World of Tanks – The Tank Destroyer

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Source: Mighty Jingles

Is it a tank? Is it a Tank Destroyer? What IS a Tank? Does it really matter?

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  1. Save yourselves 14 minutes of your life and just skip to 14:30 as that’s where the actions starts. You can thank me later.

  2. I would love to see Jingles play Evil West

  3. … what the hell was that last ten seconds of that game. Lemming Train for real.

  4. Ya just can’t make that #%*t up. 🤣

  5. I get Erlenberg vibes on this ending 😂😂😂 The river of DOOM , Erlenbergs curse on inattentive players LOL

  6. Like watching the final two contestants of a Royal Rumble come and go.

  7. ahahahhahahha, that was such great ending

  8. Would of loved to see the other teams chat at the end

  9. Is the S-103 a tank or tank destroyer

    Well thats like asking, is the M36 tank destroyer, a tank destroyer or tank? its in the name its a tank destroyer, right? except it has a turret. tracks… Well its how they were employed…. except they were used as tanks at time when tanks weren’t available.

  10. Me watching ok normal gameplay, normal gameplay then at the end wtf!

  11. I’d say he got robbed of the top gun xD

  12. (read like captain phillips meme)

    ppl: tanks must have a turret.
    s103: i am turret now.

  13. Superb ending 😂

  14. Yes, the overmatch mechanic, where it’s better to shoot beach balls (typical diameter ~300mm, can overmatch 99.9mm of armour!) filled with nails at your enemy than an anti-tank shell.

  15. “Speak softly but carry a very big stick.” Teddy Roosevelt. Best policy period. And those last 2 tanks……awesome…..thank ya’ll for your service!

  16. this vehicle would be better described as a turret with tracks

  17. the panzer even tracked him, he knew he can do that. how did they fuck that up

  18. Oh come on ! They both went over the edge ? You just can’t make this shit up lol

  19. Ah the Swedish S-tank built to fight the hordes of Soviet tanks so wargaming makes its armour so thin the overmatch mechanic means all 122mm, 125mm and 130mm Russian guns can go right through it.

  20. Hahahaha, that was hilarious

  21. The last minute of that battle provided the biggest laugh I’ve had watching WoT, ever. Brilliant!

  22. What a great ending 😀 😀 😀

  23. Watching these always puts some stuff in perspective in WoWS that normally I just overlook, like the fact that a 105mm gun is great in tank fights but people complain about them even as secondary guns on BBs, saying how they don’t pen anything except DDs….

    EDIT: By the end there, it looks like we can say for certain that the S103 deflects more than just incoming shells =))))))

  24. Old man jingles I want my brain cells back

  25. The Swede’s wanted a mobile tank turret and in the S-103, that design brief was absolutely fulfilled.

  26. Clearly he was robbed a Top gun

  27. The end was worth the wait.

  28. Panzer jiu-jitsu

  29. There is an existential question:
    Is the strv 103 a turretless tank with a gun, or a tankless turret on tracks?

  30. Water tank destroyer?

  31. Jingles any armed vehicle with a coaxial gun is classed as a tank 🙂 as per Dave Fletcher from the tank museum 😀

  32. OMG!!!! I can almost ensure that none of us saw that ending coming.

  33. That was the best mistake ever… and I enjoyed the commentary, but for people who aren’t in tanks as you are. This was probably yeah sure whatever…

  34. of course, the Ukrainians are completely destroying the stereotype, because doesnt matter what the season is, they are thrashing the Russian’s

  35. OMFG!!!! Outstanding chuckle!!!!

  36. I for the life of me couldn’t figure out why you were show casing this video, right up until the AE phase1 drove into the river, and then I knew. Thanks for the laughs

  37. Thank you for that gift, brother. I laughed twice.

  38. Actually Jingles, 😀 Your anecdote about the naming of the StuG is funny, but the real reason was that they were intended to be support vehicles for the infantry divisions. The first versions were armed with a short barrel 75mm gun and only after they encountered with the well armored Russian tanks did they equipped them with a long barrel 75mm. The vehicles of the Marder series were called Panzerjäger literally meaning Tank Hunter. So strictly speaking even the Germans did not have TDs, regardless of the large number of such purpose built vehicles. I think the Russians called their vehicles Self-propelled Guns but I am not sure.

  39. Haha! One of your best videoes! Very interesting and then so unexpected!

  40. The ending is the best

  41. Nothing could have prepared me for that ending…

  42. Thank you Jingles. These WoT videos make my day. For the past week I’ve been rewatching some old videos and truly enjoyed revisiting The Good, The Bad and The Ugly series.

  43. Sweden is no longer neutral as it joined nato this year.

  44. Oh man, I love you just for your clear comments on idiotic behavior.
    Can’t take this “oh so far we performed as planned”, when everything was a complete failure.

  45. That video was a definite erm… What??????

  46. Jingles!! You made a THEME video. It’s Thanksgiving Day here in the States!! That S-103 was probably quite thankful once he stopped laughing.

  47. Jingles that was one of the best video’s you have posted lately. What an ending. Talk about being focused on the target.

  48. wow…wtf was that?

  49. Ok wtf have I just watched I played it multiple times and don’t understand how they didn’t notice the freaking river lol

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