World of Tanks || Tiger 131 – Tank Preview

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. pays homage to the only operational Tiger in the world, Tiger 131, in the form of this T6 German !

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  1. Quickybaby taught me everything I know, that’s how I got top gun in a Grille 😉

  2. Well, I think that for once, console got a better version of a tank. I love my 131, even at tier7 on xbone. Its the first time for me that the tank actually feels like the powerhouse that it was in WW2. But, I do have to admit, it would be pretty exciting to see a Tiger at tier6, allowing it to face tanks it would have actually faced in the war.

    I guess what Im trying to say is that I am torn on how i feel about this.

  3. ure such a sellout

  4. Oh just admit it’s a clone of HT no. VI with a 0 skill BIA German crew.

    Basically, that’s all it is.

  5. Oliver Bjørkekvist

    Are You going to tankfest

  6. Tank sux, finally a premmy tank that sux.

  7. yay another crap tank for my KV2 to ruin

  8. Wonder what the MM will be like, since its clear WG tweak how often new premiums are top tier based on their performance

  9. All of a sudden they are giving us an NOT overpowerd premium tank? What has gotten into you?

    Is it because it’s German, WG?

  10. On console the 131 is a premium tier 7 with pref matchmaking and it’s very good I gotten my ass kicked by it a couple times

  11. Rulebreakers Kids

    Tiger 131 is disappointing

  12. tiger 131 black edition. lol. rip

  13. 131 black edition, good one!

  14. inb4 99 euro bundle

  15. HighlanderNorth1

    The biggest joke concerning tier 6 heavies: The VK36.01H has a top speed of 50kph…… Bwah ha ha ha ha ROFL…..

  16. QB I think you greatly overestimate the community this game has. People aren’t going to be picking it up for the historical value. It will be for the zero-skill pay to win crew.

  17. damnn that’s a big tank

  18. I’m not sure but it seems that Quickybaby seems to begrudge players who get premium tanks with crews that get brothers in arms who can train their crews faster, I think that’s a good thing. Players who buy premium tanks , premium time etc enables others to play the game for free if they don’t want to spend money and that’s great if you want to do that.

  19. back in 2010 this game was fun…. it aint that fun anymore :@ 2 much premium tanks…. the game should be called: world of premium tanks.

  20. It would be fun to. Have the 131 but as you point out it is just not worth it. Thebtiget in WOT is just not the fearsome beast that it was on the battltefiled. It needs a serious buff in the game.

  21. Try slowing down the video to 0.75 or 0.5 speed, and it sounds like he is autistic

  22. The console version of world of tanks, has had the Tiger 131 for a while now, but the console variant is way different than the PC version.

  23. Oh nice, the tiger at tier 6, where the non-premium version of the vehicle should be too.

  24. There is an additional 20 kg of chocolate stacked into the tank :)) That is why it’s 20 kg heavier.

  25. unfair! Who’s gonna fire when they see the 131, the only surviving Tiger!?

  26. A new premium tank. It’s not tier 8 and its not OP, please check your stats again 🙂

  27. Olivier Versteeg

    almost 500k

  28. Didn’t VK 45.03 have a 0-skill BiA crew also?

  29. Copy paste tank wow……The standrads are dropping for WG

  30. Monica Vizireanu

    need tog 2 review

  31. 9:28 Jingles moment there QB 😉

  32. Another premium tank?!

  33. It’s not a patch on the totally overpowered monstrosity on the console. Basically has close to 3000dpm with pretty damn good pen at tier 7.

    I have no idea what WG as a company are doing

  34. *cough* Ht No.6 *cough*

  35. Fantastic. Another premium tank!

  36. a LITTLE underpowered against tier 8s ? well that’s a bold statement 😀

  37. rubbish compared to console’s 131

  38. babyfacekid, I won this and love it. The only thing I dislike is I cannot change the black cross on it to what I want. 4 kills my first game and got a lot of damage on others

  39. That’s the skin???It doesn’t even have some of the bush camo that was on earlier leaked pictures…
    Some tow cables and shovels and maybe a bit of battle damage to actually make it look unique….nothing.
    This is PURE LAZINESS,I aint buying this garbage and neither should most people,only collectors who want all tanks should be looking at purchasing this copy pasted trash.

  40. …very disappointed…list is hat to have preferential matchmaking…

  41. £15 for a reskin lol

  42. Jakub Šindelář

    copy & paste

  43. Join wot in consoles they have better premiums and maps and everything is alot better.

  44. just another example of how lazy wot devs are “we need something to put a price tag on” “fuck it lets add the exact same veichle in a different tech tree”

  45. Amx arty gets hit, 9:14 and decides to drive *INTO* the line of fire rather than hide behind that nice big cliff beside him-logic.

  46. A tiger is beautiful even when destroyed

  47. Strahinja Bogdanov

    Should i buy VK 36.01 H and VK 30.01 P or just VK 30.01 P?

  48. wow,you made a 19:30 minute vid on this thank…
    thats impressive in a sad,sad way

  49. Illbegoodinthefuture

    so much luck…:O

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