World of Tanks || Thunderbolt VII – 1 vs 9

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Thunderbolt VII today JH3LLSKULL has his work cut out for him in the Premium American medium, the Thunderbolt VII as he goes 1 9!


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Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. And this is way you just cap for win ………….!

  2. Is the player a seal clubber playing a lower tier tank or a good tier 6 player?

  3. I whant the 1357f WG come one ffs

  4. bothering to see a premium version of the e8 being farr superior. 30mm more effective on the turret and almost double the affective armour on the frontal hull from 82mm on the non premium to 160+ effective on the premium. makes the non premium about worthles if u got $18.

  5. This is the one game in 15 that he got top tier… I wonder how many games he got 2 shoted in before he got this one.
    Well all WG/Match maker insults aside this was still a good game.

  6. Abdul ahad Siddique shuvo

    Can u please review the Soviet tier 7 is heavy tank??????

  7. Wouldn’t mind seeing you add a bottom tier match alongside top tier stomps for premium tanks to show it having to work for kills.

  8. Something important to note is that the crew acts like a female crew, BIA cannot be removed from the crew members and stays when they are reset.

  9. I just read a whole lot of comments and most people just wanted to bitch. The guy had a great game and the action was pretty fast paced so I thought it was a pretty good video. I get why people get mad when they think players are getting taken advantage of by promoting top tier tanks having great games and making people want to go out and buy them. The thing is, if you want to help other be constructive and informative, the raging say more about you than what you just watched. The one thing I would say about this tank is getting the crew would be great for a player that wants to go down the American line. Crew skills are super important and even if you only end up playing minimal games in this tank, the crew in the long run could be more important to you than the tank. The tank is “ok” in my opinion, but it’s not a lot of fun. Get a Cromwell B if you want a tier 6 premium that is fun. If you need an American crew for grinding down the line this tank is not a terrible idea. Later guys 🙂

  10. Henry Townsend…
    He survived Silent Hill and became a tank commander, good for him.

  11. There is a premium that I want, but it comes with a 100% crew. I wouldn’t know where the put it (the crew). They should discount the same tank for a 50% crew.

  12. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Turn on CC “hey guys is cookie baby and welcome back to world of tanks” lol

  13. This tank has better armor then a Tier 7 German Heavy tank………….

  14. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest, the BIA crews coming with some of these tanks. A premium crew to go with the premium tank you know. It just makes it that much more satisfying when, after I shoot them, their turrets go flying.

  15. Can you people stop bitching about the replay? How many of you have ever gone 1v9? It doesnt matter how good the matchup and how good the tank, going 1v9 is a crazy feat

  16. I was really excited when I saw the title but once I saw the team lists I knew exactly how it was gunna go lol.

  17. my thunderbolt didn’t get Creighton Abrams. did you customize his name when you got the tank QB?

  18. So what can this do that the Jumbo cant?

  19. Luiz Felipe Rodrigues

    Ohh look its QB promoting Premium Tanks for WarGayming again fuck u $ellout

  20. Anyone think that the Amx m4 45 needs a buff?

  21. I wish it were possible to get this matchmaking on NA

  22. I’m waiting for a premium M4A3E2 Sherman jumbo I’m tired if all these other m4’s getting all the love

  23. We want to see Woody Cocker in action!

  24. How many Battle Buddy Medals do you have?

  25. I think being able to buy a 100% crew with a BIA skill is great. Definitely worth the money. Alas, I have fallen in love with another game and have no money for tanks (and have given them up).

  26. Mr. quickbaby
    I have a best replay(from Twitch Yaltank)
    Where should I send best replay?

  27. Best reviewer for world of tanks thumbs up mate

  28. I have got b-c 12t and next I have to decide will I ho to b-c 25t, AMX 13 105 or AMX 30 B. What do you think?

  29. Dab on that 2 key

  30. nice tank but if it was a tier 8 matchmaking then it would stunning.1 time i picked 10 kills with 4k dmg in tier 4 matchmaking with my T34-85M.

  31. Clearly shows that you need some RNG on your side to pull such a game, I counted 3 near misses from the arty on very low hp, if one of these shells would have hit, good night sweet prince.

  32. Game only with tier 6..No kv2…wtf…verry corect man..

  33. TheMightyCongueror

    This is one of the first games I’ve seen where the enemy actually attack the last player all at once, somehow still not enough.

  34. Funny but he is playing against bots. To easy

  35. I could’ve done the same in the E2 Jumbo… Maybe…

  36. Maybe it’s time for a new intro ?

  37. I loved my thunderbolt, wasnt good in it at the 1st 50 to 60 battles then got to know how to play and was a unicum in it and 3 marked it with 300+ battles

  38. BiA(s) is a problem

  39. The Luch went full deja vu

  40. I do not support premium tanks, they are not at the level, thunderbolt is tier – 7.

  41. chris twoodyhussar

    As impressive as this is: this is literally the easiest tank in the game to do this with. The damn thing has better front armor, than the tier 5 British tank destroyer. It’s a quick medium that will bounce any tank it can meet.

  42. Awesome video there. Thanks for sharing it. Did QB change the commanders name to Abrams? I remember when I got my Thunderbolt when they first came out, I was disappointed that his name wasn’t there.

  43. Thats Why i quit wot. The Game is to much rng
    Plus i Hate wargaming!

  44. would have been nice to have a MEDAL for 12 kills   call it the Abrams or Whitman medal    you already have a medal for 6, 8, 10, and 14    just need a medal for 12   and now you can

  45. which modpack does qb has?

  46. Bounces a Tiger from the front.
    Gets penetrated by a T-34. Twice. #russianbias

  47. 5:30 hetzer dab !

  48. That luchs sure has some balls to rush a tier 6 medium tank lol

  49. Luckily there are not that many useful perks in meaning of combat capacity so 4-5 skill crew can manage it no problem. Yea, there are other useful skills apart from bia, repair, gun handling, view range, etc. But that wont increase you vehicle direct combat ability.

    Yet it still is the time difference you need and this time with 300% crew boosts, top of tree and some weekend crew boosts, it takes literally 4-6hrs to get up to 4 skills if you get this BiA free one. And difference between 2 and 5 perk crew is what matters most in my opinion.

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