World of Tanks – Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

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It's the return of two old favourites, the Tiger, and Dave!

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  1. Tiger 1, my first Top Gun was in that tank .

  2. sad, urge to win harder not punished and even earned a promotional video for dave.

  3. Back in Battlefield play4free I thought I’d stand no chance against pay-to-win players, but turned out skill was 80-90% of win vs lose.

  4. Not the first time you used that title for a world of tanks tiger video right? 😉

  5. I keep being suprised that the “get your ass kicked by “OP TENK”, unlock “OP TENK”, get your ass handed by the previous tenk” philosophy keeps being the thing that forces people to realise they have to learn the game properly.

    When I started I fully assumed that everything that didn’t go according to my wants or expectations was just because I was a filthy scrub lord noob.

    Which is probably what actually turned me competent in the end.

  6. Created by scientists in a secret lab…
    came D.A.V.E.
    <80s theme music>

  7. To be honest, I really don’t understand why people hate winning by capping so much.

  8. M44, Ben the revenger

  9. horah for dave

  10. I was wondering were dave had ran off to, havnt heard his name in awhile. also jingles you would be surprised how often a team is able to win on encounter on mines fast, because one team just decides to leave the cap flank ungaurded, also dirty birty from number 30 had me dying laughing idk why lol

  11. The premium tiger 1 tanks actualy pretty good. Tier 7 tiger is good but overshadowed by tier for tier best heavy tank in the game the t29. Kv3 is not bad either. So it looks like one of the worst but its still good but so is many other tier 7 hevys.

  12. I love it when Jingles use and say the name Dave. );

  13. He preloaded HE wisely expecting to see arty, but a Scorpion presented itself and was slapped for 414hp. He slaps another Scorp for 402hp, which is why I always carry at least 5 HE rounds for thin skinned vehicles.

  14. Martine Aksnes Caulfield

    I see MM in WOT is shitty as always, a couple of seal clubbers in top tier tanks against average players. GG I guess…

  15. Michael Søndergaard

    when will we have another, the good, the bad and the ugly?
    its been ages:-)

  16. Episode should be called Game of (almost) Throws.

  17. I won a game once because our Muppet hid behind the destructible building in the cap circle on Murovanka and capped out. It was so hilarious I had to create a short video of it.

  18. It’s the decals on the tank next to him, one of the other comment replies explained it. Common bug apparently, supposedly now fixed.

  19. In all honesty the tiger is less ferocious in WoT than a street cats. The only things it’s good at is long range fire. Other than that it’s useless

  20. Not gonna lie, the title is what got me in for this video because I love that poem.

    Anyways, it’s always a pleasant experience to see a new video from you Jingles.

  21. Check out my Turbine replay, Jingles. Both of them! lol

  22. Ambassador of REEE

    I was just yesterday wondering where has Dave been as we haven’t seen him in a while 😀

  23. Dave is my favorite WoT player! Go Dave!!!

  24. 314 health left I’d guess…

  25. Only faces T-34 and Shermans… 0~o I find your lack of faith in the 85mm fist of Stalin and 76mm HVAP freedom launcher… disturbing young padawan….

  26. On this map in this game mode i got my first Raider Medal with a VK36.01 H.

  27. i started playing for the tiger (p). now i hardly play since the game is shite

  28. So 1 min and 12 seconds is forever? Lol

  29. Another fine performance from Dave… and we’re still recovering from that insane performance from a 9 year old boy last time out!

  30. Personally I’m impressed you waited more than a decade to make a William Blake reference. Still waiting for Al Stewart.

  31. no no no we all play wot for tog 🙂 tog is always answer

  32. I find it funny though because the advertisement on TV for world of tanks said it had historical games and that Axis vehicles would fight allied vehicles and when I downloaded the game back then it was not as advertised lmfao and this was when world of tanks first came out….

  33. Okay I fired up the Xbox for a quick game of Warships and in the Brawl info screen I keep hearing a CAT …. it’s not mine…

  34. Christopher Cornwell

    Thanks for the video!

  35. Everytime I see WOT video I’m thinking how cheap the game is and how much better War Thunder is.

  36. Epic video

  37. Tiger 1 AND 2, the reason i started playing WOT too!!!! BUT after they screwed German tanks so much, i turned into Soviet ones, which are great too! About Tiger 1, it should have remained as T6 tank and NOT a T7!

  38. In the forests od the night

  39. This proves that the Tiger wasn’t a bad tank, provided it never broke down 😐

  40. yeah the Tiger in WOT is better as a sinper then a brawler

  41. Mieluş Alexandru

    6:00 Dear Salt Mine owner, can you please explain to us how this magnificent Tiger owner, called Dave, managed to request fire through that hill, the actual building in front of him and rocks? Thank you old man.

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