World of Tanks || Tips and Tricks for Glacier

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks – STRV 103B. Today I’m giving my tips and tricks for new 1.0 map Glacier!


of Tanks is a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. World of Tanks is the 8th most played online game in the entire world –>

  2. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Oh look a Game *without* Arty and a good game for a swedish TD? Woaah whaaat?! ….

  3. They should fix some of the tanks in the game by increasing the armour to 41 or 42 mm up from 40 mm to nerf the 122mm over match advantage. Since SO many tanks have 122mm guns

  4. I haven’t played on 1.0 yet, my gpu will come tommorow. So I have a question, how do the physics work on the ice?

  5. What a beast of game for QB. But I don’t know how he hits and pens so easily all his shots. I tend to miss or bounce more than 40% of my shots. And bcause I’m doing so poorly on pens I aim always extra 1 s. Still I find that Strv 103B gun is the most inconsistent gun of T10 TD’s. Almost like Grille. Ok it might be because I have only bit over 4 skill crew. But I have BIA and I use always food. So I cant get the crew skills any better on aim&shoot&hit.

  6. 10:26 So… Wait at the start of the match to see where the enemy goes before you commit to a side…

    See, if you say something like that, with a lot of your viewers watching, that ends up with both sides camping at the start to see where each other goes and bam, we have turned Glacier into 9.22 Erlenberg…

    I see what you’re saying but no, the longer you wait at the start the more time you give the enemy to get to the mid which in turn makes it harder for you to go to any of the flanks having to cross the open ground you gave up waiting to see where the enemy would go…

  7. I’ve gotten into it ones. I slided of the aircraft carrier and got destroyed…

  8. I think you have highlighted everything wrong with version 1, its now welcome to the world of TDs, What role do heavies now play on most of the maps, even if you win the cities on the majority of the maps the cap is so exposed trying to cross the flat ground you get ripped to pieces.While the new graphics are beautiful the gameplay has gone hugely backwards.

  9. A L T E R N A T I V E L Y

  10. my game crashes at map ensk,el haluf, and mannherrins line

  11. ‘feels like it has an autoloader’ IRL it does kek WoT giving us the wrong definition of autoloader

  12. Krizana Santamaria


  13. WG need to nerf the swedish TD’s armor so they always get overmatched.This is just OP

  14. This map is super bad, its a map worse then Overlord, something I almost could not dare to say…

    WOT’s maps just went down the toilet with this patch, almost all of the maps got flatter to help tanks without gun depression (Soviet tanks?). Furthermore they are just less fun to play on and are overall worse gameplay wise…

    See the new derpenberg, the new Cliff, Karelia got worse, Mines hill got buffed for the north team and is still biased towards north. Steppes HT corner became a camp till you die because of the water. And do not get me started on Airfield, mid where the heavies used to fight is unreachable for the East because from spawn till there mediums got bushes to 15M you for days, it is retarded, how could they make the okay maps THIS BAD?

    • dennis Hakkie Aww. Did your heavytank meta go down the toilet :(? Finally mediums and lights can do what they are supposed to do. Flank and spot.

      More flattened maps mean no more hulldown ridges for russian tanks. All the hills are still there.

  15. Got a object 257 up on carrier deck. I farmed 4k damage before I got up on it by just sitting in the path looking east block others from coming up and an doing soo much damage to players on east side.

    When I finally did push up to top of cv deck looking north. I was soo high almost no one had gun elevation to shoot back. On other hand even with a tank with bad depression you can balance on edge and make it work. Finished that round with just shy of 8k damage.

  16. Strv 103B HAS a autoloader!! There is no loader in the tank. Driver/gunner, Tank commander and rear driver/radio-operator is the real crew.

  17. but the game takes ages to load and freezes and that is if it shows me the enemy or my allies on the map or if it bothers to render them before I start ramming invisible friendlies

  18. @Quickybaby “Swedish map”? @11:45 This is certainly not Sweden. More likely Iceland since it has active geysers.

  19. BUT DON’T GO AROUND THE BIG BOAT!! or otherwise you’re gonna end up in the drink

  20. im top tier and im literally the only one that go north west and managed to hold an entire flank


  22. No Names On My Mind

    The best thing about this map is that most of the players ive fought against dont really know how to utilize this map.

  23. This map is IMO, one of the best-looking maps just because of the amount of detail in the sunk ships…

  24. Strv 103B has lover plate space armor… so no heat pen!

  25. funny how most of the best game don’t have arty in eh?

  26. Temothy Homecillo

    This map reminds me of the old severogorsk

  27. Steffen Mikkelsen

    it does have an auto loader though…… just not the classic WoT auto loader clip

  28. Arnt Petter Andersen

    Swedish map? is it really?

  29. ekin deniz yıldız

    actually no if u dominate the mountain pass u can flank the mid map positions and roll in for easy victory whilst plebs are battling on midmap

  30. αντωνης ιωαννιδης-στογιος

    Quickybaby can you give me your opinion about hellcat?

  31. I like this map 🙂 easy dmg farming.

  32. QB: Not sure I would call this a swedish map, nothing here in sweden looks like that.

  33. did it really come out with 1.0?, I’ve never been in it

  34. That hill is good position for Chaffe. My advise is that if you push for hill, dont do that in first 2-3 min of game. Its better first to spot mid, and after most of tanks take there spots try and push for hill.

  35. that thing is the most OP vehicle in the game, by all aspects.

  36. Rheinmetall Skorpion G -


  37. The southern snakey pass somehow reminds me of the old map Northwest… that northern ridge with windows to shoot below, anyone?

  38. I dont know how others feel about this map, but I loathe it…so beautiful, but so retarded at the same time.
    Wish we had map veto like in Starcraft, I’d veto the shit out if it, just like Erlenberg.

  39. “It almost feels like it has an autoloader”

    I’m pretty sure the STRV actually did have an autoloader with all of the ammunition in it, so no manual reloading before you are entirely out of ammo. It’s probably also why WoT doesn’t treat it as an autoloader, no inter-clip reloads

  40. SE part of the map is my favourite , I carried the match with isu-152 there , snipping and supporting the team from the bushes , did 6000 dmg, and with mediums too, I love the map so far!

  41. It’s not a swedish map QB, we don’t have that kind of nature near the sea – but Norway does! I think WG described it as Scandinavian (which is silly, because Norway is the only option).

  42. Plenty of base camping, not on this map only, but this one is most notorious for that. New and unknown map is one of reasons. Also, plenty of camping in bottom of south east hill. Campers are generally – top tiers! Nobody moving, clear camp fest. So, not enjoying this game lately, this map especially. Nobody dares to move. Particularly bad for this map and that open, flat terrain.

  43. Can u pls delete obj 430u

  44. I haven’t really appreciated mr. Quickybaby’s intro. Now that it is not actually implemented in his videos anymore, i kinda miss it

  45. Devi Guru Prasad Narkedamilli

    just small advice on this tank. you no need to go to seize mode to get ur bino activated.

  46. Lol, I’ve had almost exactly the same experience in my Strv 103B on the Glacier map. about 7500 dmg, 2000 spotting damage with the use of the middle position. Strv is such a beast!

  47. i never had a single win on this map

  48. hahaha that guy in chat at 1:37 min saying protect QuickyBaby 😛 QuickyBaby does not need protection, then enemy needs protection against him :P:P

  49. 11:23 i couldnt get there with Ru, this place is sliperry as f***.

  50. Knights of the Nine

    Man that map looks beautiful.

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