World of Tanks – There’s Always Gonna Be A Douchebag

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Source: Mighty Jingles

ÜSon”, my Pappy told me, before he left this shitty world, “The one thing you can guarantee in gaming is that there’s always gonna be douchebags.”


  1. Big tank, small brain. Classic WOT moment.

  2. I worry I will someday end up in one of these kinds of videos.

  3. im gonna love this series xD

  4. Oscar Symes (SevenEleven357)

    What a cock!

    James May

  5. I reckon the T-57 driver would have changed his user name after that.what a
    total peanut.

  6. 12eRBC- Name of the biggest douchebag in world of tanks in history.

  7. Fuckery, pure fuckery.

  8. I think the T57 Heavy thought that he was a filthy camper and decided to
    stay there on purpose. Still it’s just totally idiotic that he teamkilled

  9. That T57 driver is located on the NA server, it seems. I saw a lot of clan
    tags, that i know. Time to hunt this goat fucker down

  10. Youre videos are SO AWESOME

  11. As part of the latest NA server drama my clan 404 went on a similar idiot
    team killing rampage….(supposedly officials fixed battles and got
    penalized and didn’t get to win one of the 4 reward tanks)…this kind of
    behavior just bothers me so much plus radicalized all of us ?… The ban
    should be endless for this monsters!

  12. Just had a E100 today drown himself purposely in a 40% match saying it was
    pointless we were going to lose any ways =(

  13. Roasted Lemon (Noticed by Senpai)

    “Immediately suicide”
    Wait, suicide is now a verb?

  14. i reported that t57 twat

  15. I’d attempt to put into words how appalled I am at the shameful display in
    this video, but that T-57 driver is such a massive waste of oxygen that
    their stupidity is draining it out of my house. Give it a few minutes and
    the atmosphere in my apartment will return to normal and I may be able to
    comment properly.

  16. One of the many reasons i stopped playing WOT…..

  17. this is why i like xbox for wot no friendly fire but ppl still can be dicks
    but there are less of them

  18. and i thought the Centurion AX who tk’ed me for camping in a bush in
    prokhorovka in my ISU-152 was a douchebag

  19. t57 heavy super noob. He could just saved his shell and ram the sp1c, but
    instead wasted one shell and his life for a mistake the tvp did

  20. Uhm, pardon?
    Would someone be so kind and hand me some bleach?

  21. I want to dislike video just because of 9:27 >_>

  22. He deserved what happened to him for camping there. I don’t now why tanks
    go there, it’s one of those locations on which you’re useful only when it’s
    already too late.

  23. It must be hard to be that fucking stupid

  24. Aaron “Bossman62” Allen

    I know the guy in the SP 1 C!!!

  25. Well he doesn’t play WoT any more

  26. This is the video that makes “12eRBC” change name do to hate messages…

  27. <----------------------- that is my reaction right now

  28. My brain hurts … what did I just watch? I don’t normally advocate team
    killing, but I’d be very, very VERY tempted to (there are ways to be sneaky
    about it) if I ever saw him on my team (looks like NA server, so it’s a
    possibility, ewww). Or at least troll the heck out of him and bait him into
    shooting me and getting himself banned (shouldn’t be too hard if he does
    stuff like this).

    That was just disgusting.

  29. look at the t57 name, that kid either bought that account or botted to get
    that tier 10! no way in hell would someone that actually played all the
    matches to get to that tier do that! that player had an ego the size of “i
    don’t know … big” this is why i hate the game so much now, there full of
    players who act like there a god or entitled !! they all claim to be the
    best but NONE of them have the brain power to can the urge to not do what
    they usually do, you know what they call that in the army, i’ll give a tip
    it ain’t called “elite” … but is called “ROOKIE” fucking… see… thanks
    Jingles you made me mad lol, i know not really your fault :D

  30. Grade A fucknut right there.

  31. Someone reach through the interweb and punch that guy right in the face.

  32. Wow I cant believe the T57 did this. I used to play with him a while back,
    not often though. Unbelievable. What a fucking stupid move that was. I dont
    care if someone is playing like a shitlord, you do not do that to anyone.
    No wonder he got kicked out of my clan so fast.

  33. Oh man… I was really enjoying the video and i thought the douchebag you
    meant, was the person being rude on chat. I totally forgot that you mention
    this footage was special and i like YAY, he’s going to win this hard fought
    battle… The end just came too fast, unexpectedly for me… what a
    douchebag !!! >:(

  34. Great video, but where’s the XCOM 2 video?

  35. RNGR “Krazze968” 60

    that guy was a legit asshat

  36. One of many reasons why I no longer play after a bit under 11k battles.
    Game is such shite these days.

  37. That was a total asshole. Where do they come from???

  38. What a massive idiot that t57 was

  39. I’ve forgotten how to close my mouth, I’m just… I cannot explain what
    I’ve seen but I feel that I’ve lost all motor controls in my face after
    that T57s actions

  40. World Of Tanks The Best Replays

    wtf t57

  41. jangles stop using xp as a measure of performance that t57 was a douche but
    he did more damage

  42. I’d bitch slap that t57 driver through his monitor

  43. Reported
    Sent 2 war gaming
    Banned forever

  44. Lt. A$$ hole (T-57 heavy)reporting for duty sir!

  45. Wow, what a fuckin idiot.

    But Jingles, the only reason he has more EXP, was because he was lower
    tier… But either way, that T57 player is an idiot.

  46. Well, Jingles, I did enjoy the video…. Up until I didn’t enjoy it :P

  47. That, that was painful to watch.

  48. That guy isn’t a douchebag. He is a CALLOSOTOMY BAG. He full of sh*t and
    hangs around.

  49. Good “ThinkTank” Email

    this is beyond mans understanding

  50. I lol’d

  51. All I can say is WOW!!…..But I’m not surprised I seem my fair share of
    douchebags on my team or the enemy team lots of times. It even happen to
    me, was in me favorite tank the Ferinand when our own arty turned around
    and shot me and ammo rack me with one shot. Needless to say I was pissed
    and when I asked why the player said “I just wanted to”….I was so pissed.
    But I still love the game and World of Warships :)

  52. Men of War Thunder & Generals is my favorite game.

  53. guys, take note of that t57’s name, and lets get him banned if you see him
    in game. Report him imediately. cleans up the toxicity for the rest of us
    eh ?

  54. The T57-guy should be killed. Such people fck up the world. Gtfo.

  55. sorry spelled that badly

  56. what the fuck just happed

  57. jingles, how do u change your map size. Is it only in replays you can do

  58. This is an example of why this game is a waste of time now….

  59. that t57 drove by pacifica

  60. Worse still, the douchebag seems to be Canadian. 12eRBC is short for 12e
    Régiment blindé du Canada. Crap. Way to disgrace an illustrious unit.

  61. all i can say is yikes-just yikes and also something a little stronger

  62. Jingles..
    One reason I got upset of playing// was a Heavy tank, 1/2 way across a map
    thinking I wasnt doing my Job in an e25(scouting) and shooting me…
    Or the idiot that thinks A small tank(on your team) cant Piss off a Russian
    heavy, by shooting him MULTIPLE times in the rear..even doing no
    damage…HE DIED when I shot him.
    of the ELADER(He thinks) of a team…Who thinks everyone should be
    following him…Doing as he wishes…and DIEING in the better tank on the
    I wont get into MAPS to small to hide in, or Anything about Arty…They
    have done better on maps..

  63. Un…fucking…believable. I hope that dipshit gets banned. Or removed from
    this world by oncoming traffic. Whichever comes first.

  64. Jordon Reimer Covers

    Mhmm, Reddit for the win!

  65. he just whent full retarded
    what was he thinking?

  66. Love that 30x zoom mod…another reason this game is junk.

  67. I just want to punch something now….

  68. Don’t bother with screenshots, replays, etc. because all of that goes into
    the trash at WG’s office. WG cares about its community as much as a thief
    cares about the people they are robbing. I hope I can get a good rig soon
    so I can move on to AW since WG cares more about money than the community.
    As long as people buy tanks, WG won’t ban them even if they went to their
    office and spat in their faces. They pay they stay.

  69. cancerous

  70. I’m scared now… I want my mom.

  71. if I saw that he got stuck ,which nick did say he was stuck, I would have
    killed the SP Ic. If I didn’t know, I still would have killed the SP Ic.
    I’m not a dick wad like that T57 and if you do something like that just
    because you thought someone wasn’t doing anything then you deserve what you
    got T57. he shouldn’t have gotten any XP or credits for that match.

  72. I was in this match in a Waffle. Not the yolo middle run guy. Anyway I wish
    you could see the enemy chat because the whole team was sreaming at the
    SPIC to run away, and even after the 57 yolo the SPIC didn’t want to jump
    on cap he was looking for shots on the 57. Still was a lol match.

  73. Wow … the behaviour in that game rated almost as badly as posting XCOM2

  74. I can’t stop laughing. You go, T57 Heavy, you go.

    Still feel bad for the player here though.

  75. How do two waffles die doing zero damage? Epic fail

  76. Yay more wot

  77. What a moron !!!

  78. There are far too many enema bags in the world, especially the internet and
    gaming world.

  79. It literally took me 2 minutes to catch up on my jaw hanging on the floor.
    What kind of thought process, if any..? He isn’t even a bad player?!

  80. Anatoly Productions

    I lost more then just brain cells… I lost chromosomes

  81. Man that T57 was butt hurt someone forgot the lube

  82. Beneteus der Gewaltige

    while we are the topic – Jingles when i have seen your the good the bad and
    the ugly with that woman who cheers for both teams, i’ve stated to
    congratulate player who are playing well, in and after the battle.
    i would like everybody to do the same to get a better athmosphere while
    playing wot. you can still troll, those guys are funny in chat, but pls
    cheer for both teams and try to help you’re team where you can, no matter
    if you are alife or dead.

  83. i dont see why nicodemus is being praised here, yeah the t57 was an asshole
    to him, but he’s still a noob that camps the spawn, gets stuck while said
    camping the spawn and repairs his half-damaged tracks for god knows what
    reason. engine power would not have mattered no tank can get out from that
    terrain. i feel bad for that FV who was carrying.

  84. Isn’t that something. My pappy said “Son, you’re gonna drive me to drinkin’
    if you don’t stop drivin’ that hot rod Lincoln.”

  85. t57 got what he deserved an skum bag/idiot death he cant go vist stalin now

  86. i can’t believe the end

  87. I may get mad at the game sometimes and rant, but one thing i never do is
    kill teammates because well in the end its just a game, and i do enjoy it
    but i mean jesus

  88. I don’t think that the first two comments the enemy obj 140 made were a bad
    thing, he’s just complaining about how retarded the game is

  89. Welp, now i gotta clean my keyboard. Just threw up watching the T57 Heavy

  90. it’s not hte engine! it’s just World of Tanks being there like “thats one
    degree too much, you cant go up there, fuck you and your match”

  91. Players like this need to be perma-banned for being giant fucking idiot

  92. What an absolute cunt, and he can’t even take his shame lightly. What a
    fucking moron, that account should just be barred period. All your work and
    money, gone.

  93. just facepalmed through my own face

  94. what a ass hole

  95. *vomiting uncontrollably*

  96. Is there any chance you’ll be willing to show me to a laser eye surgeon
    Jingles, I need to erase this from my brain through my eyes as quickly and
    painfully as possible.

  97. thats the NA server for u

  98. Let’s get that guy banned!

  99. What the flying fuck was he thinking

  100. Jingles, I’ll tell you about these tanks. Tier 6, AMAIZING! It’s one of the
    best ambush tanks I have ever played. Tier 7… questionable, can get stuff
    done if you’re smart about it but it’s like T20 without gun depression and
    larger. TVP VTU has the second best 88mm gun, second only to 88 on Jg88.
    The mobility is good, the armor is crap, the ammo rack isn’t anything
    special… Stock Turret has -8 gun depression with 88mm fun, while the
    elite has only 6. Elite reduces reload by 0.2s. All it all, a VERY capable
    tank. Skoda T 50… ooooooh, it’s good with stock 100mm, but when you
    unlock the autoloader 100mm… OH MY GOD! IT KICKS SO MUCH ASS! The tank is
    sick, I mean sick sick! Fast, mobile, punchy, kicks ass… and a tank you
    wouldn’t do very well in because it requires a lot of quick actions.

  101. And this is why I am enjoying PvE in AW instead of WoT. No one is in there
    screaming about noobs and no one is team killing you because they didn’t
    like the camo you painted on your tank.

  102. That T-57 heavy proved two things, 1 some people just want to see the world
    burn. 2 he showed us why those people dont succesede. The world might be
    ruled by unsympathetic douchbags, but lucky us they are all retards.

  103. The T57 was a damn douche, should of killed the Sp1c

  104. 12eRBC gets my vote for delta bravo of the month, -1 for him. +1 for you
    tho Jinglesy!

  105. This is worse than the SEA server.

  106. I am at a loss for words here. Just… wow.

  107. I think I lost some IQ points after watching that video….

  108. I…i dont even …. i … I Really dont know what to say to this. I lost
    all my brain cells and fate to humanity by watching this T57Heavy throwing
    the game away JUST for a small reason like that

  109. He’s a French Canadian, go figure.

  110. what we can do, is record all matches,,, you find this guy kill him and
    send the replay to jingles and he can do a “This is what happens when
    you’re a dick” video montage

  111. hey jingles, you are checking your e mails right? me n my platoon of trio
    13 90 in tierx game got 2 aces in a single game amd its fully hilarous.
    sent you all replays you ll like it :)

  112. What a plonker

  113. How can something be so hilarious AND awful at the same time…..

  114. yea guess this showed why i quited that game. always pricks around in wot.

  115. #DoomArmy

  116. What a cunt.

  117. Seems like this “jer” might have just recognized the funny in the
    ridiculousness of the situation.

  118. My respects to that Skoda that T57 is a complety noob idiot!!!

  119. should of been reported then killed

  120. That T57 must be the most stupid t10 player of all time…wonder how he’s
    stats looks like. Go for a teamkill instead of win the game,well…there’s
    lots of them though :)

  121. I don’t often use this word on youtube comments but that t57 is a cunt.

  122. I think that T57 might have been a bot

  123. EPIC douche.

  124. That was funny as hell. congratz t57

  125. Yep the scarce population of intelligent life on the internet

  126. I always wonder how many people watch these videos, find these people and
    rip them a new one

  127. idiot T57

  128. Another scumbag like to much in this game

  129. Wtf was the T57 driver thinking?!?!

  130. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooow………………. I think watching that t57
    gave me cancer.

  131. I wholeheartedly agree with the description Jingles xD

  132. 12eRBC has a 45% win rate in his T57 heavy after 532 games. What a
    cancerous, putrid testicle of a player.

    A fucking shitlord. A total fucking shitlord.

  133. New series new series!

  134. 12eRBC, You are without a doubt the biggest waste of human flesh I have
    ever seen since Hitler. You kill a guy for getting himself stuck. You have
    the chance to win and you’d rather be a jerk. Not only do you go and kill
    him for getting stuck but then you get yourself stuck and die. I mean…..
    Wow. Just wow….. I don’t even have the words to describe how much of a
    terrible person you are. Your the kind of person that lights people on fire
    just to watch them burn alive.

  135. Good riddance to the “friendly” M40/43 – he’s a known troll / baddie on the
    NA server

  136. Jingles, comon, the TVP VTU is utter garbage, the worst tank i ever drived,
    its even worst than the t25/2

  137. I’ wouldn’t be surprised if i saw death threats in the comment section on
    this page wow

  138. I’ve trained with guys from 12eRBC (TQ1-armored crewman). I hope I don’t
    know this douche.

  139. Spielst du das mit einem Controller? Das sieht ja sehr ……merkwürdig

  140. As you have said before, oh wise Gnome, “The Internet, it’s where assholes

  141. Tuur Van Rostenberghe

    lol now is he famoes on youtube becouse he is a massive *****

  142. Hope the idiot gets reported. Can we do that and look up the guys name in
    WoT and report him after the fact?

  143. what an idiot hate people like this and is why ive stopped playing WOT

  144. with teammates like that, who needs enemies?

  145. Hey, this has happened to me although the person thought they were boss of
    me or something

  146. Please tell me there is some kind of karma, or admins, that will deal with
    that T57 driver!?!

  147. that was the biggest moron in history of tanks.

  148. I feel sorry for this T57 Driver. 12eRBC is going to catch a lot a flack on
    the NA servers. That’s if he still plays, especially after this video.

    I know I talk smack and/or troll once in a blue moon, but this guy is

  149. yup…just yup… pure idiot spotted sound the alarm its time to go to war

  150. What. the hell…

  151. the TVP is a idiot aswell, you can just drive a bit underwater to reach the
    shore.. Plebs all of you

  152. Jingels, is it right that the Wt, auf, pz. E100 is replaced to the Grille
    15 in 9.14?Link:

  153. Claudio Bornes (Calipe1995)

    i’m sorry for the caps but THIS IS THE FKING REASON WHY I STOPED PLAYING

  154. Should that gentleman 12eRBC change his name, here is a post in the forums
    from him:
    Posted Jan 30 2016 – 00:42

    Name: 12eRBC
    Rank: Corporal
    Joined as: Players
    Battles: 32409
    Member since: 08-16-2012

    THX WG!!!

    Date: 1/29/2016 6:24:25 PM
    Vehicles added: FV4202 (P)
    Slots added: 1

  155. “Defending the arty…” lets be honest here, he is just a camper, camping
    at the back of the map. i mean yeh, i understand he is lowest tier, you
    should stay a bit behind, but i mean on the corner of the map next to the
    arty, that is just a pathetic camper

  156. What’s this Jings?? You hope I’m appalled and disgusted. Well sorry to
    disappoint, because I started playing in 2011 and after playing 28,000+
    games on the N.A. server and then the S.E.A. server I’ve become immune to
    such feelings no matter what content is served up in a WOT game. Nice try
    but. ;-)

  157. I don’t usually see situations where I can say that a person was solely
    responsible for losing the game for their team by being a retarded bully,
    but that T57 right there? That was it.

  158. what atwat

  159. See this is y WG should add armored recovery vehicles

  160. I agree, camping at the back all game and getting stuck on the edge of the
    cliff does make him a douchebag indeed. He deserved the TK from the T-57

  161. Don’t be sad jingles, you can always watch a replay including
    Shrader……………..Jingles? *gun reloaded then cocked* No please……
    *bang*………………..*wonders about survival then looks and sees
    jingles on the floor*…………. *then recites jingles phrase* PLOT TWIST!

    I am jk people so do not take this seriously.

  162. WOW!!! What a douchebag. That is one reason i don’t play WoT anymore.

  163. 12eRBC. Would be mighty unfortunate if everyone who cares enough, would
    open a chat with him and post the link to this video. Just sayin…..

  164. This is why I wish there was a way to punch people through the internet.

  165. Wait what was that
    He is really an asshole

  166. I found the video witty, funny and awesome! That T57 driver is nicest
    person ever, of all time! ~

  167. I Love Purple Hazmats

    So glad I stopped playing this game.

  168. 12eRBC is his name SHAME SHAME SHAME

  169. that T57 is is is………………………………………

  170. Czech is garbage tree till about Tier 9 and 10. The Tier 5 is decent tho.

  171. Come on, I have school tomorrow! I can’t do anything there after losing
    half of my brains cells to this video.

  172. See….now I am an asshole, but I am not THAT big of an asshole.

  173. Yet another reason I’m glad I play on Xbox One. No team killing.

  174. lets all make an effort to report this douchebag he will get banned for

  175. This is just pathetic!

  176. Unbelievable… Now that is the true definition of a Douchebag!!!

  177. MasteF van Smithers

    but on a different note: kemping bush is cool now?

  178. WHAAAAAT?

    I lost half of my IQ watching this replay…

  179. Um haven’t we seen this replay before??

  180. T57 snatched defeat from the jaws of victory

  181. At that note I’m going to go play WoT

  182. what a cockwomble! hope he got banned.

  183. That 57 is fucking retarded

  184. ruined my evening

  185. Oh yes it’s world of tanks, and not that bloody rpg game yay

  186. more douchebag videos!!

  187. this kind of people are getting more and more common in WoT and “reporting”
    doesnt do shit

  188. I would have enjoyed it if that SOB of a T57 got banned for life.

  189. use condom

  190. well folks you know the drill get the T57s name and herrass him till he
    fucken kills himself

  191. SIlentXHunter gaming

    only on the north american server

  192. what an utter prick. that t-57 driver should be killed right off the bat in
    every game he’s in from here on out… by his own team. prick bastard.

  193. the only thing that’s wrong with multiplayer games is other people play

  194. Whenever you see something like this, you should do one thing. Find the
    guy, and report him.

  195. 12eRBC … the francophone armoured regiment in Canada. Hopefully not
    associated with them in any way.

  196. Another guy who needs to be banned. But wont as long as he pays money to

  197. Dave “DodgyMerchant” Thompson

    What a 24 carat prick.
    I thought a few I have run into in EU were assholes, but that one takes the
    top three prizes.

  198. Here’s a thought Jingles. Save the suiciding/scumbaggery/drowning comments
    that you reserve for arty players, which don’t actually take those actions
    as often as claimed, for the real tools like the T57 Heavy. Then you’ll
    have something to say.

  199. That T57 heavy player should be banned from the game…

  200. Guys like the one in the T57 should either have his account permanently
    banned or better yet they should take all his tanks away and give them to
    other players but bottom line…he’s an idiot

  201. “I was originally intending to save this replay for an episode The Good,
    the bad and the ugly, but… I’ll be playing X-Com, so no taime for proper
    video. Enjoy this disgusting thing” ;)

  202. Don’t worry. I began the track stalk finding and harassing process on
    12eRBC out of game.

  203. Humanity: I set the bar fairly low and yet it still fails to measure up.

  204. I enjoyed this extremely deeply and profoundly, I want more!

  205. after 4 years of playing WoT, it’s shit like this that finally made me stop
    playing this a month ago, it was sending me crazy, some arse bumps into
    you, then shoots you in the arse setting you on fire, 50% you kill him
    (with ease) you get several days ban…..yeah No, fuck off WoT.

  206. That was awful, thank you jingles :)

  207. It is clear to me who my next focus fire will be … what a retard …
    probably fell on his head when he was young …

  208. what an ass hole !! I hope WoT gets to see this game and will take at least
    some action against that player




  210. Some1 give that t57 a medal cause I laughed my ass off with it.

  211. Maybe in his ineptitude he was just trying to get him unstuck? lol

  212. Jingles I hope that you keep on to where you left of in Alien Isolation,
    that was my favorite video series 😀 For those who havent watch it, you
    should :D

  213. Wow. I got no words for him too…

  214. summary excecution, reset the T57 go and earn it again. and drive around
    with thumbs down next 2 your name for a month

  215. How to be bad a WoT 101 do this shit.

  216. what a cock….I thought the idea was to win. I’ve obviously been playing
    it wrong….

  217. CrazyJacob Productions

    100% moron

  218. you know what’s more douchy? driving an artillery then teamkill other
    artilleries when losing.. then suicide…

  219. WarGaming needs to enact ban voting… Because this idiot in the T57
    deserves top polling!

  220. Discusted what nonsense i loved it! :D

  221. omfg he dont even use premium ammo….

  222. This was most moronic move I ever saw in 17500 battles in WoT :(

  223. why he didn’t get banned? i remember the third day i played WOT some one in
    my team hit me twice he was on 100 hp i killed him then i got banned.

  224. Can anyone tell me how I can send replays to Jingles?

  225. Great Play M8

  226. you are on the same team, it’s like you are the same ship. why in hell do
    you don’t want to work together to win or to save your ship. why would
    people do that? anarchist ? idealist ? it’s a frickking game. it’s for fun.
    enjoying themselves without escaping to much reality. but this douchebag
    just brings all the frustration back to you. with a hard on. despicable.

  227. t57 must have gotten 14 rage pms after the match….

  228. 12ERBC stands for 12e Régiment blindé du Canada

    In behalf of Canada I would like to say sorry for the terrible action one
    of our own kind performed.

  229. what a special person..

  230. One of the many reasons I quit WoT a long time ago. Usually when someone
    does what the TVP did there’s one or two that immediately start crying
    “camper”. Always infuriated me when the lemmings all think everyone should
    be up front playing “peek-a-boo-I-shoot-you” gameplay.

  231. wat a Bell end

  232. Endyrym | Art and more

    Wow! just… Wow!

  233. Try to say TVPVTU really fast 5 times

  234. well. it is a first for me to dislike a jingles video. this kind of things
    on mmo has to stop. e sports are getting slowed in developing themselves
    because of this kind of attitudes and behaviors. i did 14 years of
    seacadets corps. cruized the world. but to see that . it’s like knowing
    they are in need as seaman and just being such a n arsehole. (sorry my
    french) for no reasons in common sense. wargaming should do something about
    it . maybe having a gamer judge judging things. because this is fubar

  235. The man reason I don’t play WoT’s is because of morons like that t57. Even
    more hilarious that nobody went after the stuck tvp for the extra kill
    costing them a win. Its a house full of morons I tell you! =_=;

  236. Wow R.I.P

  237. It was painful to watch that ending.

  238. Good, RDTT fags should burn in eternal fire.

  239. i lost 10 iq by watching this.

  240. Quick, everyone mass report the T57!

  241. my brain broke I swear there should be a report douchebag.

  242. wow……….hmmm, hmmmm

  243. what is the email address for jingles replays?

  244. And this is what i and mighty Jingles calls terrible terrible horrific god
    damn right tragic game ending !

  245. tier IX is great, tier X is nice…..

    all other Czech tiers are utter rubbish if in higher tier battles… and I
    am Czech….

  246. Dear Gnome the stats in the video are arranged by XP and not Dmg, the T57
    got more dmg but less xp

  247. *Sectoid used mind control!*

  248. i was thinking that russian heavy tank drivers where bad and i am one of
    them but afther this video i think i am good and that is something that you
    dont heare me say

  249. liked the until the end, then I just lost faith in humanaty…

  250. Yep, that T57 sure put the douche in douchebag. (krampus_ct)

  251. ? keep writing

  252. This happened to me too, and I was not even stuck… Teamkilled in a Chi Nu
    by KV1 driver who did not want that I got top gun and all the glory,
    apparently. Yes, I had 5 kills at the time, and one enemy remaining.

  253. That was.. interesting.

  254. Absolutely unbelievable

  255. I wish you could see my replay, I sent months ago, where a blue player 1
    tier higher than me (in my dicker max) decided to block me at the start of
    the match, stand at the back in front of my gun trying to make me shoot him
    and mess up my shots the entire game, then at the end of the game (clean
    up) I rolled forward to get some extra damage at which point he started
    shooting at me and tried to push me off a cliff. I ended up doing most
    damage of everyone in that game in spite of his actions.

  256. Yea, not much to be said… can’t understand at all why Jingles would be
    more then willing to take a break from wargaming net products.. not, not at
    all.. and technically, calling that blithering drooling fool a douchebag
    but be rather insulting to douchebags.. Has a temper tantrum cuz he’s all
    leet and everything, TK’s the second highest scorer on the team, and throws
    the match all at the same time.. Yea, not much to say, but it is sufficient
    to remind me why I don’t play tanks..

  257. Karma is a B….

  258. Jingles that is advice for life!

  259. this t57 is such a idiot …

  260. What an skfj;ghs; hg;shgl!

  261. Who even plays WoT anymore? WT and AW are so much more better.

  262. I remember a T110E3 who did 2.1k dmg with 7 kills and went out of his way
    and pushed me out of cover in my E50M. I did 3.7k dmg with 0 kills, and my
    ammo was out after he pushed me out, halfway through the game. Then he had
    the nerve to call me a noob afterwards. Douchebags errywhere.

  263. I’m confused, do I upvote or do I downvote?

  264. Depression falls…like a damp sock

  265. To call 12eRBC a douchebag is an insult to douchebags everywhere.

  266. My god how do you get that special its just… NO nope no words just shame
    raise you shaming fingers of shame and point at him saying “shame on you,
    you stupid (insert bad word here).

  267. “For no reason whatsoever”

    No… Im not saying that was reasonable, but this vtu did nothing except
    hurt the team. Being stock and bottom tier is no excuse fr “protecting
    arty”. Im not sure who Im more mad at between the 2.

    Whats more aggravating is that the vtu will think they did well after
    sitting there hurting the team for the majority of the game.

  268. This burts my brainz :(

  269. At least the base camper didn’t win. That’s still worth for me.

  270. Reminds me of “wanker of the week” lol

  271. El negron di mierda


  272. Notsofamous one (TNSF1)

    i think more of my brain cells committed suicide seeing that t57 :D

  273. This isn’t your average everyday retard. This is……advanced retard.

  274. What the fuck…………Just what the fuck………

  275. Playing league of legends nidalee jungle. Our mid Zed is afk and I got
    invaded(not killed) by enemy midlane Leblanc. It wasted a lot of my time
    and my jungle got ravaged but I did my best and ganked couple of times and
    got my team going but I was still underleveled, died and was not very
    usefull in teamfights. And they flamed me hard. It was so frustrating.
    Basically I did nothing bad, I had to sit in the middle untill zed comes

  276. And that’s why condoms were invented

  277. he could have at least won the game by killing the SP and still had time to
    stomp his teammate if he needed to be cheeky. even more annoying.

  278. Absolutely speechless…

  279. Choice words? I only need one: Fuckwit.

    Fuckwit is the word I choose.

    That T57 Heavy is a fuckwit.

  280. WTF

  281. WTF! T57 :O

  282. I stopped playing WoT because most matches I played there was an idiot like
    that (ramming, shooting at or blocking me) and I most matches made me angry
    and the game became enjoyable. Strangely I rarely get that in armored

  283. I hope someone removes the tracks on that T57 heavy, and ammo too, for he
    does not deserve the privelege of driving and shooting. Douchebags will be

  284. Wha the hell? That T57 player is pretty decent too. Wtf was he doing any
    why did he do this?

    Its air thieves like this that make me rage at this game :P

  285. In space two aliens are talking to each other.
    The first alien says: “The dominant species on planet Earth have developed
    satellite-based nuclear weapons.”
    The second alien asks: “Are they an emerging intelligence?”
    The first alien says: “I don’t think so, they have aimed them at

  286. I had a bad day today so I thought let’s what’s the new video from Jingles,
    because that might be funny and than I saw this video… Now my day is even
    worse… thanks for that Jingels… Why are players like that T57 Heavy
    driver still allowed to play…

  287. I D I O T – t57 heavy :-))))))))

  288. You never go full retard, but in this case…this was not average
    stupidity…this was advanced stupidity…what a goddamn moron xD

  289. at this point i really want the awnser from 12eRBC the T57 Heavy, why you
    doing that?, why would you throw a match like that?, what’s got into your
    mind to just throw you and your entire team’s match away?, Nicodeimous
    fought so well along most of their team that was doing their job to win the
    game… the team was depending on you 12eRBC and you litterly going to be a
    dirtbag? if you read this dude reply to this comment and please explain me
    why you did this and what your big reason was to team kill nicodeimous with
    no reason.

  290. One of the many reasons I play PVE in Armored Warfare, while there still
    are douchebags, they are fewer and farther between. The TVP did play a
    great game, that was spoiled by a child.

  291. Lets make this T-57 s life hard

  292. Meanwhile, the SP I C is sharing tall tales with his buddies at the bar and
    says something like, “and we were facing off with this TVP. We’d both
    exchanged a few rounds and I was sure I was going to die, but then this T57
    Heavy come out of nowhere from the bushes and tries to ram. Fortunately my
    driver is the greatest. He pulled forward, putting us between them, then
    reversed at the last second, causing the T57 Heavy to collide with the TVP,
    sending them both right off the cliff!” Bartender! Another round!

  293. I just looked up the T57 on noob meter (NA server, name: 12eRBC), he
    already got some hate comments XD. GJ Jingles. i just love, how you punish
    the idiots in WoT

  294. this players must be banned from all online games

  295. I know what that T57 heavy was thinking. ” unfair plane he kemp rock”

  296. Playing devils advocate I thought he was gonna give him a push out of there
    and it went wrong. Or perhaps they didn’t speak English/didn’t have chat
    enabled and perhaps assumed the worst of a stuck online player….as you
    do. LOL But still, he should have just finished off the SP1C, won the game
    THEN ranted at players he assumed were useless.

  297. hahaha defend the artillery=camp in base


  299. Nothing new, nothing special, but rather World of Tenks in a nutshell :P

  300. Anyone else notice that certain objects aren’t being reflected in the

  301. My jaw literally dropped. I was not expecting a team kill there. I thought
    the heavy was going to try and push him out causing both of them to slide
    into the water. I’m just amazed at the dickishnessness.

  302. Welcome to NA servers. :P

  303. I’ll just stick to WarThunder. If ya get stuck like this, there’s usually a
    nice guy around with a tow cable.

  304. Please do more XCOM you got me hooked and I can’t afford it so please play

  305. I enjoyed the video right up to the total douchebaggery of the t57 at the

  306. Sad thing is that the t57(12eEBC) on the us west server is a 52% player
    with 32k battles what a dumb ass

  307. Meh common problem on SA server, my eyes did not even blink for what
    happened with him. Come Jingles come play on our server of doom:P more kids
    than you can imagine off.

  308. here is the reason why I stopped playing this game ? gg

  309. Have you played any of the new filthy console peasant WoT? You can get a
    free Panzer.II j

  310. i think the T57s brain got reprogrammed to kill the one stuck on a rock…

    I have a wierd story from a random battle in wot. i was in my CDC on sand
    river, we were on the northen side and i went to the hill in the top corner
    of the map and started sniping. after a few minutes did i get bored and
    moved forward to another part of the hill, then all of the sudden KABOOM!!!
    our arty had almost killed me for no reason, also i was like 500m away from
    enemy tanks. then i said “WTF dude?!” and he said “Cry more”… that made
    me so angry. i think u can understand why

  311. Who do I see about an insurance claim for the IQ points I lost watching
    that? Was the guy just rage drunk or something? I’m with you Jingles, I
    don’t know how to properly describe that.

  312. I hope the entire WoT NA world that watches this blows up the T 57 Heavy
    “Player in question’s” message board with congratulations for being
    famous!! I sure did, and it was all but too enjoyable to do. LOL

  313. what a massive dick omg!!!

  314. yesterday i got matched up with a douchebag, in o-i exp, too.
    douchebag insulted and teamkilled a t28 for kemp bush.
    douchebag turned blue.
    douchebag rammed my platoon mate.
    i shot douchebag.
    douchebag returned fire.
    douchebag got instant ban.
    karma m8

  315. i honestly did not see that result coming. i thought maybe there would be
    an ass in chat or the friendly arty would be shooting at him for not
    moving, but that… wow that guy is an asshole.

  316. Jingles i have been watching your chan for years and you have shown some
    pretty awfull behaviour . But you PC aristocracy wouldn’t last a day down
    with the pleps in the hell that is WoT PS4 edition . You have never seen
    the levels of armoured Lemminghood,infighting , Thank the lord there is
    know chat , and for gods sake don’t turn on your headset because theres
    allways a Russian having a domestic with the kids screaming in the
    backround or some dick trying to play some hellish music down the actual
    shitiest mike this side of Jupiter :(

  317. and here’s why I’m glad there’s no friendly fire on the console version,
    god the thought of all those annoying lil kids being able to kill you……

  318. Karma: It’s only a bitch if you are.

  319. What an absolute BELLEND!!!!!!!! I can’t find words insultingly offensive
    enough for this half baked utter douchebag arsehole who obviously thinks so
    highly of himself, that even a worm outclasses him him on the social
    ladder. Single cell organisms even outclass him.

  320. i would love to be that t57 driver and kill that tvp retard over and over

  321. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    That twist at the end….I don’t have words…at all either! This is just,
    I’m at a loss here.

  322. Jingles, don’t these people kill your brain cells? Because it certainly
    does for me.

  323. T57 driver was a total ass clown, on the bright side the asshole got what
    he deserved,he drown pricless

  324. T57 makes the case for metered air….

  325. What a cunt. He deserves a ban.

  326. Norbert Buszka (Hussar)

    95% of all reasons why I dont play WoT anymore right there.

  327. The End is just slow clap worthy…

  328. we can donate to cure that t57’s brain damage ; ).

  329. Sweet Jesus that T57 is literally anti-Darwinian.

  330. this almost reminds me of a match I had in Armored Warfare… there was a
    tier 5 TD that TKd over half of my team on purpose, not shooting at any
    enemies. seriously, even the enemy team started reporting him.

  331. It is amazing how many people think team killing teaches any
    lessons….Even streamers think they have the right to team kill when
    players don’t play the way they want them to. We have all played games
    where we have gotten stuck, it sucks. Sometimes is that slow slide to
    death…it happens. But to team kill or cause team damage for any reason is
    a childish act that has no place in wot….as usual, great job Jingles!

  332. players like t57 are one of the reasons why Im never touching wot for sake
    of my own sanity and health

  333. I’ve actually had shit like this happen to me once, got pushed by an e50m
    in my 140 off the side of the eastern part of Cliff but managed to by pure
    luck get stuck near the bottom. E50 leaves and then it becomes a 2v1 and
    the guy on my team who was a near full health WTe100 is cursing me out and
    calling me a noob. He then proceeds to fly off the cliff to ram me into the
    water instead of killing the remaining arty… Only reason i remember this
    story is because of fucking ridiculously dumb this guy was. You really do
    remember the shitty aspects that this game creates :(

  334. Finn Johannessen (Fusilier)

    was it just a stack of pancakes behind a keyboard driving that t57? ffs

  335. Can you show us that t57’s name? Name and shame hopefully every one
    blacklists him and spams the reports.

  336. Hey look, one of my clanmates is in the enemy team. Hope he doesnt scrub it
    up :3

  337. That T57 needs to just uninstall… wow, what a d-bag…

  338. Some tankers are special, some tankers cannot even be described as special,
    because the right word for them was not yet discovered.

  339. No!!!! Please stop!!! My brain cells cannot take this kind of………..
    Derrrrrrr (insert picture of drooling idiot here)

  340. Well, even if theT57 is an idiot, that was the most boring replay over the
    last months. This guy camps in base in a medium, snipes as really bad TD,
    gets himself stuck, not because he had bad luck, but because he was even
    too stupid to run away properly after spending 5 minutes camping in base.
    So sorry, not sorry. the damage he did was on the expenses of his team and
    he was super lucky not to get killed before being able to get stuck…

  341. There’s a name for people like him, a hoof wanking bungle cunt…

  342. only fucking noobs camp that hill at base in a medium

  343. Jingles, have you noticed the credit income nerf in WoT? It seems you earn
    way less credits nowadays and without prem account you pretty much have to
    carry the game to make any money o_O

  344. I tried to search for him on World of Tanks to submit a report but.. I
    think he’s account has been banned! THANK YOU JINGLES!!!

  345. 12eRBC should get a perma ban for this. Do Wargaming what these vids? I
    think they do. Calling you out Wargaming. Do your job.

  346. What a massive idiot that T57 Heavy is! Unbelievable!
    That disgraceful behavior should get at least a month-long ban!

  347. I sent that douche bag a choice message, I hope he never gets in 1 of my
    matches. He would not last 1 minute as I would most definitely team kill
    him and enjoy it.

  348. What the fuck did I just watch ?

  349. i will find you, and when i find you i will kill you T57 Heavy….. God
    bless you!

  350. You can’t make this up…. the text book definition of a douchebag.

  351. What a cunt.

  352. Hey jingles, I got an IS-3 gunner I need to send to a salt mine. Got any

  353. There are no words. Except for those ones, and those ones.

  354. No words, that guy can get racked by the next Cromwell or what ever
    lighttank/medtank he runs into.

  355. I like these kind of videos great way to add to my blacklist so
    congratulations T57 driver “12eRBC” you are the latest addition to my
    exclusive blacklist.

  356. Obj 140 was just a salty cry baby, I wouldn’t really discribe him as an
    asshole. T57 Heavy, he definitly was/is. Sometimes I also come across those
    kind of players in AW as well, I accidental ram someone before you even
    have the time to say sorry they already planted a shot right into you..
    Those kind of people should be beaten the crap out of them, unfortunately
    there is no device to punch people over the internet.. *sigh*

  357. Oh I do love my daily dose of Jingles….
    Oh lord of the saltmines, does Rita love her daily dose of uncle Jangles
    too? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  358. What the actual fuck.

  359. I miss the wanker of the week series, because of these clips. You can’t
    imagine shit like this,

  360. I was actually thinking about picking up world of tanks again, and this was
    the best reason not to.

    thanks jingles ^_^

  361. T57 put on my KOS list. Lol

  362. Is it okay to dislike this video in rage?

  363. my brain sbecome stupider when I saw t57 :^l

  364. What!? No Circon video?

  365. I have never seen anything like this. I mean, I had a guy in the team a few
    days ago who simply first called his team “Noob” and after that he damaged
    a friendly tank and in fact did more damage to teammates than to the enemy
    team and was just like “worth it, we would have lost anyway”… But that
    you really can throw away a game, just because you want to show that you
    are an asshole…Wow.

  366. What a cock

  367. Aaaaand that’s why I play War Thunder for tanks as well as air craft.

  368. This guy certainly needs a flashlight

  369. Wow… I actually did not expect that T57 to do that, i was legitimately
    confused as to what made this video a douchebag video XD

  370. call it karma

  371. wow wtf did I just see…

  372. polish 7 years old noob

  373. There goes my faith in humanity, out the drain like yesterday’s dinner…

  374. So basically it’s a 12 year old at tier 10 or someone with the mental age
    of a 12 year old acting appropriately for that age.

  375. I love the guys response. “You fucking cunt” thats usually my go-to

  376. wow, T57 Heavy really was so stupid. Never thought he would be so dumb

  377. Watching video…..shakes head, walks away from PC to see in the dictionary
    what this guy is.

  378. Wow that.. That hurt me. My high IQ now feels like a 57 just like the
    t57… An of IQ 57

  379. That T57 crank sucker needs to be banned for a long time…or permanently.

  380. I thought the Chat would escalate but I didnt expected an Idiot

  381. aaaaaa fck idiot!!!! I now fucked up :@@@@

  382. wow… 12eRBC is a real cunt..

  383. That T57 hvy… why dont we all just report him for TK? fckng moron..

  384. Neil Ross (Hawickster)

    what a twat!!

  385. Wow fuck that T57.

  386. Hey Jingles!! The Type 59 chinese tier 8 premium is on sale on the xbox
    version at the moment! ^.^

  387. How to know jingles hasn’t been playing so much himself lately? @ 1.20 “The
    tier 8 chech tank ain’t so bad” oh god the horror.

  388. Saddeningly predictable piece of fuck-muppetry.

  389. with allies like that who needs enemies

  390. I… Still trying to process what I’ve seen… The sheer level of oxygen
    waste on this being is so much i must give all my pity to his/her parents
    for having someone bring so much shame to the family. I can hear single
    cell organisms laugh in sheer mockery of this “human” being thought process
    and making fun of his/her “higher multicell “brain” power.”

    12eRBC, you’re a disgrace to the human race.

  391. no comment… just fking no comment….

  392. sure… defend the bots who camp behind artillery in mediums tanks and don
    t even know how to drive their tanks and act like it’s the right way to
    play just because they did some damage

  393. Succ

  394. omg…how can it be so many idiots in that game…..AHAAHA even both of the
    Waffentragers didnt do any damage as well!! xD

  395. Yo, t57 : Go fuck yourself, sincerely, everyone

  396. What the actuall F**k!! my eyes are can someone be soo stupid
    FFS..please don`t have children.. save humanity..

  397. this why i play very little matches recently

  398. t57 driver is an every day total mind fucked dude that you can see on that

  399. after watching this a new idea for wot videos would be “what happens next!.
    i never saw that ending coming

  400. Crap. That T57 driver was probably a Canadian – “12eRBC” which means he;s
    in the NA server. 12eRBC is a name of a French Canadian Armored Regiment

  401. Jingles, can you pull some strings at WG to get that T57 moron banned for

  402. There`s always gonna be a douchebag……or two.

  403. Lol the chat at the end was priceless

  404. T57 was a fucken prick

  405. 12eRBC hope heshe gets her comeuppance lol

  406. Got work to do, notice the title of the video. Eh it can wait.

  407. Hey T-57 if you wanna teamkill please use gun

  408. what are you saying Jingel? nickel D is camping at tier 10 game with tier 8
    no armor stock vehicle and doing alot of damage and spoting and he helping
    the team , and so unluck that he’s stuck…..
    so he must be some kind of scumbag cunt camping mother fucker! he must be
    bad right? how T57 heavy can even forgive his sins? xD

  409. I preferred xcom myself ?

  410. 12eRBC aka the T57 Heavy…I think that guy is on the NA server. What an
    absolute fucking idiot.

  411. Mikael Renzo H. Sebastian

    This was hilarious!

  412. Makes my clan (NARWL) look great 🙂 hahaha

  413. There are no words that can describe the level of stupidity of that T57.

  414. Oh god, please no….
    Just no…
    This should be punished

  415. Youtube needs a “Well, that was disgusting.” button.

  416. Yay!!! It’s that first bloody tank game again!!!

  417. FUCK THAT T57 SHIT!!!

  418. that t57 was just horrible after doing soo well and goes douche bag mode

  419. I thought I was hard done by.

  420. what a complete cunt. that T57 needs to return the air its stealing.

  421. WOW, why would he do that? If he wanted to kill the TVP so badly he could
    even have gone to the city and shot him from there or kill the SP1C
    first…. And what was he saying about the T55A at the end?

  422. t57, you da reel mvp

  423. Why oh why is he not platooned with someone called Pliers?

  424. Shameful stuff to be honest, 12 tier 8’s and he camps. i would push him
    into the water if i’m honest.

  425. Thank you Jingles for not giving us the name of that T57 driver. We would
    never do something like putting him in the blacklist or reporting him or
    treating him the double standard douchebag style. Oh no, we’re all
    civilized and generous people here~

  426. Don’t you just want to hit the enter key and tell the douche T57 just how
    much of an ignorant moron he is, oh well replays I suppose.

  427. Ok it’s NOT that bloody ci-fi alien turn based game again. YAY!

  428. I love how Jingles keeps forgetting to censor player names. I wonder what
    that T57 driver will be doing with his new found fame. :P

  429. Damn, This is one reason why I gave up with online multiplayer games. Too
    much Bitter viciousness. Better to watch others.

  430. I actually have nothing to say!

  431. 10 mini jingles gets 1000 views GG

  432. What a beautifull people we have in the gaming world don’t we? Hahaha
    amazing… this is really amazing xD

  433. I’m joke, better make an early.

    Project Tank

  434. Douchebag of the week

  435. ‘douches gonna douche’

  436. >tfw Jingles is actually your father

  437. Jingles plox Naval Action live VIDEO!!!!!!!!

  438. God bless the bloody tank game

  439. when I see players like that I say KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!

  440. Truer words have yet to be spoken. Amen, Brother Jingles!

  441. not xcom2 ?!?!

  442. Senpai-Jingles please notice me.

  443. Yeah First Comment!!!!!
    (as if its a good thing)

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