World of Tanks || the UDES 16

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – UDES 16. Today I’m playing the brand new T9 Swedish with hydro pneumatic suspension!


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Hard Core “Sticky Baby”… sniff, sniff.

  2. Hurrah, no more SickyBaby!

  3. We want 1.5 modpackkk

  4. Ulysses Remegio

    get well soon. I have request rework tank can you review it soon plss!?

  5. Get well soon

  6. Dominic Mammone

    -$17000 with premium wow didn’t think there was another tank that could burn as much money as the Cent AX

  7. Anyone else like sticky baby more that reg baby?

  8. Am i the only one who thinks the voice of qb has changed

  9. Sounding more and more like Thor.

  10. Or is he sick?

  11. makes me wonder if this guy has a go to work job everyday

  12. would you please tell me how to get the crew voices like your’s

  13. You are the only youtuber that actually sounds different when you’re sick. Sorry your sick though get well soon Quickybuddy!

  14. When the tier 9 has a way cooler turret than the tier 10

  15. Lack of forehead? Would that make it Neanderthal!

  16. Why sick QB sounds way better and badass than standard QB? xd

  17. Tihomir Dimitrov

    I need advice about kv-3, which gun is optimal

  18. Joseph Oberlander

    Basically it’s the new EVEN 90 of T9. Low DPM, low accuracy, sneaky but gets killed easy.

  19. QB take care of yourself and keep on doing what you do so well. Take care and God bless.

  20. I found out that they are pretty weak against HE shells, not full damage, but pretty high.
    With the borsig derp gun, i do from 600 up to 800 hitting the front top, compared to the 200-300 i do to other tanks.

  21. love your videos…but man, get some rest.

  22. what, are tanks not allowed to have poor pen as a balancing parameter now?

  23. Huh. So these swedish mediums take as much damage from arty as your average heavy tank then. Multiple times I’ll get slapped for 400-500 by artillery a tier lower than me (often when I’m moving or think I’m safe), because balance I guess.

  24. This tank is way to good tbh. But again, since using the vehicles are about as painful as using artillery it is good for the game. Just like artillery is good for the game.

  25. I swear that mountain was taken over by the tf2 pyro

  26. Санчез Зечнас

    So WG is nerfing Japanese heavys,and trashborn, because they add this Swedish paper tanks..
    If they dont nerf,new tanks may be awful…arty still available for ANALyse this tanks..

  27. GG, but every time you go to Russia you get sick

  28. have you got an updated for xvm for 1.5

  29. QB if you don’t get some rest that Hydro Pnuematic Suspension will be turning into Hydro PNEUMONIA Suspension.

  30. Just listening made me think i had a dry throat lol…..

  31. I always prefer the tier 9s because there’s something fascinating about carrying tier X guns and pointing it at tier VIIs. And in some cases it’s the same gun the tier X version of your tank carries.

  32. Baby where is our 1.5 modpack?! Pls upload!

  33. Nice battle…with similar damage right now, you just get class 2 or

  34. like your reviews QB, get well soon.!

  35. G.W. Panther should’ve had the “high ground”.

  36. Another lazy game with magic ammo. Can’t pen front ot tank? Why bother to change position, just press 2.

  37. Hi. It would be nice to see stock version in combat and know whitch module has the biggest impact from the scratch.

  38. the furry cookie

    amm the new mediun tanks or whatever they were

  39. I don’t think anyone t9 should be able to spam gold to overpower jagdtiger’s armor, but what ever.

  40. 6:50 QuickyBaby slow down 😀 double-time

  41. @QuickyBaby , slowslide – M12 , keept u alive on that ridge with that enemy type , so GGWPGJ to slowslide for keeping our hero alive in this battle and for this video to happen just the way it did 😉

  42. Philip K Tombing

    CENTURION 5/1 or 7/1?

  43. U should go focus on your own health first… So take ur time get well soon.. Cheers mate

  44. مزیت نبود

  45. I must admit, this DocterZoef in Indien played really well. He cleared ltg and pantera, and then almost got QB with pants down with this smart move, bating QB to expect him from the right. Really good player.

  46. lol your aim skill so poor and even you hit target. Thats WG horse

  47. I think that the udes 15/16 will show his power on the front line

  48. 6:49 “Ohhh the GW panther caught me out but luckily were able to depress the gun over the ridge to be able to shut him down good stuff.”

    wow that’s a sound.

  49. Keep the voice, mate. You finally sound like you’d be able to grow a beard :>

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