3-4K damage with the tracks. Thank you! I love your

  48. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    Oh cmon jingles, i sent u this replay of t55, u didnt even open it… 8 k
    dmg… and a fucking
    nailbiting end aswell….fek ju jangles

  49. Anton “Drhonda” Richter

    one way to tell a diffrence between the T-55’s/T-62’s/T-64’s.
    it’s that the T-55 has a very central turret and is very short compared to
    its siblings, The T-62 has a longer back and a slightly different turret
    design, While the T-64 has one of the biggest guns, and a none sphereic

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