World of Tanks – The Tiny Tier Four Teutonic Terror

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

It’s small, it’s quick, it’s perfectly formed. It’s the worlds’ cutest tank!

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  1. Alexander Larsen

    actually i think the tetrarch could be a contestor for cutest tiny tank

  2. TuxedoedErmine Naswall

    I was playing wot with my friend and hes used to seeing my tog. Well he saw a the little British medium three in a fail platoon next to me and shouted “look its a Tog-ler” XD im dying

  3. Now where do I get a stout pair of lederhosen, that sounds like a greta thing to have.

  4. PurpleWorldOrder

    the Dummkopfwagen

  5. DarkLordofHistory

    Best comparison of the Luchs and the Chaffee. XuX

  6. That’s a weird looking seamoth….

    Oh wait..

  7. DarkLordofHistory

    that poor Matilda 🙁

  8. Vegtam The Wanderer

    Do the pz2j! The luches ugly cousin

  9. Tier V isn’t any fun any more.

  10. DerpWurst wagen

  11. Why didn’t you play the Kraken clip???

  12. Jingles, M5A1 Stuart, come on! Show me a replay of that Chinese knockoff already!

    If you need any replays ask me, but I want to see that little tank on your channel.

  13. …this is not submarine video..

  14. Meanwhile… Everyone laughs at the M3 Lee but secretly it will have the last laugh as it rides into the sunset a burning field of all other tier 4s in the distance behind.

  15. so this is a real tank?

  16. No. the Chaffee is cuter.

  17. how do you pronounce those german words so effortlessly

  18. Actually Jingles the Chaffee was a good tank until they nerfed it, now it is crap

  19. I used to love driving the Luchs.   It’s the only tier 4 I have a tier 8 kill in.

  20. Calling Rita a HOBBIT! – where are my lawyers?!

  21. Holy fuck, I think that Luchs driver is a fan of Desolate Era.

  22. 7:30 where did they get 100 more ammo from?

  23. the name on that Chaffee player… “Vaginadestroyer” in finnish 😉

  24. Love your laugh. Love the vids.

  25. ProcrastinatingPuma

    The Locust is the cutest tank, obviously

  26. if you write a formular in chemistry you don’t need to write a subscripted 1 next to an atom that is there only once…thus, it is common sense that neither Heat nor HE ammo lose any penetration at range because of how they work. HE doesn’t need pen. since it explodes on impact and HEAT does the same with the added benifit of releasing a super-hot stream of copper at the armor at the speed of the explosion that melted it that occured on impact.

  27. When hes 50 and his tits start sagging xD God damit im dead rofl

  28. Yep this is the reason I shut off encounter…yet again…not sure I’ll be turning it back on again anytime soon.

  29. So cute it can kill you.

  30. Yay, murder kitten !

  31. I like the tank so much that I would jack up Bovington museum and stole it .I would keep it in my living room .

  32. As always… If you go into the Valley in encounter – You are a NOOB who doesn’t get it!

  33. The Durchbruchswagen 2 was the second prototype of a 30 ton break-through tank that was an early stage in the development of the Panzer VI Tiger.

    Henschel received an order to produce the chassis for a 30 ton tank in January 1937. The first version, the Durchbruchswagen 1, used a three stage Cletrac stearing system, but by the middle of 1937 Henschel was already planning to build a second prototype, using multiple stage steering gear.

    The D.W.2 was apparently physically very similar to the D.W.1. It had a boxy hull and superstructure. The superstructure had a flat front, above the front road wheel, and was the same width as the tracks. The turret ring had a diameter of 1500mm. The sides of the D.W.1 were made in two parts, bolted together just behind the fighting compartment. The D.W.2 may have had one piece sides, or they might have been introduced on the VK 30.01 (H). There were five road wheels on each side, constructed from steel, with solid rubber double tire, supported on torsion bars.

    The D.W.2 used a new steering system. The D.W.1 had used three Cletrac steering gears, arranged in series, on each track. The D.W.2 retained the first Cletrac stage, which produced one fixed turning circle without losing engine power to brakes (using an idler that could be turned on or off to alter the output speed of the transmission). This was connected to a standard three stage differential, presumably with further steering control provided by brakes applied to the tracks, as in simple differential steering systems.

    The new system rotated in the opposite direction to the system used in the D.W.1, so the final drive, brakes, gear box and even the torsion bars needed to be modified. The final drive was modified, reducing the gear reduction from 1-21.5 to 1 to 12. The torsion bars had the soft springs used on the D.W.1 removed, and were made stronger. The track was reduced in pitch from 300mm to 260mm, and the ride was said to have been much smoother.

    The Durchbruchswagen chassis was tested during 1938, and on 9 September 1938 Henschel received permission to continue development of a 30 ton tank, under the new designation of VK 30.01.

    Krupp had the task of building a turret for the D.W.1 and D.W.2. It was to be armed with the same 7.5cm KwK L/24 tank gun as the Panzer IV, although Krupp was allowed to add extra armour to protect the gun. In March 1937 the details of the turret were set out. It was to use a 1500mm turret ring, had 50mm thick sides, a 20mm gun mantlet and 15mm roof. A radio receiver was to be mounted behind the gun. The first turret wasn’t completed until 1939, by which time work had moved onto the VK 30.01. A single version of the D.W. turret was completed, and in 26 May 1939 Krupp was ordered to ship it to Madgeburg to be displayed alongside the Panzer IV.

  34. MS-1 is cutest tank.

  35. I don’t get why people think the Luchs or Stuart is cute….everyone knows the Hetzer is the cutest, I mean look at the thing! Its fucking adorable like a kitten, just look at it, its adorable! And also like a kitten, it has sharp claws too.

  36. AlphaQStoopid -san

    the cutest tank in the game
    yes yes jingles we all know its the Pz.1c

  37. Andreas Sjöberg

    Why no field plutoon with the matilda ? It’d been a free medal…

  38. Jingles! You promised romance! I am disappointed.

  39. Always a good day when a Luchs replay gets posted. I love watching light tanks do their thing. Especially the Luchs.

  40. One little story from Germany;
    We german WoT players calle the DW2: the Durchfall-Wagen. Which translates basicaly to diarrhea- tank.
    Because its SHIT.

  41. The Luchs: Because a recon tank needs a gun developed to be mounted on aircraft, with a specialist tungsten-cored round that under every metric but German only got half its penetration, so it can one-clip (or come scarily close to) everything it can see.

  42. a piece of crap!
    Only good for shooting!

  43. bloody hell jingles , fifty five seconds in and i already cant breath, love you jingles, dont change 🙂

  44. I think early in Jingles career in WoT he got molested by Chaffee drivers, and that’s why he holds a grudge.

  45. Love the low tier games.

  46. Actually Jingles, it is “Durchbruchswagen”: u like in through and ch is a nice hiss back in your throat ^^

  47. pew pew pew pew pew pew pew……

  48. Actually Jingles, if you do the math, the Chaffee like the cute little Luchs are both way past their 50ies. I love them both, they are cuteness with cannons.

  49. Hilarious comment, this what what I love about this channel 😀

  50. Cameron Rotten Lemon

    “At least he had fun” 🙂

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