World of Tanks || the Ultimate Support

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– Ru 251. Today I’m using the T9 , the Ru 251, to be the ultimate team support.

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  1. I ammo racked a pro at the opening location… myself a free 250 gold:) have a link to share if you want

  2. i understand that you probably wont be seeing this as you are on holiday, and good luck to you sir,
    but if you are seeing this, then here is the REAL ultimate support, where i active spot over 9k damage in my ru 251 “spypanzer”

  3. Wait, lower dpm, lower speed limit… and moved up one tier??? I have the Ru on blitz, but it doesn’t sound great on pc…

  4. So they chopped the dpm by 13% and cut the top speed by 10kmh and moved it up a tier? It wasn’t event that good at tier 8 lol. Wtf happened to wargaming bro they lost their minds?

  5. 8:39 And now i just have to hunt Down an A20?? yup,you definetly need a vacation 🙂

  6. lol this was great

  7. Indignatio 1945

    wut, a20?
    it’s a t20 bruh

  8. i always lose the combat against an wz or a t49 because it’s got soo weak armor compare to wz that he can load HEAT rounds and dmg you for a 300 every single shot , but you guys know what happened when a t49 has the derp gun , the RU always lose the advantage position

  9. Alika Ostermiller

    aww man i was hoping for Leopard 1 gameplay

  10. I have no problem understanding your meaning Quicky. It is a shame you have to go to such lengths to avoid supposed confusion. I imagine some of the ‘confusion’ must be a little wilful at times. I enjoy your reserved demeanor and generous attitude towards the people you play against or with. As an American I get plenty of opportunity to enjoy the commentary of loud mouth jerks. You are a refreshing change of pace. Don’t change too much and carry on with the good work.

  11. Honestly, I think the RU 251 was a bit overpowered when it was tier VIII. I just wish WG would balance the Russian “lights” the same way.

  12. ……….. oh ye of little soul

  13. unicorn sarcasm, don’t change a thing

  14. nice work with that RU-251 – (btw – i love my “over-powered” T26E5 – those over-powered alpha strikes that can shut down tier-7 heavy tanks in less than 14 shots – almost quicker than my cromwell-B and ToG-II – and tier-8 heavies in less than 22 shots – ummm – not counting richochets) =P

  15. u never miss – i thought it was a game of dice – sometimes you hit sometimes u dont – how come u never miss

  16. funny “I won ‘t be streaming for a couple days”
    Right after a notification pops up saying quicky is life on twitch.

  17. Very good game, keep a good work with replays as this one.. however I noticed that in your replays, arty like don’t care at all about “best xvm player” raping their team members. I usually get focused asap I kill second enemy, sometimes even faster, but in your case somehow arty just start moving round like tards, exposing themselves in manner of a bots, or even you are spoted by t29 long(too long) time, they don’t shot at you at all. I mean once is ok, but almost every time is strange.. really strange.

  18. enjoy ur family time you deserve it !
    im serious and sincere.
    i live 4k kms away from mine and cant wait for that moment,that being said i play wot and watch your video all the time to keep my mind busy and try to improve. thks again and please keep on going ! wtflux59300

  19. QB the patriot is not balanced… Why you keep thinking it is?

  20. Maybe some of those who can’t grasp British humor should check these out:
    Monty Python
    Simply Fabulous
    Not Going Out
    My Family
    The Office (UK)
    Are You Being Served
    Keeping Up Appearances
    Benny Hill
    I realize that there is a ton more, but those are the ones I can remember off the top of my head.
    Some people find their niche in life and Excel at it i.e., whiners, trolls, haters, Bullies, etc…
    Of course some of my friends just cannot get handle on British humor/sarcasm. It happens.
    QB keep up that thing you do. U B U.
    Battle On!

  21. Some people just don’t get sarcasm 😀

  22. MysticBlazeOfficial

    I’ve aced my Sherman III… that’s it…

  23. Love it more then ever

  24. Raman Patapczuk

    So you took all the equipment to go on with videos, with yourself? What are you going to visit in Biełaruś?

  25. I find the level of Sarcasm just fine. No need to change for my benefit.Also nice to see some light tank action. Cheers Mate

  26. #SaltyBaby going retard due to people calling him out for being an ass licking wargaming stooge

  27. ur byass is clear to see

  28. RU 251 didn’t get nerfed. It got buffed, really, really badly. It’s so overpowered now, I love it.

  29. Can you please give us the new modpack?

  30. Either way I’m having way more fun with the light take than I had before

  31. Sarcasm alarm needs to be a thing now haha.

  32. how about concentrating on the replay and not whining about the tanks/dislikes/comments? it has been like the 3rd time when i couldnt enjoy the gameplay cause you are completely off-topic

  33. Glad you’re back for June 8th. I trust your professionalism as to not announce who you’re voting for.

  34. Please consider doing more obvious sarcasm with complimentary light heartedness.

  35. Are you going to upload your modpack for 9.19?I need it.

  36. I love my RU even more now. Sure, it lost some dpm and topspeed, but the overall mobility improved a lot as the power/weight got improved by almost 50% so you reach that topspeed very quick and can hold it even when turning. And when you are circling slower tanks it also helps a lot.

  37. 9.19 just came out, do we have to wait for your holidays to end to get the new modpack?

  38. Tier 9
    I thought Ru251 was in Tier 8

  39. get videos of Belarus!….my dream is to go there!…..I am hoping when we go to Moscow to see my inlaws next we can go.

  40. British person using sarcasm? Thats completely unheard of!

  41. Rubicon Cubicon


  42. can’t get on with my RU for some reason. Maybe because I’m a shit player!

  43. Geee… another video of you being top tier dumping on a team of shitters that has their best players in a t8 and t9 tank with their other 2 t9 tanks being complete garbage. Why can’t I ever get match making this good?

  44. If the Patriot were that OP I wouldn’t be getting M3 so readily. 1500dmg. It’s only good when it’s at the top, made of butter in a T10 match, which is usual for me.

  45. pretty good match, but’s that’s not support, that’s carry the game

  46. error404UsernameNotFound

    I guess I panicked a bit there at the end (WZ-132-A player here), although I’m still not sure how I should have handled the situation against you properly.
    I figured that with HE I had a chance of finishing you with 2 shots (420 average dmg on HE), while with AP I would certainly have needed 3 shots, and since the RU reloads faster and you also needed just 3 shots for me, HE was the only option I saw for me to possibly win that situation.
    The reason I rammed you was that I noticed you were firing HE, so I wanted to minimize your chances of penning your third HE shell by facehugging you (I didn’t know you had switched to HEAT for the last shot). Plus, the ram would have brought you into one-shot-range for my next HE-shell.

    I guess my main mistake was to not go around the central hill in a wider arc, which would have allowed me to remain unspotted in the first place and pick a better place for the duel.

    Oh well, gg, nicely played, I guess it’s no shame losing to you. 😉

  47. a20 at tier 7

  48. very nice battle

  49. Andreas Chatzipanagiotou

    ru is very good. it might have been better when it was a tier 8 but still awesome

  50. Morgan Olofsson

    Light tanks should have even less dmg, sure they have a low Health pool but their camo rating is ridiculus. Light tanks should scout not kill

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