World of Tanks – They Call Me Dave

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Dave’s back! Yeah, he’s been hogging the limelight a lot lately. You’d think he’d give someone else a chance every now and then.

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  1. IS-4 was tier 9?! That must have been a VERY long time ago. Because when I got to tier 9 in the Soviet tech tree, my tank, was called the “IS-8”, later renamed to the T-10. And the IS-4 was a tier 10 at that time. Not a very good one for beginners, though, hence why I and a lot of other players chose the IS-7 as the first tier 10 instead

  2. Legend has it that Dave was once took out 16 IS-7’s armed only with a penknife…

  3. Good old dependable Dave. Isn’t there some Jinglian order you could elevate him into? Order of the Eternally Excluded for Salt Mine Duty or something ? Imperial Dave Order?

  4. YASSS, wot again !

  5. Jingles, it just means you’ll have to call Daves something else now.
    You know, to keep them on their toes.

  6. According to your channel this is upload no. 3000!!!

  7. IS4 was the third tier 10 I unlocked after the IS7 and the T62a. 9 years later I still haven’t bought it. The ST1 is great though, even got me through the block 3 times your armour mission for the Obj260 when nothing else would work. Nice to see it featured and nice to see somebody not HEAT spamming all day.

  8. Varinderpal Singh Sheri

    Yes uncle jingles I’ll wait

  9. “I was playing World of Warships…”
    Now I *know* this is fake news.

  10. A petition for all future Dave videos to have this Top Gear Stig-like opening; I absolutely love it

  11. Guerrilla Entrepreneur

    World of Tanks
    They Call Me Dave
    the Mighty Giggles
    The Mighty Babbles

    Never change Jingles.

  12. Welcome to World Of Do Nothing Hull Down Heavies. As much as I enjoy watching vids by top WOT content creators, I’m never tempted to re-install!.

  13. I clicked on this anticipating Our mighty Gnome overlord stumbling with a name and just resorting to Dave. I’ve been tricked, I’ve been backstabbed and I’ve quite possibly been… Bamboozled.

  14. Well actually Jingles, IS4 now is an armored beast….

  15. yup i was one of those happy few it was hilarious

  16. I’m not here for World of Tanks anymore, could give a shit about that game anymore. I watch these videos because Jingles voice has that soothing quality you only get from a wise Englishman.

  17. Not a fan of Dave’s play in this one. Nor the is-7 for that matter (from when we saw him)

  18. Morning Minor Jangles. Also fuck the HE nurff. I hate WoT for that and nurffing the Pz 1 C. Was my 5th fav tank with 444 games played. Wont be doing that anymore. WTF do I do with a crew of two?

  19. You watch Critical Rocket’s Best In Class, don’t you?😏

  20. I’m truly wondering, at this point, how many Daves there are in the world.

  21. Capitalist cat : Meow.
    Communist cat : Weow.

  22. The IS-7 got what he deserved, public humiliation.

  23. i couldn’t get the ST-1 to work, everyone penned me in the cupola, meanwhile, the IS-4, i really like

  24. What an epic ending!

  25. Well it’s the players’ choice to stay hull down in a hull down friendly tank.

  26. Dave has been very busy again

  27. I always preferred the ST-I over the IS-4. I just found the armour performed better, especially hull down. And isn’t it ST-I as in Iosif? You know, the guy that put the i in IS? Last name Stalin, you might have heard of him….

  28. does the ST-1 turret look like a Tigger II and an IS had a baby?

  29. To cap or not to cap? That is the question.

    Normally with 3 heavies and the enemy with a td and a med I would go back and defend the cap.

    However with time running out and being in 3 big slow heavies they made the push for victory. They made the right call in what was a shitty situation.

    Honestly is the stb wasn’t shit that would have been a loss.

    Good match.

  30. Hats off to the T54e1 driver
    Pend ST-1 with only AP

  31. NoPenguinsOnKharak

    Finally Dave. What a legend.

  32. Hi Dave!

  33. ah, the good old days when WoT wasn’t a blatant whale milking mess.
    This line of heavies gave me 2 free garage slots because I had both the t5 KV and the t6 KV-3 in my garage when they got split and moved up a tier.

    the ST-I was my favorite tank for a long time, I got my highest exp match in it. I have the match on YouTube and still watch it from time to time for a dose of nostaliga.

  34. “The primary method by which governments increase their control is by creating fear.”
    — Charles Eisenstein aka Omicron

  35. Niggas be like is it Christmas on the jingles channel

  36. Arkadi Kharov's Cabinet of Curiosities

    Ha I think IS7 driver skated by as acceptable. He never took risk, but didn’t push him out into the open yes?

  37. Finally… a same day view! I’ve missed you, Jingles!

  38. Jingles are you even watching the replays?? 6:30 Six Sense active i wonder if the centurion knows that dave is here….. oh come on first watch the replay and make the video after it…. every video the same you miss the obvious things

  39. Some say, that he has a tattoo of his face.. on his face.

  40. Just because someone is stupid and lucky does not mean they were right.

  41. Now if only there was a tank class that hadn’t been nerfed into oblivion more than capable of hitting hull-down heavies and encouraging them to stop it…

  42. Hi Mr jingles, today I found out you are my uncle, Happy days 😀

  43. I love that folks are using the Dave meme in their game ID. And I do sympathize with Jingles. I’ve seen names in the team list and wondered how the hell do you pronounce that?

  44. Can we just take a moment and give thanks to dave for all the entertainment over the last 7 or 8 years?

  45. So the IS-7 was basically… Gollum…

  46. I didn’t know Mr G played WOT

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