World of Tanks – Throw Back Thursday

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  1. God tier thumbnail

  2. Nice vid Anfield!

  3. Wot then was a real game..

  4. Richard Gustafsson

    When gold wasn’t bought like potatoes löl

  5. *sheds a tear* the journey of a GOD

  6. I liked the game better in the past but its till my main game, even if i am a scrublet. but I would like to see more, that was pretty nostalgic 😀

  7. a fun vid thanks!

  8. E75 was my first 3 mark ah nostalgia

  9. Currently im playing Gotich 2 ,which is a game from 2003, and i swear its the same graphics…

  10. Back then the tiers a vehicle could get in was different for heavies, meds, tds etc. T6 heavies could see T10, I also think all T7 could see T10. The KV could see T9 but the T1 could only see T8, so weird stuff.

    Also the times when the lfp of the IS-3 was weaker than the pikenose

  11. I don’t find this vids from old patches cool to enjoy .. with so bad grafic !! i just don’t like it

  12. Great vid , make some more of this kind Anfield !

  13. Damn, the after battle screen hit me hard. I started playing the game a few months before it was changed. Good times!
    I remember your 8.8 Modpack video, which convinced me to use your modback back then, and suprisingly enough the Omegle video…

  14. Anfield as far as i can remember it was +4,-4
    i’m playing since 2011

  15. i stopped playing wot when the t49 was a td,and then came back in 2015 lol


  17. I miss south coast sometimes. Then I remember how much of a base camp map it was. Good times.

  18. #liftIS-7machinegunagain

  19. the good old times

  20. God dammit, I love you Anfield

  21. I started playing in early 2012. I remember the physics update but not much before that.. The T-50-2 was definitely a huge pile of fun though.

  22. William Taylor Payne

    It sucks for me because I never started playing until about 2013-2014 so I missed a lot of the fun stuff.

  23. can we meet on world of tanks

  24. I remember when they upgraded to the “improved” graphics in patch 8.11 and then patch 9.0 brought tons of glitches to the game that they had to fix.

  25. But the pz38 NA is still in the game?

  26. I still love my E75, and after doing the grind in the Mauschen, I REALLY wished I could have grinded the Maus in my E75. Mauschen drove me to despair. E75 is a still a very good tank and I enjoy playing mine still.

  27. Wow Anfeild in an E100 with no heat! Did AP still have 235 penetration at that time?

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