World of Tanks – The Walk of Shame

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Source: The Mighty

The challenge is on, to find the worst World of Tanks battle result, achieved in the shortest time…

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System Specs: Core i7 6700-K 4.0Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX970 GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. I can’t stand the parasitic tards who insist on creeping down the 1-2 line
    on that map EVERY time.

  2. Chris “Chriskaline” Kaline

    The only way the QB (hack) tactic works is if the other team is a bunch of
    crap players who don’t support map equally. Seems like when I play this map
    several tanks always go hill. Especially heavies.

  3. that QB method.. *sigh* nope. he only made it more popular. i dont actually
    know how did this first.. all i know is that i tried this before QB, but
    never had a team support to make it actually happen.

  4. no this is not shame. this goes without saying they could not achieve much
    as they got overwhelmed in 4 minutes.

    jingles get your shit together. u know jeageroos are slow as well. also
    goes without sayin. the map is now officially unbalanced and needs rework
    if this “quicky baby” bullshit works

  5. I uninstalled this game yesterday. I’m proud of myself. Hopefully this time
    i won’t relapse.

  6. A sad day indeed..shame!

  7. Jingles with the golden commentary!

  8. blitzkrieg really works eh?

  9. Jingles, are you actively seeking to name and shame some nationalities on
    WoT? Going for easy targets?

  10. The fastest I’ve had is a 15-0 win in 2 minutes 44 seconds on PROKOROVKA in
    my Cromwell.

  11. Precambrian Rabbits

    Damn that was impressive. The best I’ve ever had was a tier 10 15-0 win on
    Mountain Pass in a standard battle with 9:48 left on the clock.

  12. The quickybaby tactic? Should be called the Quicky Rush.

  13. Jingles to be fair, where did you want the Jgpz E100’s to go on Prokorovka?
    It’s a terrible map for that tank unless you have good spotting. They
    should have at least tried to reposition, but their options were pretty

  14. God that’s sad. But these guys maybe deserved it at tier IX and X. Today I
    did two 15-0 games in middle tier matches. Over in 2 mins and 3 mins
    respectively, no fun at all. We just rolled over them. The matchmaker
    picked every new player or poor player and every lousy tank for one side
    and every Unicum driving an OP heavy or medium and dropped them in my team.
    Not at all what I’m looking for in a game.

  15. shame ding ding, shame ding ding, shame ding ding

  16. nothing new this is na server 24/7

  17. That was a pretty good reenactment of the actual battle of Prokhorovka lol.
    Soviets got completely annihilated by the Reich.

  18. as for that first team, WG please ban them permanently so i never have to
    suffer them on team, why press the red button if u arent going to have a
    go? makes no sense to me

  19. I have done this several times before QuickyBaby did this, but I am the
    only one that did it so it did not turn out well.

  20. I got 7.5k damage in the Leopard 1 (which is really good for me) and I only
    got 1st class. :(

  21. Mikael Buhadla Petit

    so much fun on that last part with the actual walk of shame from GOT and ur
    laught is so funny

  22. fuck the walk of shame someone grab the Boo Box and some Scorpions.

  23. I am sure everyone knows that tanks don’t charge willy-nilly into the fray,
    but rather take and execute orders from their commanders, My uncle passed
    away 3 years ago, just long enuff to look at, then laugh at these tank
    “battles”. He was a Destroyer commander in WWII

  24. Tried this move with a couple of random players in a game a while back, did
    not turn out nearly as well as this one and not even close to Quickybabys
    one. It was fun to try though.

  25. I’ve just noticed that Sixth sense sounds like the beep my alarm makes….
    so every time I hear it I think i’m i’ve been dreaming all of this and that
    i’m waking up to a tired morning with a blaring alarm.

  26. fixed and arranged match

  27. About that CW replay, the enemy team probably didnt have enough people
    online and they had a more important battle in the next 2-3 minutes, thats
    what we did to not get a penality for a technical defeat

  28. During that clan war battle, as we say In da U.P., I think alcohol was

  29. why that game sucks dick now.

  30. lol….the mediums team mates where green and blue while the other side was
    red lol


  32. The Judean People’s Front!

  33. well, I’m always on ZERO team with high damage or even xp.

  34. 3 experience ????

  35. Games like this happen 7 out of 10 on console version of the game. It is
    kind of pathetic really.

  36. I’d say that 1st battle was a gentleman’s agreement to let the other team
    have the win. I’ve seen this play out before.

  37. Someone had too many scheduled battles but not enough players. its as
    simple as that.

  38. Om någon kan läsa detta som kommer att slipa svenska Tank Destroyer linje
    när det kommer att tas i wot ?

    … Svenska mediet tier 10 Centurion mk 3

  39. I tried that with a platoon once, a good while ago, and I do not think we
    were the first, but Quickybaby can have the name…being that we lost. The
    push went fine, but by the time we got there 5 allies were already dead and
    the rest dying fast. By the time we killed a few tanks and made it to the
    rail line, we were all that was left, ha.

  40. JINGLES I have a replay for you but I’m lazy to actually upload it and send
    it to you. :(

  41. I mean they are slow so I mean they didn’t have time to react

  42. DeadEmpire19 Gaming

    Is it ST-I or ST-1? I don’t get it


  44. I talked to a guy that was on that enemy team in the first game while
    watching a live stream yesterday. He said their caller jokingly said
    everyone jump off the bridge or a cliff and they did XD

  45. GTX Jake “Randal The cat”

    whens rita going to get herself her adult diapers for Alien Isolation

  46. Knyq Gymory Barbosa

    Well as always the Russians are always in CW… Do these people what a good
    Tiger 2 player can do to you IS3’s ??? Well If i see an Is3, I ram it then
    i Face hug it. Then the Russians go back to the garage and rage how did the
    tiger 2 kill them ( A tiger 2’s main strategy is to Face hug enemys then
    kill them)

  47. You call it the Quicky Baby Tactic, but I’m calling it “Flanking the
    Maginot Line.”

  48. 3 experience in tier 10 match, feels bad man

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