World of Tanks – Tier V Terror

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Source: The Mighty

In which RMHawkeye finds himself in the kind of situation that would make even George S. Patton stick his pants on his head, a pencil up each nostril and say “wibble”.

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  1. you can just tell that this guy is only good at playing low tiers though lmao. Probably has 10k games with like 7k of them in the 67 lol.

  2. It was a t49

  3. The t49 jingles

  4. I fuck to your intro ya

  5. Cancer tank.

    All I have to say is that about this fucking thing. T67s are insanely broken.

  6. I can’t help but notice this was not Subnautica…

  7. I love the T-67 havent played it in awhile. Great fun tank. Maybe it is OP since I am not particularly good. I have in the T-67

    Top Gun,High Caliber,Confederate,Radley Walter’s,Fighter,Duelist,Eye for an Eye,Defender,Hand of God,Kamikaze,Fire for Effect,Reaper,Demolition Expert,Arsonist,Master Gunner. Most of those multiple times.

    And I am only a 5000 battle noob. Jeeze can you imagine someone who is good?

  8. Originally the t67 was known as the t49 until the real t49 was released

  9. Idk why everybody and their mom needs to tell jingles it was the t49 ????

  10. Actually Jingles, the M4 was using the durp gun, and also had a star on his gun….

  11. T67s ruin tier 4/5 games. 4-6 T67s every battle. Many piloted by guys with thousands of battles just in the T67. The tank is broken.

  12. jingles you nub it used to be the T49

  13. Formerly the T49. 😀

  14. darkninjacorporation

    I miss the (old) T-49’s closed top turret. It was a sleek and awesome tank back then

  15. Hi im a newbie to wots can someone tell me why most youtubers have the enemy tanks highlighted by blue instead of red? Is it easier or something?

  16. It was the T49. The fully upgraded turret was a fully enclosed one too.

  17. Brandon Labrasseur

    I believe it used to be the T49 as that was the name of it in Blitz until they added the T49 light tank a few patches back

  18. Can we all agree that the kV-1 will always unless changed, be the most overpowered tier 5

  19. T67 oh jingles give fear to the enemy that’s only if the player uses it wisely

  20. Just let his whole team die to get a great game.. whys this so good?

  21. When I play my t67, with two marks of Excellence, I get tier 7 matches every fucking time!!!

  22. The T67 is OP in the hands of someone who understands the view range and concealment mechanics, but a worthless liability if you don’t. Which makes it particularly dangerous if you DO understand them at tier 5, because at that tier a lot of players are still working it out, or have bad crews in tanks they are just grinding through to get to the higher tiers, or just have tanks with terrible concealment and view range capability (An overly common trait of tier 5 tanks, imo.). But the T67 is a one-trick pony. Get stuck on a city map or get spotted, and a lot of the heavies and TDs, and even artillery you meet will one-shot you, and your armor is crap. It has great rate of fire and high pen, but that does you no good if anything is shooting back at you in your glass cannon. You are either the club, or the seal. Get your view range and concealment up as high as you can, and take sixth sense as soon as you can get it, then have fun wrecking all the poor bastards who just can’t see you. And it seems an awful lot of people are doing that, seeing as that match with 8 kills wasn’t enough for an ace tanker…

  23. The reason he didn’t get an ace is cause he didn’t do an overly impressive amount of damage and it was mostly to lower tiers. I’ve aced it once, pretty sure it was nearly 1900 damage and mostly to tier 6 and 7 tanks.

  24. Holy shit, Jingles showcasing a game that ISN’T top tier? Is the world ending?

  25. It was the t49 jingles… THE T49

  26. Unfair plane, Oof

  27. The t49, was changed to the 67 when they added the tier 8 t49

  28. Silicon Sasquatch

    Whenever I watch a jingles video, I go through a constant roller coaster of emotions, it can go from “awww poor jingles, his luck is horrible and he tends to get the worst of it *cough cough, losing 3 sea moths*”, to… “JINGLES YOU BIG DUMB, it’s right there, NO, THERE/you got it wrong, again”, or, what happened when I started watching this video, “what was it that this thing was called… the t37, no that’s not right” (few minutes later) “ah I remember” then at this point I get excited that jingles is gonna get it right “it was called the t69” then it’s right here that I get the sudden urge to drive my palm through my skull… but in the end, why am I surprised, I’m subscribed to jingles.

  29. It was the t-49, the same thing happened in blitz mate

  30. Only 991 base exp; I’m surprised he didn’t get a 2nd class badge. Rather textbook vision-game match. Are the replays on the website really that bad?

  31. what a world we live in, where a old fuck boi can make videos get payed and not even play games.

  32. I hate this tank with a passion.

  33. not skullful match that Mark III

  34. T67 is, and has been for some time, a favourite stat-padding machine for smurfs and general twats.

  35. T67 is OP

  36. Corn In Chernarus

    Hey Golden rivet boy lol……can you do a video of you playing and instruction if you still play, muchly appreciated 😉 TY FOR VID 🙂

  37. Not really impressed in a bloke who has played over 3k games in a t67

  38. 1:15 T49 Jingles

  39. T49→T67

  40. it used to be the T49, jingles

  41. Mister Torgue Flexington

    I love balancing t67s with Russian derp guns.

  42. I can feel the rage from other team.

  43. Jefferson Graves

    Dude looked like a buddy fucker first class

  44. it’s a T49 Jingles…come on now

  45. AboveAverageGames !

    Used to be the T49 jingles

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