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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – 30.01 P. Today KarlHeinz99 is going to be an underdog with nothing to lose in the German the Vk 30.01 P!

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  1. Pz. VII Tech Tree Showcase live now!

  2. Jan Adrian Fetizanan

    oh boy what a rare replay this is. the last one that I was amazed is the leopard 1 in highway map

  3. that 112 tho……

  4. lol bunch of noobs on the other side do not ever expect good games on random games you get better results in strongholds why in hell was the heavies not on heavy alley ?P. S this map been out for a long time everyone knows the good spots.

  5. Well played!

  6. The vk30.01p is one of my favorite tanks in the game. I pick it over my cromwell. The vehicle is a hidden gem at tier 6, and is one of the highlights of the line.

  7. Pure skill :).

  8. My favourite Tier 6 Medium tank 😀

  9. Nice game. Quickybaby, you do though point out that you have missed tanks from your review list. It has to be said that your reviews are now in many cases ancient and could do with a top to bottom review perhaps?

  10. “…or maybe he just wagged out and decided to wiggle his butt up a cliff!”
    That’s QB: come for the detailed analysis of strategy, strengths and weaknesses, stay for the riveting color commentary!

  11. scrub 112! and I thought it was tiger 1 in thumbnail so it was bait for me!

  12. One of my favorite tanks in the game, this tank is so much fun, makes a good amount of credits and is one of the best tanks for carrying the game.

  13. Seriously QB you need to upload 4k video by now

  14. This is one of my favorite low tier tanks.

  15. Was the first tank I ever got a mastery in, and I always take it into skirmishes. My fav tier 6.

  16. I don’t know why people don’t play this tank so much, this tank plays and behave almost similar to the cromwell.

  17. i three marked that tank in 65 battles, it’s a great tank.

  18. There is one simple reason why the Pz7 is not a popular tank : it sucks

  19. My 8 year old brother with no hands could’ve beaten that 112

  20. he did spam quite some gold… for example, shooting gold at a cromwell B, or the back or a T150… when you have 157mm pen… hmmm

    just another purple gold spammer. tbh, he is pretty skilled and has some knowledge about the game

  21. This is a real fury film

  22. The tank is actually not the bad.

  23. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    that cut at just before 9:00 was really jarring.

  24. lol the t 25 2 had two marks of exellence

  25. QB can u do the new IS 7 please!!!

  26. All this replay shows me is that seal-clubbing is becoming worse and worse.  As a player who doe snot spend 8 hours of every day playing this game, why would I want to play against a player like this?  Not only does he have the maps memorized in detail, but he obviously has credits to throw away.  WoT just does not seem very fun for the average player anymore.

  27. Great replay QB, I love this tank, its a great medium. I too loved my VK36.01H back in the day when it was a medium tank, I had a monster game in it with 6 kills. It was one of my most played tanks. But they nerfed it into a poor heavy now, so this VK30.01P has really taken its place. Its fast, has good turret armor, and a good gun.

  28. Good tier 6 tank and great gun, good dpm with food i have 3 mark on it, better then 99.99 players. I hope i can hit 100 percent ? .

  29. What a massive carry, wow. I’m just speechless…

  30. Tiger II next, please ?

  31. Karl really doesn’t like capping, does he?

  32. The 10:39 shot went into the engine deck……I think. Didn’t go through the turret.

  33. watching WOT vid w WOT advertisement. KEK

  34. Airfield is such a bad map

  35. QB why haven’t you done a tiger ii review?

  36. I know what happened to that t34/85. The type 64 team mate of his hiding behind that same rock pushed him out into enemy fire and up the slope. I would bet money on it.

  37. Refreshing to see lower tiered vehicles for a change.

  38. It just doesn’t make sense that the 112 didn’t learn his lesson bot ?

  39. Great replay!

  40. my game not open after last update .. windows 10 ..what should i do to fix it ?? plz help

  41. I’m so glad he was able to win this match *without* resorting to premium ammunition

  42. Please help me. I was playing this game till last week, due to some technical problem I uninstalled it. Now when i am trying to download it again, it is asking me to create a new account. How can i get my old account?
    sorry for commenting in wrong place

  43. Aahh nice its not a high tier replay – more of those pls! 🙂

  44. Hi quickybaby seems like the code doesn’t work it says expired

  45. Finally a good video were skill is displayed and not only toptier roflstomp.
    Still…lazy ass replay. Still waiting for all those videos like “tank better” or 500k sub special or the vlog diary.
    But i guess the fast earned money lies in replays.

  46. Props to that guy he carried a team when he should’ve have died first
    Shame on you nub tier 7s

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