World of Tanks || Thunderbolt VII – is it Worth it?

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of Tanks – . Driven by US General Abrams during WWII this M4A3E8 was given additional armour to double the frontal protection of the ! But is it worth it in World of Tanks?

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  1. in shop gonna be this week?

  2. Hey WG, how about some new maps? Or maybe bring back some of the old ones???

  3. QB: Let’s compare all these Shermans together, and might as well add the Cromwell too. That’s pretty much a Sherman, right guys?

  4. Alexander Xelendorv

    sherman with better stats than japan tier 6 tiger… lol

  5. I remember this tank, Creighton Abrams was the commander.

  6. when a tier6 get more frontal armor than tiger 1 XD

  7. At first, I thought: ‘Oh, a new thunderbolt cable? But why 7?….. Oh. QB, not Linus…..’

  8. pay to win

  9. how did you get a wot thunderbolt account?

  10. Copy and paste is Wargaming’s new method of bringing tanks into the game

  11. You should play those premium tanks as crew trainers when you do the reviews. Have only 1 or 2 skills on the crew to see if it is actually good. Having all skills equiped give a very different view of the tank.

  12. I saw “Jingles”, I immediately gasp! Can’t wait for the stream.

  13. Why would you want a tank with 0.4/0.38 accuracy lmao

  14. qb the Asian server has not gotten the patch9.18 yet

  15. Community: NEW TANKS! YEAH!!

    Me: I want maps.

  16. I just uninstalled yesterday, watching reviews and replays is just tons more fun than actually playing.

  17. Abrams was a ltcol then I think the highest is major for the in-game crewmen

  18. Humayun al Rafi Zuha


  19. Uhhh QB, american Tier 6 medium tanks like Easy Eight and Jumbo both can equip vertical stabilizer

    it’s like the american’s main advantage, being able to equip vertical stabilizer at Tier 6… which they’ve been holding for a long time now (pretty sure i had my E8 able to equip it since the US tech tree was released)

  20. Doesn’t get preferential MM…not worth picking up.

  21. Kraftsman Sheng

    great now elite clan going to all use this thunderbolt tank to play in SH

  22. Obnoxious_Gamer


  23. Am I seeing things or the Thunderbolt had “0” side armor on the spreadsheet?

  24. Meh thunderbolt to me is more like a E2 jumbo with the E8s gun and mobility (I don’t have the thunderbolt) o and just to let everyone know don’t shoot the E2 jumbos stock turret you won’t go though it unless you use gold rounds in tier 7-8 tanks and if you get the chance to shoot the jumbos hull shoot the mg port that’s a weak point

  25. first 10 seconds you already accidentally said tier 6 lol. can’t blame you, it’s not common

  26. Daniel Moulsher

    I tell u what is f**k up noobs in tier 1 2 3 buying tier 6 7 8 premiums

  27. It has way better armor than M6 which is a heavy tank, lol, gj WG.

  28. haven’t played for 6 months but kept track of the patches and new content.

    don’t regret a thing, too many premiums now

  29. you know when i saw Thunderbolt..i was thinking of the gundam

  30. the Premium M4 might be picked up if people are collecting the different variants of M4

  31. Gregor Klemenčič

    It just sounds like some broom from Harry Potter.

  32. How do you have TEN skills on all your crew? :O

  33. ASTRO BOY william

    meaty target of my Stalin Tank :^)

  34. *Sees another Sherman variant*
    “This will make a fine addition to my collection”

  35. Phoenix Feather

    Is no one going to talk about how many crew skills are on his tank

  36. Qb can you make a video gameplay on the panther-vk30.01h-e50m? I’m grinding for it, and I would love it if you do a gameplay video on it.

  37. now i left this game after 6 years. This thunderbolt makes the fury and the e8 useless, pathetic cannon fodder.

  38. OMG, SEA server is not being forgotten this time!

  39. 10th sherman in the game

  40. I always wish that they would make WoT Blitz like the PC version, with artillery and good graphics and extra stuff like that.

  41. Einzigartiger Higitsune

    15:45 very strong paint for this logo xD

  42. Kenraali Viilipurkki

    *Insert a comment crying about a new premium tank without taking into account all the strengths and weaknesses it has.*

  43. Doom & Darkness

    Omg parked next to my fury, mutant.e8, e2 and firefly this will look awesome!

  44. Thunderbolt vs thunderbolt will look like Valentine II vs Valentine II or Pz B2 vs Pz B2

  45. “a new state cannot simply fall down from the sky ..instead it has to grow from within the people”

  46. You know something make you laugh more?
    It’s even get thicker hull armor than soviet IS and chinese IS-2!!!!
    WTF wargaming???

  47. When are they gonna release this tank to the premium shop? I really like it and I can’t wait to get one for myself…

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