World of Tanks – Thicc

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Source: Mighty Jingles

O-I, she thicc, boi, awwww yeah! Of course her looks aren’t what give her value, it’s what’s inside that counts. I mean, unless she *wants* to judged on her looks, is fine with me! That’s her right as a proud, strong independent tank!

I really need to learn to quit while I’m ahead.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Innovation Limited

    Vk 30.01P fully upgraded is a great tank triple marked mine when it was a medium. And now that WG ruined it makes me sad!

  2. I cant get world of tanks but I can get world of tanks blitz and I’m waiting for them to put the Japanese super heavys into the game

  3. next to the American T20, the only tank I aced stock…

  4. Why do people still call it gold ammo??

  5. the berlin map on war thunder is terrible lol its so dark and very mono toned so its hard to see any enemies :/

  6. Damn boi!

  7. *GeRmAn CV ViD WhEn*

  8. Jingles, men of our age shouldn’t use words like that. You weeb.

  9. Jingles: Best stock grind is O-I
    Obj 430: Am i a joke to you?

  10. The ARL v39 is the worst stock grind in the game. Extremely high up cupola with no armor, big flat sides, and the stock gun is a TIER THREE GUN.

  11. Commander Porthos

    Mighty jingles. Rita’s a Russian national originally. I heard the queen use my name loudly once apona time. You and Rita must have some dealings with the British royal family? I have a helicopter interrupting my sleep, aiming a device at me nearly all day. And I don’t know why? It’s Nottingham police. Maybe you could find why? Or explain it to me?

  12. General Prodigy

    Ball turret doesn’t really know how to play well in the OI, although one can say one doesn’t need much skill to play the tank in the first place. However, he should know that the arse end of the OI is just as highly armoured as the front end and so he don’t need to point towards the enemy to stop oncoming shells meanwhile exposing his weak side armour in the process of doing so

  13. t67 = splash dmg

  14. I expected TOG, and while I didn’t get it, I wasn’t disappointed.

  15. A lot of examples why I don’t like this game anymore. Gold spam. Arty. And strange RNG.

  16. Is the VK 30.01 P really bad now?
    I three marked it when it was a medium and it was really nice. Haven’t played it since it became a heavy

  17. Been waiting for an OI replay mainly cos I keep getting shat on in my t34 by them all the time😂

  18. James Irwin-McConnell

    You know it’s bad if Jingles will cuss at it.

  19. Arty can shoot through the slits on the bunker – I’ve killed a few that thought they were safe 😉

  20. Brian Schlicher

    Actually jingles the shot on the t 67 may have hit the ground just short of the 67 and splashed him.

    It’s too close to call on the replay.

  21. Wz 120 is the worst stock grind in the game. You literally need to grind 260k just to get the necessary modules. Really, go see for your self.

  22. I like to see new tanks in game. This OI is rly long time waited refreshment.

  23. Question for the experts. Why do bunkers and pill boxes often have that stepped front design? From the roof there’s a noticeable step down to the area you can shoot from. Is it to improve the view upwards? Some kind of shot trap avoidance design?

  24. Third time is the Charm Jingels !

  25. could a pc with these specs run this game
    – AMD A4-5000 APU 1.50GHz
    -NVida Geforce 1030 GT
    – 6gb of Installed RAM

  26. Let’s not forget how hard it is to grind the 25 tp stock

  27. Goddammit this map keeps screwing with me, im used to the warthunder version of berlin…and it has almost indentical minimap to this one.

  28. 30.01 P is a medium still isn’t it? Why did it have the heavy symbol?

    • They changed it over to a heavy. Seems they lowered its top speed without really giving it anything in return.

      It seems like a choice that should make sense, as the VK 30.01 (P) is roughly a prototype Tiger (P), but the original vehicle was actually classed as a medium tank and designed under the premise of being a possible replacement to the Pz IV.

  29. It didn’t even HIT the T67, that was splash damage from a miss…

  30. I don’t know why but I passed myself when Jingles’ face popped up.


  32. H klasse Hutten

    TOG II platoon replay Pls

  33. Was just thinking I needed a Jingles WoT vid, looked at my phone and voila! Perfect 😍😂

  34. Thiccccc boi be like get off my lawn

  35. You made it fairly entertaining. I fell asleep only twice

  36. Griffin Kennedy

    Correction: the shot went through the Commander’s beard

  37. Japanese tanks were the worst things to happen for free to play, especially for tier 5.

  38. ACKshully, Jingles– WeeGee assure us that only 0.000005% of WoT players (or something like that) use gold ammo. So how can the Gojira tank encourage the purchase of more gold ammo for gold-mining the OI? There, I’ve run rings round you logically.

  39. The Amazing Goldfish

    😮 I feel like I’m run-over by a bus,… every morning. So “Jingles” your telling me not to get out of bed? Oh the shame the shame.😭

  40. arty can fire into that bunker and splash whoever is in there to death. it just requires them to use the W key to get an angle.

  41. I liked the oi line but before even leaving base…I am hit by arty!! Even by arty that have a 50 sec reload! That’s how slow it is! Definitely an arty magnet!!!!

  42. Actually Jingles, the KV2 has better accuracy. As we all know, Soviet tanks get more accurate the bigger the number is

  43. Yay a tonk videoooooo 😁😁😁

  44. I feel like Ball Turret didn’t know about the strong rear armour. Every time they thought someone was going to shoot their rear, they turned around.

  45. dirt hut Gamer Hi

    Will the real king of derp please stand up though?

  46. M41 shoot rather flat. You can easily put shots into the bunker. I know. i’ve done it. And it’s hillarious. Bad arty player. Prolly another “Ermagerd arty OP I need M44” tanker.

  47. I was going to say the name of this video should be extra thicc but this isn’t an e100 or the other super heavies

  48. Sorry not watching a turtle (idiot player who rocks their tank forward and backwards quickly) Try doing that in a real tank. That’s one of the saving grace things about WoWs is that you cannot do that in a ship. Cannot do that in a tank due to the trans falling to shit in short order. So soon as I saw that idiot start to turtle I paused the vid, got on my soap box and then angrily stomped out of the channel like the old fart I am.

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