World of Tanks – There Can Be Only One!

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

I hope people actually get the Highlander reference in the title. I just assume everyone’s seen Highlander but then I remember it’s a thirty year old movie and I feel really old. :p

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  1. If people don’t know a movie from 1977 they’re pretty much dead to me. Who
    lives without Star Wars, dies slowly.

  2. The Warlord of the Rising Sun

    I like this format a lot. Builds the suspense, usually you know who the
    winner is, but in this case you’re left guessing until the end.

  3. meh, T57 heavy is much easier to play then the VK, especially in a platoon.
    VK is slow, and has a slow traverse rate. T57 is quicker, and has an
    autogun. All you gotta do in a platoon is single an enemy tank out, and
    they die. Not that difficult to do when in a platoon. And when you are late
    game with more then 900 HP, you are literally invincible in the T-57 for
    your first encounter, unless against like a JPZ or FV 4005 or 183
    (and trust me, i play both tanks. Personally, i prefer the E-75 over both,
    but meh)

  4. I wanna see a platoon of pure arties run around and try to shotgun as many
    as they can before either winning or getting shut down lol. The higher teir
    the better!

  5. That LTTB camo is ridiculous.

  6. gargantuan what?
    gargantuan what?
    why is he sexually harassing me?

    sorry..couldnt resist

  7. this is why i stop watching serious wot replays. theyre so cringe

  8. Incredible game ! Loved it .

  9. Salute to you Garganchua and Oscarvcp! well played the both of you!

  10. love the videos, but im so tired of that song in the intro.

  11. i got the refrence

  12. Oh the errors. When engaging the E4, the first shot did the damage to the
    platoon-mate. The E4 proceeded to miss/bounce his next 2 shells. The
    platoon-mate did not “take a substantial amount of damage” during their
    When the VK engaged the 113, it had the front, not the back.

  13. I expected a fine decapitation (aka ammorack explosion at the end)
    according to the title, little disappointed.
    Btw, dont worry Jingles. There are no old jokes only young people :)

  14. Romeo VictorPlayer2

    Oh man, I feel so bad for garganchau… Real heart break. Gg.

  15. WoT…..When it’s close and you’re teammate get’s a sudden rush of shit to
    the brain and throws the game away….

  16. one of the most thrilling replays, love the style of presentation, keep it
    up jingles

  17. What it lacks in dpm it makes up for with its armor.


  19. Nathan Highlander.

  20. like the format

  21. wow that was some game.

  22. Well played game by both sides. I like the way you take a look at the same
    engagement from both teams.

  23. BigCoreGradiusXAnime

    Isn’t that player was using the O-I Experimental during his past replay in
    it’s been 1 year

  24. T57 is a pretty broken tank. The reload is a lot shorter than it should be
    imo. It’s why I kinda steer clear of playing it often. Wp to the VK ^^ and
    props to oscar for not even having prem shells on his tank to begin with 🙂
    that’s just awesome…

  25. WOT vision system is retarded. Video proof. That LTTB clearly looked like
    he did de-activate his cloaking device.

  26. how long did it take you guys to realize they were both from the same game
    lol took me a while

  27. Woo-hoo! Garganchua!! Go 2HARM!!

    Excellent match from both sides.

    – Kulingile

  28. awesome video, loved every minute, love my vk and I’m a 50b fan instead of
    the 57

  29. I’m Duncan McLeod of the clan McLeod.
    What a classic.

  30. Oscar deserved that win

  31. even if they havent watched highlander im sure theyve probably heard the
    phrase seems to have become bigger than the actual film :p

  32. The STA deserves a little credit, 5 kills with 2.5k dmg in a tier 8.

  33. HIGHLANDER!!!!

  34. Load gold jingles…. Load gold… no point playing wot anymore

  35. the problem with the vk 45.02b is that i know where a massive weakspot on
    the hull is the little gun port on the upper hull and my T34 premium heavy
    can penetrate that weakspot on the hull with regular ap rounds with the 248
    mm of penetration, also another few weakspots of the vk are that the cheeks
    of the turret are very very very badly armored, my t34 heavy can pen them
    and the commanders cupola is very well unarmored, the sides of the vk are
    bad, and the thing is that the side armor is bad on the sides like the T95
    doom turtle, a heavily frontally armored tank destroyer but the vk and t95
    share something, they are both frontally well armored, however the T95 has
    recieved a commanders cupola buff to the armor, now you need at least 200mm
    of penetration to damage the T95’s cupolas, especially the gunners cupola
    that has the railing for a .50 cal machine gun mount, they did this buff
    when the T95 went into HD

  36. Wanted the VK to win. Bummer….

  37. Keep em coming, Jingles. Videos like yours and a few other youtubers are
    the sole reason I bother playing this game anymore.

    Played twelve games tonight, getting between 4-6 kills myself on most of
    them and the 14 other players on my team couldnt muster that number of
    kills combined.

  38. subbed because i love your laugh. and the quality of replays, but really
    it’s the laugh. and the highlander reference.

  39. T-mobil sucks they should kill each-other so they dont make us believe the
    stupid crap that they make us put up with kill T-Mobil

  40. Jingles, why have you never done a review of the VK 45.02b? It looks like a
    great tank, and its been around for quite a while.

  41. My only question is why didn’t the VK just park, set up a nice campfire,
    pitch up a tent, maybe took our some of those MRE tins to cook, inside the
    cap when the LTTB was still alive.

  42. I’m 18 and Highlander is one of the greatest movies of all time.

  43. The 4502B is as stupidly armored as it is because the tank is terrible in
    most other respects.
    The T57 Heavy is considered absurdly overpowered because its armor can
    troll high pen guns and its interim reload speed is stupidly high.

    Its a battle of the “OP” heavy tanks, and as usual in normal WoT fashion,
    armor lost.

  44. One of my happier WOT memories was wheeling around in the SU-85 with net
    and maxxed crew cammo skills through the bushes at Prokhorvka. This was
    before the TD and visibility nerfs some time back. Sneaking around the
    flank and wondering when I’d be spotted, and being screamed at for using
    visibility hacks. Of course, tanks – a lot of the targets I surprised were
    totally oblivious anyway.

  45. 11:45 lol a good representation of what is wrong with this game.. but I
    like this video a lot otherwise, cool idea. Team VK btw..

  46. auto loaders dominate top tier matches. Between the Czech tanks French
    tanks and the T57 heavy it doesn’t matter how much armor or health you have
    cause they can just keep plowing through your armor while you scramble to
    retreat on reload, and if by some fuckin miracle you’re still alive arty
    will just nuke you even for over a thousand health. I’ve been hit for 2100
    damage from tier 8 German artillery in my IS7. I got so sick of that shit I
    just camp.

  47. COMMANDERnapkinStudios

    jingles, I highly encourage you to watch a video called “Triggered 2-
    literally the worst game ever” made by chem, otherwise known as the guy who
    made world of autism for your contest earlier. not only is it one of the
    most appallingly bad attitudes in a game I’ve ever seen, they even trash
    you after bringing his channel in about 9 thousand subs

  48. oscar saw cap ticking and poke there while reloading => red bad tomato

  49. I thought you were referring to the Jet Li movie, “The One.” 😛
    Jokes aside, aside from the Highlander movies, there was also the
    Highlander tv series. In this series, a descendant of the original
    Highlander has “inherited” his genes for immortality and is on a quest to
    the The One for his set of immortals… Or something convoluted like

  50. Hi jingles I play console we can still purchase tanks like the Tog 2 and WT
    e 100 plz respond

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