World of Tanks || Time to Push – Teamwork #15

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today I’m playing the T10 French heavy, the AMX 50B, with my buddies Ikzor and Philippopoulos. Sometimes you have to know when the time to push, no matter the risk, in teamwork #15

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  1. I was suppriesed that you played in 50 B

  2. Ikzor!! Ikzor!! Ikzor!! Ik Ik Ik ……

  3. AnotherIdiot PlayingGames

    Does someone know where phil lives?/weet iemand waar phil woont?

  4. MrMarkothedragon

    How can you see how much WN8 you made?

  5. Great video and game, but I can’t help wondering if you could have avoided
    this out-flanking situation by supporting the field from the start? In a
    normal game on this map I would agree to split forces, but in Encounter
    mode I find it better to encourage most of the team to take the field; once
    it’s won you can then flank the enemy. Even with three people in cap it
    still takes a long time, so there’s little danger of getting capped out.

  6. the score was 3-9 at 3:27 ! ,many players from a team could have low
    morale for the incoming defeat in that moment,and many start to insult in
    WoT … “idiots” it is the most said world in the world of tanks,in random
    battles…NOT NOW IN THIS VIDEO,2 very skilful players turn the chances in
    their favour
    i want t say that i hate in random battles when an “idiot” say “idiots”
    even from the start of the game when the score is an early 0-3 or 1-5 etc
    instead to fight,obviously a troll…

  7. I am really looking forward to getting this tank. Right now, i’m still on
    tier 8 in this tree, but i already like the AMX 50 100 alot.

  8. I love Ike but I hope he loses! DUTCH POWER!!!

  9. Ferenczi László

    Most of the time, I know in the 1st minute of the match that which flank
    will fall. Unfortunately, the other 14 players doesn’t. If I’m playing in a
    platoon, then the other 13 or 12 players doesn’t… After years of playing,
    I’m still unable to get used to it. :D

  10. That Batchat made the classic autoloader beginner mistake of engaging an
    enemy without a full clip and then moving around while reloading.

    Two things you should never do unless you are 95% sure it’s safe to do so.

    Well played by the both of you and good to see an E-100 do well in a 3 arty
    game instead of just being a just a *big fat XP piñata* for arty.

  11. Its awesome

  12. do you looking for a platoon in na server???

  13. qb what a good game

  14. What’s your name in the W.o.T?

  15. #TeamPhil

  16. Andrew Macdonald

    Saw this on stream live :)

  17. Have u done a amx 13 90 vid its me theo from tankfest

  18. Go go go Ikzor!!!!!!

  19. What you need for a Crucial contribution:
    – 3 or more useless artillery on the enemy team
    – Platoon
    – The enemy has to make many mistakes but your team has to be worse

    The last three artillery were useless so it wasn’t 3 vs 8.

  20. Siniša Stanković

    It is interesting that the QB has every tank. You got a deal with the
    Wargame as promoted the game? I do not know how else to collect all the
    tanks, unless you play every day for 8 hours.

  21. I cant believe QB missed so many shots O.o so used to seeing him go God
    mode in wot

  22. all teamwork videos must involve an e100

  23. Nice teamwork vid. Phil and Ik are both awesome!

  24. QB You were in Wargaming’s tankfest video!

  25. +QuickyBabyTV Why are you surprised about the Frontal hull armour of the
    50B, its 170mm sloped at a ridiculous angle, i think it like 300+ mm to go

  26. Nothing better than facing an unicum platoon!

  27. And #teamik forever

  28. Phil had a dead driver and engine if I remember correctly.

  29. Magnus Börgeson

    Op mm in an op tank, u slipping bad quicky :(

  30. wow, broken mm and wg want to nerf tier 10 medium

  31. QB, are you going to put up any video (yours, Peppys, Iks or Phils) of your
    time at Tankfest 15 ?

  32. Abdulkerim İşçimen

    +QuickyBabyTV Strip off the video about Lowe ?

  33. Ring on his finger lads he’s been hitched 

  34. Amx 50 B very good tonk but i need 5 shells to back you up if you miss 1
    and maybe lil bit better turrent armor, i have seen T57 bouncing 3 shells
    from the german auto loader Td :S

  35. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    I don’t understand why they do this: I got my t57 when it came out, then
    they nerfed it, and buffed amx 50B so, why not make t57 in the same
    category so they don’t ruin tanks for us? Since I got t57 it was amazing
    and now since its down grade I just don’t enjoy it anymore

  36. What about if you get 1 shoted from the tier 10 british peace of shit TD ?

  37. Sorry Phil .. but us Scandinavian guys gotta stick together! GO IK!
    The 50B is starting to look like a real beast. Earlier you played French
    heavy to get the 50100 for SH, and just stopped there. But it looks like
    it’s doing well if you know how to handle an autoloader.

  38. Jingles replaced… :(

  39. Christian Frampton


  40. Quikybaby how do you get al those tank you are Getting al it from wargaming


    • Ferenczi László

      +juggulator123 It was a good match! In my opinion, if you want to create a
      3-man platoon, you should definitely choose Tier 10, because in this case,
      you are the highest Tier. Maybe Tier 9 could do as well. But in any other
      case, MM will treat the 3-man platoons badly for the most of the time.
      Platoons usually get worse matchup.

    • When you are in a platoon and get 12 kills together you show us next time

  42. ik ben voor de Nederlander phil

  43. 50B is awesomeee :)

  44. If qb didn’t get the last kill…then he would of completed his cap
    mission. But he got crucial cointribution anyway.

  45. IK all the way :)

  46. aristidis dimou

    Cause I was watching this game live I know that Phill had dead driver and
    damaged engine,so QB you are wrong :D

  47. qb, you should lower your mouse sensetivity when in sniper mode, noticed
    how you went very inaccurate sometimes.

  48. Screaming Viper

    Right around 6:00, Phil had a dead driver and engine. I remember from the

  49. Does anyone also reflexively press the upward arrow to speed up the replay?

  50. Entenwood wouter

    Is phil dutch or german
    I’m dutch

  51. Jēkabs Miķelsons

    QB now is purpule? whaaa

  52. Ryan Gauch (MegaZocker600)

    Saw it live :3

  53. Played the 50B on the domination.. it was fantastic!!! Also, #TeamPhill
    … he IS my clan commander after all :D

  54. Poor Ik…

  55. Ikzor ftw

  56. Fantastic game on Ruinberg , great work by your platoon , phil made me want
    to get my E100 once again (sold it as i hated it when i played it first)
    And of course i’m rooting for team Ik! haha :D

  57. giauto oi ellinares einai ena vhma pio mprosta!

  58. Very nice!

  59. Hey quickly baby I would like to request if you could do a review of the
    Is-7 :)

  60. #TeamIkPhill FTW

  61. #TeamIK FOREVER

  62. kostas davazoglou

    hi quickybaby, could you ask phil if he’s from Greece, because
    “philippopoulos” is actually a last name in Greek (in fact, a last name
    ending in “-poulos” is quite common). So there you go, you can surprise
    Phil with your knowledge about his name (or i will look like an idiot if
    that’s not the case :P)

  63. Quickybaby I would love to see this replay again from philip’s point of
    view (the e100)

  64. WorldOfTanks Gaming

    I was playing with a tier 3 tank once (my highest tier) and it was 3 vs.
    6.. In a surprising way my team listened to me when i said to them to stick
    together in 1 spot and wait for them to come… After that we killed them 1
    by 1 and won.. The odds was with the enemy team but we still won 😀 

  65. Dear quickybaby. How do you get back into world of tanks after losing
    morale and motivation to play the game? I’ve got 19 tanks to play but they
    all seem so bland. How do you manage to play for so long month after month
    without seeming to stop or take a break from it?

    • +Houston Tsui it’s still overpriced, especially when you consider tier 8
      prem heavies are $50

    • +Phantom089680 Even tier 6-7 premium tanks such as the Cromwell B make
      enough average money per loss to play 1-2 tier ten games…
      Average wins make around 30-40k for a less-than-good player like me, which
      lasts around 3 games in a Leopard 1 (lack of armor means repair costs are
      high sometimes).
      ^ This is without a premium account.

    • I know your feeling bro, for me its the broken economy… I had 20 Tanks of
      all tiers, having to sell several to affort t10 and t9 games, rebuying and
      selling other tanks to the point that i only own a Ferdinand, Wz131 and
      t34-1 (and several t6 and t7 prems which do no money at all) anymore, im
      just so pissed that i paid for this so awfully broken game

  66. Maarten severijns

    Phill! Dutch are the best :D

  67. P-51 Thunderspit

    #team please upload the SP 1.C review

  68. #TeamIk becuase – Vikings!!!

  69. Javier De La Rosa

    When te vídeo at the tankfest? Sorry for the english, im mexican 

  70. AMX 50 B is my favorite tank in the game and it plays alot of roles 

    • Thanks! I copied this to WoT notes, to help me pick tanks to grind.

    • Alexis LEGRAND (LEGRAND73)

      +VujaDey I explain to you these 2 lines from the tier 8 to the tier 10
      where you are going to spend the most of your time to give an idea of what
      is better for you:

      Tier 8:
      50 100 is one of the best tanks in the game, it has a great penetration of
      232 witch can go throught most of the tanks in the game from the face in
      their weekspots.
      It goes rather fast but it’s not good as a medium.
      It’s damage per clip is simply too much: 1800 with 50s complete reload and
      about 2,7/2.8s between 2 shots,this tank is verry slow to unload it’s clip
      but consedering you have 300 alpha damage you whould be able to permatrack
      the ennemy who you are shooting at.

      T69 is also a great tank with “only” 960 damage per clip with 4 shells and
      173 penetration.
      In paper it’s a bad tank because it don’t have the fire power of a 13 90
      witches goes faster and has 6 shells but in fact the t69 burst is just
      perfect: 25s complete reload and 2s between 2 shots just don’t let the
      ennemies time to react.
      To give you an idea of what this tank is able to do I have +2000 average
      damage on it without spaming gold.

      Tier 9:
      50 120 is for me the worst t9 in the game: it don’t have any armor and goes
      too slow for that poor armor, it’s ammorack is too much fragile, 3.3s
      between 2 shells is too fucking long and even worse: the gun elevation and
      depression just make this tank impossible to play…
      The only avantage what this tank has is it’s gun penetration but it don’t
      save this tank from all these bad things…

      T54e1 is the best tank from the t57 heavy line!
      It has not anyone of 50 120 disavantages: it has a rather good armor so the
      speed don’t bothers that much, it has 2.3s between 2 shots (faster than the
      50b),it’s gun elevation and depression are good.
      The only bad thing abot this tank is it’s penetration: 210 is rather low
      but consedering you can load some apcr or use your mobility to flank tge
      ennemies it’s not a real problem.
      In that tank I was able to do +2900 average damage!

      Tier 10:

      50b is for me the best clip tank in the game, it goes fast, it unload it’s
      clip fast, it has a verry boncy armor, it’s gun penetration is good,it’s
      gun elevation and depression is good.
      It’s like the 50 120 is a chinease reproduction of the 50b,the 50b is a 50
      120 with every problems resolved so this tank is great!

      T57 heavy is a slower t54e1 with a bit better gun performances… it don’t
      worth it’s 6.1 million credits,if you want to have fun stay in the t54e1
      and troll poor tier 7 XD

      I hope it helped you 😉

    • VujaDey the amx 50 B has better accuracy then the T57 heavy but the T57
      shoots 2 s and the AMX 50 B shoot 2.5 but rather have accuracy

    • +samuel conde Hmm. I’m still picking which Tier X heavy to grind out first.
      I was thinking T57, but now I’m reconsidering.

  71. Javier De La Rosa

    Nada en si 

  72. Being Frisian… i have no other choice than to stand behind Ike……

  73. MinesAndDesigns

    ill be watching the stream! lets hope teamphil wins (since i’m dutch) get
    the waffles ready! oh whait a second, i have no waffles! the stereotypes
    are real xD

  74. Samurai TwoSeven

    Where’s the Italian tanks o.O

  75. Will you please stop saying ‘Me and Phil” etc.

    It is ‘Phil and I’

    It’s like nails down a chalk board.

    • There’s something wrong with you if that bothers you so much.

    • Well, i dont know where you come from, but if you are from germany, you
      know what i mean, when you count up persons, you always count yourself
      last, my parents always told me “the donkey always calls himself first” ->
      Donkeys do a Iiihh-Aah, and in Bavaria atleast, I is “me” or “I” (oh what a
      surprise, lol), but it seems like Englishman are always Donkeys 😉

    • +thegeneral123 You can’t be serious, lol..

    • +Florian Ivan TLDR. Internet enough for you?

    • +thegeneral123 It’s way too funny that you don’t notice he (Lord Connor) is
      just trolling by speaking dolan. People should read an ‘internet guide’
      before they go full keyboard warrior on populated sites.
      Btw don’t hate on my grammar because I’m neither a native english speaker
      nor living in an english speaking country, therefore I’m allowed to do
      grammar mistakes.

  76. Yess i saw this on stream

  77. Samuel Giovannucci

    I’ll be watching, and I’ll have to go with good ol’ Ik

  78. Meanwhile on the sea server….

  79. Share my thoughts…. 1/4 cheese burger with donner meat and fries or 10
    spicy chicken wings with fries? What you all think?

  80. WT auf E100?! We allll know its the WTF E100….

  81. Hey qb will you do another competition like 200k comp? You know people are
    hungry for rewards :)

  82. Radu Marculescu


  83. 9.9 wtf Tanks heavy Japonais! :O

  84. Nice to see how powerful the 50 B can be, I’m finishing up the M4 45 now
    and can’t wait to get that autoloader.

  85. 50 b too op….plz nerf.
    I love my 50 b, I can’t stop playing it!

  86. Ik carried xD

  87. Are you going to do a mauschen review?

  88. Hi QB, perhaps you could show us how you drive AMX 30 b.

  89. Love for jingles

  90. Hey quicky! Thanks for another awesome video! Can you upload a video on
    the Leopard 1?

  91. love your Videos quickybaby

    mfg xYSquiTshiYx

  92. Love this tank! 

  93. nice one;) #TeamIk bytheway

  94. YouJustGotRoasted 123

    hi quickybaby

  95. Welcome to the under the 301 club, may I get you a drink?

  96. 1rd comment

  97. So guys are you #TeamIk or #TeamPhil ?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

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