World of Tanks This is Sparta, How to Carry Edition 12.5k Damage Game Breakdown

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Source: SirHavocTV GamingVideos

I have a treat for you, I found a 12.5k replay and when i watched it I found some of the best play I have seen in a long time, here is how to do it.
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Ask for a recruitment officer 🙂

●Hall of Fame Rare Medals Or XP over 1600
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  1. Chris_The_Autotech

    THANK YOU FOR GOING WITH YOUR GUT! I absolutely LOVE the detailed
    brake-down Havoc! This is the way to really help people who want to learn,
    by taking nothing for granted. Awesome decision brother, thanks for all
    your hard work! It will pay off!

  2. Thx for uploading, mate! That was a nice piece of excellent game play! The
    Obj.140 was awesome. What I liked a lot was the nice move of the E5 at the
    end of the battle pushing his team mate in cover. Never seen such action
    before in my almost 23k battles in WoT. I am pretty sure that action made
    the difference and made the win kinda earned.

    PS.: Cool beard, mate!

  3. TheDazedPredator Channel

    Great Vid

  4. damn havoc, havnt watched your videos or streams for a long time(havnt been
    showing up that much, then again i did watch one of the newer AW vids) but
    dat beard doe. im sitting here with fluff on my face, thats the beard of a
    real man, damn

  5. That E5 did a fantastic job of blocking for the Jag. It would have been
    game over if he didn’t do that.

  6. There are some good learning points in this video, Reverse side scrape,
    relocations, aiming, ammo swaps, auto aim and ,the best of all ,the map
    awareness. Paramount in winning games is map control so that you can
    exploit the enemy weakness. This video is a good example on how it can be
    done in a random game. As Havoc said it was good to watch.

  7. Jingles does tons of 30 min video’s and he’s getting subs still.
    I want good content when i watch this stuff, not a quick video.

  8. Beard is looking good man.

  9. wow that game play gg

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