World of Tanks – Tilted

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In which Srbrus finds himself facing an enemy team who are capable of thinking and breathing at the same time, and ends up going right down to the wire in an attempt to clutch a win.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. So they killed 16 enemies (15 + a T30 according to TMJ), they had 2 tanks surviving the battle (one survived even without a crew) and still lost…
    Now that is entertaining and sheer joy. For the enemy!

  2. The stupid hurts…

  3. I think the team that capped earned their victory, it’s his fault he didn’t push sooner and let arty spot, he was in a situation where he needed to take a chance or lose, and he waited too long to take that chance and lost the game because of it. Not saying he’s bad, just that he was a second too slow and the enemy team won fair and square.

  4. Jesus lord… The most intense game I’ve ever seen… Such a shame it was a loss… He deserved to win that one..

  5. Like a lot of people here, the armoured cars were a major influence on me uninstalling (that and arty of course). Wg appear to under such pressure to constantly introduce new vehicles (I won’t call them tanks) that they give next to no thought about the impact they have on the existing game. When playing a slow moving TD, you now have to be constantly watching out for these little shits. I don’t think it encourages good gameplay (if there ever was such a thing in Random Battles)
    I’m sure I noticed that waiting times increased. Was that my imagination or have lots of others given up on the game?

  6. When it is never enough

  7. Jingles that was such a disappointing ending. but you got me to laugh along with you. Your laugh is so contagious.

  8. Anime Profile Picture

    what a heartbreaker holy shit

  9. WoT is broken…
    WE KNOW JINGLES… That’s why we all stopped playing WoT.

  10. Here is a question for you guys.
    How many premium tanks are there in the game and how many researchable tanks in the tech trees as of MAy 21st 2020?
    Should be interesting and please exclude reward tanks and collector’s vehicles.

  11. 25 Russian tier 8 premium tanks in the game? Yeah, now I remember why I left this pay to win super grind game.

  12. The KGB Official

    I would pay good money for a tank called the “Rocky Mountain Bobcat”

  13. Acshualuly Jingles, it was T34 @4:12 so he couldn’t have any othr gun than 120mm 😀

  14. About Alpine Tiger and Alps. Alpine: (adjective
    ) relating to high mountains. It’s OK, sometimes my brain misfires too. 🙂 And I’m just a little bit younger than you.

  15. Did bounce a heat su152 750 dmg shot in my mt25. Surprised myself with that.

  16. Griffin Kennedy

    “u study hard at school…”

    cursed statement in the modern world

  17. It is not a crew knocked out skorp g. A knockedout crew aready kills the tank. It is a new bug jingles

  18. 15:40 one of the main reasons why I play Warthunder. You never lose money for playing well.

  19. Missing those earlier shots… PepeHands

  20. went back to MECH WARRIOR…just saying

  21. And this is one of the reasons I quit WOT.  You work it hard and get the rug jerked out from you.  Life doing this to you:  yea, it happens.  Games doing this to you:  No, not gonna let that happen.

  22. Mother of all plot twists 😀 😀 😀 – 10/10 entertainment. Cheers!

  23. Here’s to competent artillery

    Crusader sp good job

  24. The alpine tiger came from console. And console games are made up of about 60% premium tanks and the rest of the teams in our games are arty and then about 5% is regular tech tree tanks and tds.

  25. Ivan Livio Cruz Jurich


  26. 1:12 you allready lost my interest

  27. As much people loathe wheels LTs I wonder how much the salt would be should WG ever add wheeled heavies as the Devs did a video a couple of months back as they found more than enough to do a whole nation of wheeled tanks including sky cancer. Apparently South Africa had been pretty busy. The tier 10 wheeled heavy has 290 on both the front of the hull and the turret while the top speed is 86 lol.

  28. The Jingles household must be very interesting if “Surprise Buttsex” is a commonly used term…

  29. Dat some buuuuullllshiiiiit Defeat.

  30. “Do you have a flag?”

  31. Instead of making tanks,bring back some old maps

  32. this fucking amx 13 90 boomer doesn’t even have camo on his light tank shaking my head.

  33. Jingles’ orgasmic “YES” when the wheelie boy dies… Pure gold

  34. 11:06 Scorpion G

  35. That bug of a drowned tank that the game thinks is still alive has happend to me multiple times already, and it’s annoying as hell, because you keep seeing that tank highlighted as alive when in the list and map it’s dead. And it’s sometimes confusing.

  36. That ending is complete bullshit. I was in a 1v1 tournament in a Progetto 46 against a WZ-111. I was a one shot he was a two shot. I cap just before he pulls over the opposite ridge I was aimed at and kills me. I lost he won even though I capped 4 seconds before the kill.

  37. 4:12- it isn’t a jingles video if he doesn’t make a mistake.

  38. “Doesnt look slower” well, it actually did lol

  39. It is just not enough.

  40. Yeah, the wheelies are annoying. Honestly if the wheels didn’t absorb so many shots they might be ok. But I have to say, I look forward to finding those when I’m in my KV-2. Magic Russian 152 always seems to find the gap lol

  41. Actually jingle have you seen the new Soviet fast heavy, the object 780? The lower plate is so flat that it make flat earther jealous.

  42. that german accent at the end was quite accurate 😀

  43. Arty dropped the ball this game. Was talking about being able to ‘snipe’ the cap circle, then when the enemy was spotted wasted loads of time sitting there with no shot. Yet another reason i don’t play this anymore.

  44. goddam hat video was jerky. Hard to watch. Half-second views make it hard to watch or take in what’s happening. Interesting play. That’s a cool tank. Good points about the premium tanks.

  45. 10:56 friendly (alive) Skorpion G at a time when only Arty and Amx are alive….

  46. The Tank Commander

    That was the T34, Jingles. You are old, so I can’t blame your eyesight LOL 😆

  47. This game is 100% pay to win. I mean u can’t even make money in this game u need to kill 12 people do 3k dam and have prim account and win the game just to earn any money

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