World of Tanks – The T55A is mine

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Source: Martin Holding

The game in I complete HT-15(3) and get myself a T-55A. About damn time as well 😛


  1. Martin “WaterWar” Holding

    Doesn’t help. There are soft stats, armour layouts, gun control and all of
    those things that play an influence on a tank.
    I need to play it before I can say anything with certainty

  2. +Martin Holding Obj. 260. Hull armor 150/150/70. Turret armor 350/240/100,
    turret travers speed 27. Gun characteristics 440 dmg, 260 pen, ROF ~ 5,4,
    acc 0.36, aim time 2,6sec, -5 gun depression, +15 gun elevation. Mobility =
    A whapping 19.58 specific power(1200 engine power, weight ~ 61.5t), hull
    travers speed 28 degrees, 60km/h forwards, 15km/h backwards, terrain
    resistance 1.25, 1.63, 2.4. Hit points 2100. View range 400m, Radio signal
    720m. Camo value unknown. Versus IS-7?!

  3. Martin “WaterWar” Holding

    +Magnus Justesen I haven’t had a look at the 260 in detail, so I wouldn’t
    know. Unfortunately.

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