World of Tanks – Tiger Day

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

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This weekend is Tiger Day at The Museum in Bovington, one of only two days per year when you can see Tiger 131, the worlds’ only operational Tiger tank up and running. Unless you play World of Tanks, of course.

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  1. Jingles: I remember a tank day at Bovington MANY MANY moons ago (possibly 25+ years) where they featured the Tiger being driven round the circular track, also on display was a Sherman, the Sherman was being driven by an old fella who faced Tigers in the Sherman during the war. At one point the Sherman stopped and his commentary went something like ‘we didnt really stand much chance as WE were firing ‘these’ at them and held up a Sherman round and THEY were firing ‘these’ back at us’ and held up an 88 round!

  2. Actually its pronounced M-aye-bach the CH is like a scratch in the throat.

  3. My 131 did not come with a crew.

  4. Your sound is far better

  5. great, now I want to play again…
    Damn you Jingles!

  6. 3:47 Jingles: “Tiger132 won’t have any problem penetration a Sherman from the front… or a Matilda.”
    *penetrates Matilda*
    Commander: “Ha, that one punched right through their armor.”

  7. I have an account from 2012 and I haven’t played for a couple of years, for the holidays I decide to play a little, I don’t know why but I chose Tiger131 and on the enemy side some Progeto46, Borasque, Škoda57, ok I see new tanks, no problem, when the game lasted 1min, I don’t know in which direction the game is going and I honestly don’t care but it will wait another few years if I play at all, maybe next time the game will last 30sec(game was last longer when we all was noobs back in 2012)

  8. Wait, tiger 131 gets BIA crew now? I’m almost positive I didn’t get that when I bought it years ago…

  9. I have all of the Tigers. I like to play all my tanks just for fun. Some games you win, some you lose. Thanks for the video, Jingles, and good luck, Mike in the USA

  10. best thing about the old days no whingers ad snowflakes lol

  11. STOP SAYING 1 3 1! 🙂

  12. I would love the option of selecting only same tier matchmaking (in the same way that you can opt to turn off some maps and game modes). I would totally accept the longer wait in exchange for being able to play a tank just against it’s piers. I hate logging in to find that I am just cannon fodder for tanks 2 tiers higher that I am not good enough (I freely admit) to get the better of. So I don’t often log in any more…

  13. Oh jingles you forget that tiger 131 is the H1 variant of the tiger and the tiger at tier 7is more of an example of the tiger E Variant

    • Except the Tiger never got the Tiger II gun. It was really meant as a Tiger that wouldn’t fight post-war tanks. We see this as there other vehicles in the German techs tree with the same issue namely the Panther and the Tiger II. When the Tiger 131 was a big success for WarGaming, they added more down-tiered premiums like the Heavy Tank No. 6 (a historically accurate Tiger in the Japanese tech-tree which was based on a Tiger Japan purchased for testing but got lost in transit) and the VK 30.01 M (admittedly it is a tech-tree tank but it is still a historically accurate Panther as Jingles mentions being based on the original MAN prototype) mentioned in the video but also the Pudel (an actual premium Panther in the Polish tech-tree based on an actual Panther captured in Poland) and the King Tiger (C) (A captured Tiger II in the American tech-tree which is unlikely to have been used both due to the Tiger’s reputation making the a magnet for friendly fire and how unreliable it was). It also shaped how they did some of the tech-trees later on such as the decision to replace the very unpopular M3 Lee (A tank that only existed but was mass produced and the tank we entered the war with) with the the T6 Medium (A prototype Sherman that never saw combat) because they realized people just wanted to get to the Sherman already.

  14. CrazyWarriorsCatFan 🇺🇦


  15. 2:40 and the fact that, it’s probably the only 88 in the game that does 280 damage, instead of 220 for the “short” 88 on the “real” tiger. not even 240 like the (otherwise identical) gun on the Tiger P. or even 240 like the plethora of 90mm guns on tanks like the hellcat, super hellcat, M6, M36, etc. even more than 250, done by the likes of the 100mm guns on tanks such as the KV-85. don’t know what kind of crack wargaming was on when they made that change to the Tiger I’s long 88, but it sure was frustrating playing the Tiger P after this. i do less damage AND shoot slower in a tank with an identical turret & gun? with a bit less HP as well? wargaming can take that gun and stick it up their ass.

  16. I loved this battle. Thank you for showing it jingles

  17. Melancholic Ghost

    I don’t think ‘rose tinted glasses’ apply to Ye Olden Days of WoT so much as ‘repressed memories’

    • Those mean the same thing essentially. Our brain tends to forget the bad stuff and only remember the good stuff. Unless it was really really bad. But the low-level permanent annoyances? Those we tend to forget.
      The inverse would be “Murphy’s Law” where we tend to remember spectacular failures and come to the conclusion that “What can go wrong, will.”

  18. Thank you Jingles for featuring my replay. It’s an honor! It was a very satisfying battle. Rare these days.

  19. I’m just finishing my dissertation and in may I get to go to bovington with my girlfriend. I cannnot wait to see a real tiger

  20. im not even going to lie . alot of the t6 battle”s are battle then the t100 battle’s

  21. great support yes. but dont take this amazing carry away from Heinrich. He did 4k dmg in a Tier 6 heavy.
    Most of the players are not able to perform like this in a Tier 10!
    i had a T8 only game yesterday where at the end of the battle 1 guy wrote in chat: „best platoon wins“
    i mean, their „support“ with combined ~5k dmg in a 3 heavy tank platoon was nice and helpful, BUT we won because of my carry with 4.8k dmg in my med winning 1 flank against 2 meds and a TD almost by myself and switched to their side to support.

    Dont take away the laurels from the true game changer. 😉

    • Can you see their damage taken and spotting on the result screen? I mean theoretically they are the tanks, you are the dps.

  22. I haven’t watched the mighty jingles in a while. 🙂 I wonder if there are any recent Sherman videos around lately…

  23. Just shows what you can achieve if you work together…

  24. heh fond memories of first unlocking tiger and getting blasted by every t9 i encountered…

  25. „Good old days“: T18 „TD“ at tier 2. Facefucking everthing with a big ass howitzer, while being impenetrable by all the little autocannons.

  26. In Blitz, tiger 131 gets ammo-racked as soon as anybody looks at it.

  27. I actually preferred the 2013-ish strong arty. Nowdays arty is more like an Ion cannon, can hit in very weird places previously arty-safe

  28. Is it me or is 131’s tube bent?

  29. Good match!

  30. AkShUaLlY unkel jinkles….🤪
    Just kidding!

  31. Saurabh Singh Makrahi

    These sort of games i like. Low on toxicity and high on good gameplay.

  32. Unrelated to anything; whenever I see KWK in relation to a German tank gun, I just call it the Quack, as in the “8.8cm Quack 36”

  33. Cc came up with the airfare third hare. Not quite a lefh but hey.

  34. It was your video back many years ago where you did a review of the Tiger I that got me into WoT.

  35. All wargaming games were (wowp) and are centered around armour (wot, wows), thus no, Jingles, nearly nobody can fight everybody in his match (except top tiers clearly and that not always). This is not the way the game works, its about being nearly safe from most enemies behind absurd efficiency of armours, where it should not happen reliably without t95, jumbo (excluding gunner port for difficulty of aiming at it from nearly decent range for a tank) and very few others

  36. What a pleasant video. Well done Jingles

  37. I wonder what the take up would be fir a historical mode where you play tanks that actually existed.

    • They tried and the matchmaking sucked. Jingles mentioned in an old video when they first introduced the mode he suggested for say a Sherman v Tiger engagement like Kasserine Pass, they needed to put a cap on how many Tigers the German side could use to give the Shermans a fighting chance. I thought they could have added more TDs to the American side but neither option was taken and the result was unbalanced as hell.

    • @Ember Fist no they tried preconceived battles. US v Germany or UK v Germany. By historical I meant, no e25, no long 88 on the Tiger 1. No 90mm on the Helcat. No squeeze bore on Matilda. You pick the vehicle and the fame picks the config and the ammo loadout. No gokd spam in historical mode. So if APDS was not in service, you get none of that ammo.

  38. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Is sad that KV-2 was forced to fire AP because HE was nerfed …

  39. I recently started playing the M3 lee, lovely tank. Better than the Tiger

  40. Yet another low/mid-tier video from the Jingles commentary, yay ! A German kitten never goes wrong though…

  41. Jingles Question with recent events do you think Tanks are a still a viable weapon on the Battlefield?

  42. Me learning about WWII: “Wow, Tigers sound intimidating.”
    My dad when helping me choose a tech tree while first getting into WoT: “Pick the Germans, the Tiger is awesome.”
    Me finally unlocking and playing the Tiger: “Oh. Oh no. I should’ve gone Russian.”

  43. The calibre of the German guns is actually measured in centimeters, not in millimeters, as you are constantly saying in your videos.

  44. The KV-1 with a 57mm is lethal. Has a blistering fire rate with great DPM and tracking potential, letting you easily pick apart your opponent if you know how to use your armour. Three marked mine with the gun in question

  45. Add the fact that Tigers didn’t really like to fight at WoT distances, and preferred to keep their enemies at arms length.

  46. Jingles, keep an eye on the Australian Tank museum in Cairns, their Tiger is almost ready to roll, keep the vids coming 👍

  47. Don’t have a bingle with jingles

  48. I remember getting the tech tree Tiger, played two games with the long 88, thought it looked stupid and used the short 88 for the rest of the grind.

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