World of Tanks || Through the Gates of Hell…

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. Today I’m playing the Sabaton loaded Strv. 81 – through the gates of hell…

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  1. FV 4005 II Tech Tree Showcase live now!

  2. Tomás Turbando Pinto

    Can’t WG just make these small maps available for tiers 5 and below only? I mean come on, these tiny maps where nothing but brawl happens and with no room for vision control are just garbage for high tiers.

  3. After 14,000 games I find this tank to be one of the tanks that I consistently do really well in and best fits my playstile, it’s turret armor mixed with its good mobility and decent gun depression make it a monster at its own tier (and even slightly above it). Would defiantly suggest anyone pick it up if it ever goes on sale again (or the non premium version now that they buffed it)

  4. first time i have seen gold rounds not lol pen

  5. I wish I acted sooner and gotten myself a primo victoria.

  6. 5:29 you should have died, RNG fucked the E100 in the ass very hard



  9. You know what, I wouldn’t say no to a special vehicle with Manowar.

    *sees QB fail*
    Me: ??

  11. still waiting for that Pershing review and/or the M4A3E2 review. it has been 3 years since you have featured the E2 and you have NEVER featured the regular Pershing on this channel. Only the super Pershing.

    Attempt #8 :3

  12. Quicky Baby Play the new buffed caernarvon plzz
    and make a video about it

  13. Quickbabe plz make review about Tiger 2 or LOWE !

  14. Merchant Shalomshoah GoldbergShekelstein


  15. I want a Rammstein tank.

  16. If you dont want to carry much or any gold ammo; when im faced with a tank i cant reliably pen like that at the end with standard ammo I like to load HE and burn a few shots through them. This only works if you have decent alpha damage and they have very low health but it does save some credits.

  17. I’m Canadian and it is currently 12-15 Celsius highs and 8-10 lows. Summers get up to 35 and just under 40 on the hot days. It’s not always cold in all of Canada.

  18. Stupid Tiger 2.. 🙁

  19. “wednesday last week” tfw I’m stuck on asia and it still hasn’t received 9.20.1 to my knowledge :'(

  20. PickelJars ForHillary

    83 out today.
    Life is great.

  21. Boeing AH-64 Apache Helicopter

    Left for WT, now can someone explain wtf is thiss

  22. Can you pls make a video about the Vk 168 (1) p

  23. I’m Finnish it’s -6°C here where I live lol

  24. You were cold while camping? Where did you go, Iceland? FYI Canadian summers during the months of July, August it can be 30 Deg C for weeks at a time. During the winter months of January, February it can be -30 Deg C for weeks at a time. I usually walk around in jeans and a short sleeve shirt until there is snow on the ground. People with Scottish blood (me) tend to have more antifreeze in our systems.

  25. Nice video as allways =) I still wonder how you get that freecam thing. Is that a mod or? I cant get out of the tank lie that and look at it from distance =(

  26. Im Scandinavian DENMARK

  27. Canada is not cold all year long. It is much, much warmer than the U.K is in the summer. Some hot days get as high as 40 degrees. This is the only Canadian stereotype I can not STAND! Lol

  28. i quite like the new noob bashing quickybaby

  29. Well we are used to colder weather in Scandinavia but we do have warm summers as well 😉

  30. -25 degrees celcius is the warmest it gets in the winter but it pushes to -40 with 20kmh winds… so it gets a little nippy

  31. As a canadian who spent a month in England this summer. Our summers are way nicer than yours. However, we get nice -40 celsius weather in the winter… so ya i guess it evens out

  32. very nice work bro 🙂

  33. I cringed when I see quicky didn’t shoot the top of the E100

  34. where i live in canada it doesnt get that cold or even snow much

  35. Oh at you its hot outside in rumania in my vilage now its _5 degreds celsius,but its acceptable outside

  36. Wow… wery good game!

  37. U can’t pen a e100 through the turret with 258mom of pen, u can only pen the lower plate

  38. You forgot to bring your Malinovka camping set… don’t forget to bring some lighers 😀

  39. We have here in finland -7 celssius ?

  40. stock Centurion uses 17pdr which is Black Prince gun and not the Comet gun.

  41. maybe he wasnt thinking.Maybe thats the problem haha

  42. Not OP, but it still has a better engine than the centurion 1 and the standard rounds are APCR so better shell velocity, still kind of a better Centurion 1 and not even comparable to the FV4202

  43. **bursts through quickybaby’s window**


  44. Where I live, when its cold outside, its 25 degrees… Celsius.

  45. QuickyBaby were i live we all still swim in Sea

  46. All these sabaton jokes in the comments and not a single reference to the winged hussars. I am disappointed.

  47. 0:50 not you’re still working with celcius, Americans are still flipping using farrenheit

  48. Rhm pzw-tragic vehicle. Reload like artillery 30 bullets plus one big problem – very often because of speed and weight falling aside or upside down. I hate that scout. Gl

  49. How lucky he was with that E100 rolling only 575? Or do you think it was a high roll on the smaller gun?

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