World of Tanks || the Unlikely Hero

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – T25 AT. Today Bizonov will be the unlikely hero in the T7 American destroyer the T25 AT as he goes 1 9!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-7 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Enemy KV-2 needs to go to the gulag, he did not serve Stalin properly and fired AP

  2. have an Awesome Christmas 🙂

  3. cool. I never reach over 3.6k damage on my account and my maximum tier is 8

  4. I got a Kolobanov’s Medal in the TOG II on the Highway map once… thought it was a bit ironic.

  5. I definitely remember those

  6. Hated the Type T-34 to the core. Just to get the 59-16, but suddenly I carried the match with spotting/camo/identifying targets for my TD’s and arties. Won the game. MOE, Ace Tanker. Shit, I liked the tank eversince.

  7. Bloody brilliant

  8. best replay so far shown on this channel, liked the commentating too!

  9. Awesome work in the 1 vs 9. All the more impressive after his distinctly mediocre start where he kept bouncing crap off their turrets.

  10. “Reward girls” not again quicky lol

  11. I have a Kolobanovs in my SU-14-2, but that was assault defense and time ran out.

    I have a Kolobanovs in the tier 5 french arty also, and that was fought to the end. Granted in close combat that arty was broken with the APCR round.

  12. Do the jpather

  13. Moral of the story? Don’t go in one by one like these happy little strawberries did. Use chat and make your intention clear. It’s a team game and when you act as an individual this kind of stuff happens.

  14. I was the 667 commentary ?

  15. Lol what about the M4 Sherman Durp??

  16. Once I carried a tier 6 skirmish in my tog vs two cromwells it didn’t make me love the tog cause I already loved the tog

  17. The amount of luck can not be counted on just 2 hands.

    My God, that RNG an braindeath enemies…….

  18. Unlikely results?… well i once tried out the different guns on the VK3002D and ended out trying the 105 mm Derp in a game that i won 1vs5 🙂

  19. Good game!

  20. I got 6k spotting damage in my AMX 12 t the last game i played in it before i got the AMX 13 75 😛

  21. He bounced more damage in this game than I did my entire time playing the thing. What the actual fuck those KV-2 bounces.

  22. I have no Idea why I watch u QB. Gun depretion or something, but I watch u, and have done for two years and are going to continue

  23. Ffs not all of us spend all our time playing 1 fucking game qb dont expect all to be elites with tier 10 and full multi skill crews?

  24. I once scored 14 kills in my SU-85b. Unfortunately, epic medals like the Raseinai heroes medal are not given to tier IV and below vehicles 🙁

    • Viktor Grahl Actually, Raseniai’s medal is given to any tier of vehicle.. Watch QB’s vid on T18 with 15 kills, and the player nabbed Raseniai’s epic medal at tier 2..

  25. My best game is when I was in a 1 vs 4 I was in a kv1 only 1 shell pened my Armor I killed them all 2 of them were at full health

  26. 667th comment

  27. Stanciu Olivian Gaming

    I got 11 kills with my m3 lee, yeap that worse tier 4 mediim american tank. 11 kills…

  28. Luckiest replay this year QB. It was still full of skill and how he/she engaged the enemies.

  29. As much as i love seeing these 1 vs alot games, it’s really not impressive… i’ve had similar games a few times and it’s just utterly mind boggling how unbelievably stupid the enemy players are. No effort, just shoot them one by one, like sitting ducks… Still fun tho.

  30. Вячеслав Храмов

    Juice fabric battle hxxadi prior push function onto off immediate.

  31. my best game was also in T25AT, crusial contribution

  32. 1 vs 8 Matilda 1700 dmg more than my whole team 9 kills and some pretty good ramming action haha

  33. Lol female commander? What a waste
    (of course he’s a superunicumcamper but that’s obvious so I won’t even start mocking about it)

  34. Kolobanov medal in my GW Tiger 🙂

  35. One of the better replays of late.

  36. Very cool of you to gift the guy for a great replay and cool that you are doing a charity stream again. Merry Christmas QB!

  37. Krisztián Mátraházi

    always fascinates me to see how lucky people can get in this game while I keep sucking ass bc of rng

  38. Don’t Diss the t25 at. It is a real gem in my opinion.

  39. 8 kills in the Crusader, 1.72 sec reload and 75 alpha…12 degrees of gun depression aswell

  40. Putting a female commander in a not fully trained tank is a good way of getting the 6th sense quicker

  41. I had a Kolobanov in the SU-100M1. The time ran out and I hided with nearly every tank right in front of me. So nothing spectacular, but hey I got it 😀 sadly I don’t have the replay anymore

  42. Abdulmalik mlo2007ok

    Luckiest player in WOT

  43. Always great when the enemy comes at you one-by-one. And yes, like that KV-2 there are enough idiots in this game firing AP with DERP guns, had one in an O-Ni the other day trying to consistently shoot my O-Ni with AP ammo only, I blocked all his shots and just HE’ed him to death. Some people need a safety harness before being allowed on the interwebz.

  44. Not a super skilled player, but he gets really lucky this round, enemy feeding him one by one, KV2 fire AP, 3485m fire HE. A good game there but didn’t learn anything from it.

  45. The KV-2 bounced at least twice with AP, that’s most of the damage blocked

  46. And later the T95❤

  47. An ok player against a bunch of incompetent enemies…what did you expect….t34 firing he and kv2 firing ap…..what a bunch of morons.

  48. he had a great game and ahe deserves the replay , but he was lucky that O-Ni and KV2 did not derp him , they were firing AP , still he won 1 vs 9 which is legendary , GG to him

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