World of Tanks – Thrown

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Not a lot I can say about this one without spoiling the outcome so I’m afraid you’re just going to have to trust your Uncle Jingles on this one.

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  1. Jingles. ISU-152 BL-10 (Well, BL-10 gun on any TD) doesn’t have 268mm of penetration. It has 286mm of penetration. It was second only to UDES and STRV at tier 8. Take your medicine, old man

  2. For those feeling nostalgic and considering buying the ISU 152K, don’t get your hopes up too much. Its only noticeable benefit is about 10% better penetration than the tech-tree ISU 152. Compared to the non-premium version, Its gun handling is worse, its mobility is poorer, and its engine is noticeably easier to knock out.

  3. krystian gaszynski

    Ohhh Jingles, it was 286 pen not 268. I was mad at WG, because they claimed that 286 pen is too much, but at the same time the UDES 03 and Strv S1 had 288 pen and pin point accuracy and that was okay. And if we consider the true nature of the BL-10, sometimes having it’s own mind when it comes to actually hitting the target. So higher pen super accurate high rate of fire 390 alpha gun was all right but a bit lower pen, big alpha (if it hits) with trash accuracy wasn’t okay ? I mean what the …

  4. Playing on teams that” wake up with their pants on their heads ” is why I don’t play WOT. Of course that was when tier 5 Chaffee played tier 10 tanks. My favorite WOT days

  5. The one thing I really hate about WOT is that even if you do really good, you don’t really get any credits… One of the main reasons as to why I stopped playing.

  6. The lower 7 tanks with no damage caused are 7 of your dislikes.

  7. Can we just point out chat from 7:48- 9:30 givng the ISU the last kill for his mission?

  8. 00:34 The last time I thrusted “uncle” Jingles I ended up in the saltmines……..

  9. Win Harder is not just for WOW…

  10. Wonder how many chat bans were earned by the other team?

  11. Reinstalled the game After 2 years…can’t belive how low the players level is…

  12. Regardless of the legitimacy of the statement here, people who say “gg we lose” 2 minutes into the game because their team doesn’t position like THEY think they should, are some of the worst people in this game.

  13. Don’t worry Jingles,
    You may be a treacherous old bastard,
    but your OUR treacherous old bastard,
    and we love you.

  14. Clutching the loss from jaws of victory.

  15. the Oxford Dictionary have changed their definition of overconfidence to “see”

    mongo team

  16. Uncle Jingles, thank you for letting me out the Salt mine long enough to watch the amazing game. Reminds me of quite a few matches I’ve played.

  17. these are the kinds of rounds I just quit out of and pick another tank to play. When your team goes down 3 or4 tanks in less than 60 seconds, no reason to keep the round alive.

  18. Still scratching my head over this match. WOW!!

  19. best twist would be if all 3 went into the cap and arty killed them all with one round

  20. Anyone else notice he didn’t carry a single round of gold ammo. Instead of loading skill, he relies on RNGeesus, Stalin, and his own knowledge of how to play.

  21. I Wonder what a IS-3M is…

  22. Sweet jeebus I blinked and there were three enemy tanks left! That was bizzare.

  23. Just remember, when you have to carry your entire team, lift with the legs, not with the back.

  24. Do you take world of tanks blitz pc. Videos ?

  25. The Unlucky Leprechaun

    That was a class game to watch. Shame about the crucial contribution.

  26. You mentioned 268mm, whilst it was 286mm in the old BL-10 gun, Jingles. Cheers!

  27. If someone has this game on file from the other side’s perspective, I BEG YOU, please send it Jingles’ way!

  28. So we went from overlord jingles to now uncle jingles…. hmmmm. Cant say I dont like it xD. also im pretty sure they removed the bl10 not cus it was OP but cus they knew they could sucker people into buying a premuim that gets it. and high respect to that patton man even stock he still did some hella good work

  29. i can hear Rita in background at the end of the video

  30. this is why I stopped playing WOT I was crap and I know it.

  31. “They are now outnumbered 3 to 1” as a famous quote from Halo once said “then it is an even fight!”

  32. time for a new opening, uncle jingles, this one is a bit long in the tooth?

  33. Alastor The Radio Demon

    Dave: how did we win this?
    G.w.panther: how did we lose this?

  34. Murphy’s law?

  35. Doesn’t matter how many players u have left on your team what matters is how well the remaining players work together to take out a superior force.

  36. That was a one hell of turn a around I want to give m46 Patton for effort despite having the 90mm.

  37. The biggest shame of this whole video, is the 3 survivors didn’t platoon up for the crucial contribution award

  38. I haven’t trusted you Jingles since you conned me into buying a Tog II years and years ago.

  39. I wonder if they had realized to make a platoon to get the crucial contribution medal they would have realized if they let the patton get the third kill they would have had a brothers in arms medal?

  40. And that’s all folks! That’s why I quit WOT 3 years ago… Needless to say, it’s been getting worse by the day. I like watching Jingle’s vids, though. Very entertaining!

  41. Every once in a while I think of playing this game I haven’t touched in 4 years. Then my old friend Jingles uploads a replay like this, and I come to my senses.

  42. Nine of the other team had under 1000 combined damage and one kill between them. This wasn’t a randumb battle, it was a 4v4 match with 22 pieces of destroyable tertian getting in the way.

  43. how do you fuck that up
    *kicks henchman
    HOW do you FUCK THAT UP?!?!?!?!?!?!
    *shoots henchman

  44. Jingles: “Look where the Bourrasque ended up on the team list”. Team List: “Bat-Chatillon”. Don’t ever change, Jingles!

  45. 6900 damage

  46. “keep in mind, the other team LOST to them”
    i dont wanna be that guy, but i gotta be
    well ACTUALLY jingles, they died to the only 3 GOOD players on pagoniss’ team. that is all, ill go back to working in the salt mines now

  47. Small shoutout to the team who let PagOniss have the arty kill. It’s a small gesture – and they might not have changed who got the kill if they’d tried – but still, it’s nice.

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