World of Tanks || This was a BAD IDEA!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. I might have made a terrible mistake taking part in this marathon…


World of Tanks is a Free 2 online game published by and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Stock KV3 with a camo net… Oh jeez.

  2. Streaming for 11 hrs. Really ? That,s what you call ” No Life” ,and the fact that you play this stupid Marathon .
    I guess after all that,s not Chanel for me

  3. swedish qb lol marathon really gettin to ya

  4. Excuse me this tank is swedish!

  5. BackWard Adventures

    He is British, wearing German t-shirt, driving Sweedish tank calling him Italian….

  6. Only 4th… I’m on 7th stage 🙂

  7. In battle, complete the required conditions, then kill yourself (xp challenge) and off we go to next, this will speed you up QB

  8. Hilarious ending.

  9. Next video: *Where can I get a new body*

  10. tier 6 italian td uh?

  11. Can’t understand playing for free tbh, prem acc cheap af, save a few months and buy a prem tank. Don’t wanna give wg money’s? Let’s all stop doing that so they have to close servers lol. So all our time spent is even more wasted xD but hey, we’re all different ^^

  12. Lmfao that t10 driver must be fuming.

  13. QB….Once you get an epic game (Got the best game of my life)……well the next games are ELO hell….. I just closed the game :))….Couldn’t do shit

  14. I remember back when HT-15 was 8k combined and I completed it in a Lowe on Prokhorovka against a triple Jagpanzer E 100 platoon. Angled infront of a tracked Ferdi on my team he was able to pull back and I bounced 11 HEAT rounds from the JP E100s to complete it.

  15. Just can it, life’s too short, honestly.

  16. Sorry WG I’ve given you plenty of my money – but you don’t get every single moment of my life to grind this tank. I’ll wait for it to be on a Christmas sale and maybe I’ll consider it… I’d rather sacrifice an hour of my work day than two weeks I could spend with my family & friends.
    This marathon is far too long and the package you get with the tank is rather underwhelming. Let’s all take a break from wot for couple weeks and meet up later for frontline

  17. Hey, QB knows something about italian tds, so thats a leaked info right here.

  18. welcome to the real world.. keep it up QB..

  19. Epic dive!

  20. You should abandon Ur regular QFingers account 😛 Freetoplay acc gives us so much more fun mate 😉 yeahh… kind of sadistic but still true 😛

  21. Nice dive on t10

  22. Please read your comments.

  23. Stage 6, great man

  24. That KV-3 jump was amazing!!! 😀

  25. LOL, awesome KV3 play!

  26. Being below avarage player, I’m having hard time with this thing, especially when I’m glad I can squeeze an hour of playing into my day. So I’m working on stage 4 :-/

    As for gameplay frustration, I just “love” players like the pushing Tiger, sometimes even calling me names after the battle in messages.
    The situation in Paris, when QB’s team was just sitting there, that’s also a known story: you are being locked down with four your teammates by one or two vehicles, so you send the message attack, and push, taking it for the team, killing one enemy dying in the effort. And the blokes behind you don’t even change position…

  27. Good luck with the missions, QB 😉

  28. I was just thinking… WHAT a dick (the Tiger) and then he shoots you in the back of your turret LOL

  29. Yo quicky if you get a chance checkout my radley-walters video

  30. Magnus Munch 8X Stensballeskolen

    1:39 Italien TD ?

  31. Aaah the famous Tier 6 italian tank destroyer ikv 65 II 1:39

  32. Now you know how it feels when I play my IS-2 and I get to spot a T67 and then one shot it . Or even a T-34(soviet tier 5 medium) remove a lot of its HP from 450HP down to about 30HP(worst case) Or 70 HP(THE BEST case) .
    And then I meet a polka tier9 50TP which eats 3/4 of my entire HP from one shot and then i struglle to pen it with my good old 122mm with 175mm pen , and we have kinda the same thing , onlly his 130mm gun is better and he has lots of armour . Thats not fair , Fuck the “+2″mach maker . And make pref tanks allways top tier , my ideea , i’m not so sure , what do you say QuickyBaby ?

  33. Well, in a +2 match you kind of have to hope that your top tier tanks aren’t garbage, support them by tracking for example (if you can’t pen or flank to pen them)… or you load the gold.
    These are the possibilities I feel like you have.

  34. I’m play for free and I just finished mission 7.

  35. QB is also a peasant now just like the rest of us


    31 seconds in the video and there is already a blue guy

  37. Llwellyn Cuhfwarthen

    I am about 40% of the way through stage 7 right now, I am trying to complete it.. but with the Matchmaker and the inept player teams.. it took me near 80 battles to get 26 wins.

  38. Can I have Tanya after she divorces you?

  39. I’m not quite sure but whoever at wargaming thought of the stock/grinding idea was 100% high on crack or meth… like oke engine and suspension but damn turrets and guns should never be stock it makes the game unplayable if u have an is 3 make it full stock do not load any gold ammo and try to get a good game in it and you will see the only good game is when the enemy team is completley retarded which is like 1/100 battles…(Sorry for my bad English )

  40. 1:39 NEW TANK CONFIRMED!!!!

  41. I dont even bother to do the marathon missions from wg anymore… I just play and see whatever happens
    I did complete a kind of “mission marathon” once, back in the day when the FV4202 became a tier 8 prem

  42. 2:30 Well, that is what a lot of players do actually…

  43. Seeing you experiencing the pain of a normal player, you get a thumbs up and a comment. Welcome back to earth, elated sir.

  44. Do yourself a favour,play War Thunder. 100% better.

  45. this proves two facts: you have to be unemployed to make it and wargaming doesnt want you to make it unless you have a premium account. (which you cant afford because you are unemployed…) 🙂 Which results in completing 2-4 stages and buying the rest… when not even you with your winrate can’t make it what should a newbie say????

  46. Patrick Op den Kamp

    Obviously… qb is getting salty after all those hours of mm pain

  47. I’m hanging in there & regretting it but I will do it cause, I have to do it because I am a free to player. I hope u survive things you do for Pixel (most probably going ditch it).

  48. It is quite clear that QB is getting salty very quickly

  49. 11:29 Okay guys, he’s lost it, it’s over.

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