World of Tanks || Three of a Kind – Teamwork #18

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Source: QuickyBaby

. Today I’m platooning with Phil and John in a trio of destruction. in the British the Centurion Action X.

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World of Tanks a online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. I just started playing WoT, just got an 8 kill game with the mighty Hetzer
    but didn’t have replays enabled :(

  2. hey QB how will this mission combine with your last?

  3. I’d like to see a platoon of T110E5’s do some serious damage.

  4. I doubt this giveaway will work on the Asia server :-(

  5. PlatoonGoals

  6. Wot Blitz still has the Fv4202 and it goes 50 km/h ??

  7. Once again, quickybaby get’s the patch of the release of a feature/tank
    wrong. AX was released in 9.12

  8. Oh Darn the Live stream starts at 3 am AEDST

  9. I think I have seen this before. Is it from a twitch stream?

  10. FV304 platoons are hilarious, same with LeFH ‘toons
    I feel like medium platoons in general have great ability to prop up a team

  11. Where has Ike gone?

  12. When I use Centurion AX I get my ammorack damage most of the time…

  13. QB installed aimot 😀 😀 lool

  14. Hemanathan Gryffindor

    Triple tx medium Kappa

  15. Teamwork what’s that
    Says every noob in wot

  16. can you do the t28 concept? I am getting creamed by that beast right now on

  17. I will say as the swedish people will say about this kind of achievment:

  18. paid by wargaming dont trust

  19. I wish that people would really try to apply your teachings in battle. Over
    and over players with more than 15k battles just cant get it together…

  20. Daily Dose of Jingles !

    Today I came to get my daily dose of– oh crap, wrong video.

  21. Nothing beat the platoon of 3 spg.

  22. T-54 platoon spamming heat

  23. Please pronounce löwe the right way

  24. The AX does look like a very competent TX indeed. It along with the STB-1
    may not be CW preferred, but they sure do look fun to play!

  25. I want to sell my NA account. Anyone interesting?

  26. Centurion AX looks beautifull

  27. German tanks: Maus, Leopard and z Jagerooo

  28. KV2 Vodka fueled platoon is the best xD

  29. Sooo like…4 am Aust east time ….

  30. I’m sorry, but you had no enemy. all T10 was TD, Pigs and a TVP.

  31. Quickybaby will the code you announce on your stream work for the console
    or will it only work for the computer version? Btw love your videos
    whenever I watch your videos I seem to get better at world of tanks ?!

  32. This is what I have come to notice in WoT. A platoon of 3 of the same
    tanks, usually in the same clan will always win. Nothing sucks more then
    seeing this and the tanks are Matilda’s, IS whatevers, Cromwells, Japans
    house tanks, T-29’s, Pz B2’s and Shermans. It sucks. These tanks in
    platoons of 3’s and MANY times other players non-platooned also in the same
    tank equals a quick and easy defeat against the enemy. The game balance is
    pure ****. In fact it’s non-existent. All I ever hear is the dreaded WoT
    learning curve. Yes the game takes time to learn but this is multiplied 100
    fold against a new player. I am still a noob to you “unicum” players and to
    be perfectly honest, I could careless for unicums. You guys can sit there
    and spend 4 or 5 years playing the same game when you clearly have beaten
    it umpteen times over, but you keep playing it hours upon hours a day to do
    what exactly? What is your reason to stay? Not the challenge that is for
    sure. Every match I play, no matter the tier, I face off against a group of
    you. But you know what, that is your business. The issues I have is why WG
    loves to **** over new players so much. Is it really that god damned
    necessary to s*** on the new comer so much? The amount of puppy kickers in
    this game is DISGUSTING. THIS is the reason people leave. Worst of all is
    WG WHOLE HEATEDLY REFUSES to make the game enjoyable for the new player. I
    think they delight in watching advanced and unicum players burying theirs
    boots into the new player.

    I owned a company once, though it failed due to location, and I never
    treated my customers bad. I did not screw them over. I treated repeat
    customers just like new ones. EQUALLY. But wait, am I insinuating that WG
    treats older customers better then new? Yes, but by proxy via the MM. The
    MONSTROUS advantage that is given to advanced and unicum players is one
    sided because the MM views not By player stats, but by player tiered tanks.
    Further more why am I pissing and moaning about better players then myself
    or even for a new player? What does an advanced player or unicum have that
    a new or so/so player does not? This:

    1.) They know the tanks that are on the battlefield. Weak points and strong
    2.) They know when and where to attack, IE complete knowledge of map
    3.) They have fully upgraded tanks.
    4.) They have the the financial means of getting the right requirement
    layout. At least 1 million credits worth.
    5.) They have MANY skills and perks for their tanks crews.

    Five of my friends and myself joined this game last year. Three quit
    because they did not like how insignificant they were compared to better
    players. Left with just 2 online friends that were EXTREMELY disenchanted
    they hung it out. One made it to the Tiger 1. Then he was mortified that
    the Tiger 1 sucked worse then a hooker that needs crack money. He stuck it
    out a little longer until he made it to the Panther, his favorite tank. He
    then he had his first 100 battles facing off against tier 9 tanks no less
    then 90% of the time. He said **** it! And you know what? I don’t blame
    him. My last friend decided to play the Russian tanks and did not
    understand why we had so much issues with the game. That was until he
    started playing other nations because he had his fair share of Russian
    tanks. He then clearly saw a massive difference in tank quality. He
    struggled so very hard up the German tech tree. He made it to the Tiger II
    and quit. He said the game was bull****. He was facing tanks that were just
    tier 10’s and tanks from the Cold War era. He said those tanks have no
    right to be in the game if 90% of the games tanks are WW2 era. He says it’s
    cheap tactic and left.

    Every now and then my friends will watch me play a match. One questions my
    very sanity why I waste my time and more so when he saw the Japanese super
    heavy tanks that were released last year. He just looks at me and keeps
    asking me what is it that your really trying to accomplish here? The game
    never ends. Sure I have few thousand battles over his dead account but
    really is the same thing over and over again with minor, minor changes. The
    games rendering engine never changes. The graphics are still the same. Big
    deal HD tanks. Guess what? War Thunder and Armored Warfare have WoT beaten
    there too. So the main question I ask myself is why do I still play WoT? Or
    I should say, when the fancy to hate myself arises because the game clearly
    points out how much I suck as a player because a platoon of advanced or
    unicums teamed up with high end players and steamroll my team in under 2
    minutes. Why because my love of WW2 tanks. The game infuriates me and vexes
    me to no damned end. Nonsensical BS that could be so easily fixed is just
    ignored. And then you have the community, toxic is not nearly a strong
    enough word. Any comments at all and they are down your throat reporting
    you, insulting you and then dogging you after a match because you simply
    asked what as the plan of action.

    There is 1 thing I can promise you all and this is a guarantee, as soon as
    there is another good WW2 tank MMO I will never play WoT again.

  33. Michael Janicki (Minto107)

    At tier 6 just take 3 crommies, they can do everything :D

  34. t54 or tvp t50/51 platons XD Thats just brutal, isnt it?

  35. BC 25t platoon is always brutal. From SaltySteel NA server.


  37. hi QB, what software you use for voice chat in platoon?

  38. More videos like this please!

  39. I sold my Obj 140 because I just can win with it. I have 38% win rate with
    that machine.

  40. QB I dare you to do challenge – buy the worst PC and play WoT. You will be
    red fucking idiot potato.

  41. I want more Team Work Videos!!!!

  42. I can not understand why the Centurion AX has a better rate of fire than
    the Leopard or the AMX 30 while at tier 9 it has a 1.5-2 seconds longer
    reload with the 105mm, any idea?

  43. Bada Bing Bada Boom

    I really like how you made one video out of two replays from two clients.
    The switch there was really cool 2:55

  44. lol yesterday my skorp g with apcr 311mm couldnt pen the flat front of a
    t-150 rashian tank. Stalium armor. 4Head

  45. I love this tank too, but its ammorack, it makes me so angry!

  46. platon unicum noobs.

  47. a shot from the is3 bounced the side of an centurion x witch quicky
    afterwards said is only 51 mm thick. conclusion: working as intended by
    wargaming who cares that the is3 has 225 mm of pen if wargaming dont like
    you you have a bad day.
    my opinion is that in this game luck and rng are the biggest factor in this
    game. not the skill.

  48. Hi all, how i could send my replays to u?

  49. 3 T110E5s or a “Golden Platoon” means 3 E25s which are simply OP in a tier
    VII match

  50. 3 cromwells or 3 OIs on top tier platoon is so nice :)

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