World of Tanks || the VK 100.01

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Source: QuickyBaby

– VK 100.01. Today freezax is going to finally show me the T8 heavy the VK 100.01!

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  1. RIP coppola

  2. can’t wait for patch 9.20

  3. kharn the betrayer O

    diet coke of Maud yeah play the Mauschen that the diet coke. You face cupola lower plate and gun mantle.

  4. Whenever Quickybaby says Mäuschen, it sounds like moist chin.

  5. Peckadelic Productions

    Defender is cancer.

    The stock gun on the VK is bounce king, the 120 mm is the best bet in both situations imo. I gain much more damage per game, regardless of tier level, with the higher gun

  6. well now going use the 105 on strongholds:)

  7. “Oh god I have a hair in my eye, Oo what da hell”

  8. how to fuck does this thing gets more than 100 rounds in a tier 8?

  9. im only 5k xp away from unlocking this tank. Perfect timing on the upload! Cant wait to try it out for myself.

  10. marciano van vulpen

    can someone explain how the overmatch works?

  11. chocolate,3 t26e4 only shows side armor, a kill all team means it is a great replay.

  12. i get teh feeling quickybaby aka will here just loves the sound of his own voice.

  13. y dont you show the in game chat??

  14. Cookie marciano Schink

    VK 100 is so god

  15. yeesh 1,800 dpm on a t8 heavy is abysmal.

  16. Piratebaby….. LOL! Halloween tease??

  17. Armour VK100.01 P not great? Pfffttt seriously? The only way to penetrate vk 100 that you have to shoot its lower plate, cupola and flank it

  18. Great video, once again a tier 8 German tank with some sort of survivability, so needed these days. Anyway, If you guyz love Chinese light tanks same as me and try to climg up that WZ line, take your time to vote for WZs to be at the top of the tree next month!!

  19. Nd tiger 2 is still waiting for its buff

  20. I think it’s over powered

  21. The VK 100 was my first tier 8 tank (I’ve added two more) and it is a beast of a tank. The 105mm gun is great in a tier 8 match but is the ruin of this tank in a tier 10 or 9 match. I’ll take the 128mm gun unless I am playing in a tier 8 skirmish.

  22. Hey qb I just uploaded a replay on wotreplays. Its also a VK 100.01P game but this time against tier 10 oponents.

  23. I laughed when I say the name of the replay on WotReplays;
    QuickyBaby you MUST watch this!:D Vk100.01 7k dmg 2k tracking dmg

  24. Can you do another Emil 1 replay?

  25. Greece!!!!

  26. BlackFriday Offical



  28. what is this shit game ?? looks terrible

  29. SGT Morningwood

    8:26 Get to da choppa…..NAOW QB NAOW

  30. I love my VK100.01I can bully tier 8s including Defenders, and can play in tier 10 just as well.I have the Muchen unlocked , but Im not really interested in buying it, I have the Maus, and love it, so thoses two heavies are enough. I do have to agree with SirFoch though, this tank is crazy strong armor at tier 8 it is a bit broken, but that WG for you. I will have to try this tank with the 105 gun I have been playing the 128 for the Aplha damage , but the 105 sure has the dpm.

  31. Jürka Suurväli

    Great tank, love it! 🙂 Nice commentary also on this video! 😉

  32. holy crap he forced a shot on his gun mantlet to maked the t28 bounce

  33. ATeamBalkanGames

    You missed the P on end of tank name 😛

  34. Will Quickybaby Frampton

    Hi QuickyBaby

  35. I’m an expert on this tank good for wot stronghold 8 use number 2 key for games vs tier ten  and go back and forth just like what freezax is doing around the corner so the copula does not get hit all.
    Check out my VK 100.01 P review



  37. I hate this tank facing against it is full of bullshit ,
    Good alpha on top gun , ok pen
    godlike armour , some t8 med can’t even pen the side hull
    yet players in this tank always complain other heavies not tanking and yet they are hiding with this “godlike ” armour

  38. All these “weakspots” are still more than the highest medium tank pen on T8 with standard rounds (226 on Centurion) so yeah, well balanced tanks. Load premium or go home, even for the “weakspots”.

  39. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    The Tank should have a hughe ammo rack all over the side cuz where do they store the 120 Shells??

  40. i wonder if you can make an apeal to wargaming to trade in the vk45 for the vk100 (im not a great player 50win ratio and 6000ish games) i realy hate the vk45 and my goal was the maus still is but for me it takes a long time to grind it all over again

  41. At the moment I am procrastinating after unlocking the VK 100.01, the extra loader means that I can shove the Brothers in Arms on my Tiger P crew up my backside, which actually has me leaning towards going up the american heavy line (starting with the mighty T-29 at tier VII) before continuing with the Maus line. At least the extra loader configuration stays consistent for the rest of the line.

  42. These kind of videos where a player gets a good game only because enemy team is full of incompetent players are more stupid than boring. Enemy team should have won, but they chose not to. Choosing to lose a battle is stupid and makes you a bad player. Happens quite often.

  43. what are your equipments on vk 100? i only use a rammer and wet ammo rack. any tips for the last slot? and i use the 128mm gun cuz it just feels more appropriate for a heavy.

  44. you’ve got some litter on the floor. Just saying.

  45. I personally enjoyed the VK 100.01 quite a bit. The Mäuschen however… Not so much. The turret simply has too many weak spots against the penetration on the teir of tanks its expected to fight.

  46. How do I get your mod pack?

  47. Game of throws. God forbid one guy sits on cap and wins the game. Stupid enemy team again.

  48. Hi Quickybaby can you do a t34 or super pershing I would like it. And do you show gameplay replays from World of tanks Blitz I would send you some

  49. Playing against this tank with T32 is a hoot….

  50. t28 did not use top gun either

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