World of Tanks || Tips for Grinding the T-10 and 430 II

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Source: QuickyBaby

. The K-91 and Object 277 are coming very soon so here are my tips for getting through the vehicles as painlessly as possible!


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  1. Prince of Hyrule

    The reason so many r buying the t-shirt is because it is actually a really good and clever design. So many YT’s have terrible T-shirt designs, but not QB 😉

  2. IMO, 430II is the worst tier9 medium,

  3. Good thing I was prepared a month early

  4. i though heat wqas able to go up to 80 not 85 degrees am i right or wrong cause am bored to search it

  5. The GingerBreadMan

    How to do this the least painfull way?

    Step 1: Turn on your device that you play WOT on

    Step 2: Go to settings

    Step 3: Find WOT and unnistall

    Thank me later m8 i should make a tips and tricks channel.

  6. I’d say the Arty was firing to get the kill shot not on you but on the enemy. He might’ve been even trying to save you considering who you are when he saw you had low hit points. Then again he might’ve been trying to kill you because of who you are.
    Personally I think he was getting greedy and tried to get the kill shot and fired which is really stupid of him. Just saying I don’t think anybody had in his head “deny you steel wall” LOL but maybe, again because of who you are. You’re just so darn well known 🤩

  7. i have the is-8 in wot blitz and i hate it so much.

  8. still on a-44, having fun with the stg

  9. Karikaphobia is a fear of blowjobs

    Now your smarter.

  10. On xbox one i loved my 430 II

  11. thanks for the suggestions. I’m having a helluva hard time grinding the t10. I get slaughtered over and over. guess I expected more outta that tank.

  12. DeepFried Wat3rMel0n

    so the object 277 is a T10 T10

  13. guys m60 or t95e6

  14. The Obj 261 is the reason why WoT should have a safe shot option.

  15. Please release a Black version of that T-shirt!

  16. i was going for obj 140 and now im stucked with pancake tank. i dont like rear mounted turret tanks
    Is it t9 and t10 “pancake” tank worth the grind ?

  17. Apt description…Wargaming has become more and more overt in their pay-to-win efforts.

  18. Lucky sniper Shot

    I remember this game I was the only girl playing 😂

  19. I just bought gold I’m just waiting for this tank to release lmao

  20. I got the T-10 4 days ago and already have all the packages and 120k XP. Grind for IS-7 is real right now.

    Edit: string theory = OP

  21. 10:04 – 10:20 Quickybaby productions – Rap God

  22. After rework : 5A > 277 every stat

  23. That fucking Obj. 261 makes decent arty players like me look bad…

    1. You “T” up the target, or the area you’re going to fire at to let your teammates know you’re firing there…
    2. You assess the situation to make sure you are not taking an overly risky shot…

    He didn’t let you or your team know he was firing at the Badger, and considering your proximity to the Badger that was just an overly risky and bad shot to take…

    Fuck that guy, it’s guys like him that make the other players pissed off and try to barrel block their arty so they “suicide” or grief other arty players in pubs and it’s bullshit…

    If you’re going to play a class that requires you to think 2-4 seconds ahead of pulling the trigger to account for shell travel time then actually have the brain to think 2-4 seconds ahead of you pulling the trigger and realizing what is and isn’t a good shot…

  24. when will WG buff the base pen of the good gun of the T-54 so that i dont need to load 30 heat?

  25. I love t 10 but hate obj 430 II….I play aggressive with obj 430 II but still, that ‘better’ gun have shit reload time if you compare same gun on t54, better gun stats…oh, yes, can’t get ace tanker medal in that crap of a tank…..anyway, t 10 <3

  26. I hate arty when they do that in the end of game.

  27. TL;DR: hit that 2 key

  28. *”Because allowing “team damage” in team games is a good idea…”*


  29. QuickyBaby – got rekted by arty since 2018

  30. What do u use to record? the software

  31. 11:37-11:46 that about sums up the Russian bias.

  32. TheNarutobiggestfan

    I kinda hated grinding 121, I thought that it is too ordinary.When I got it I found out that it actually IS very ordinary.Nothing interesting in particular about it, but 8 of 10 battles I get 4k+ dmg, at least 1.5k assist and if I use turret like it should be used, I can bounce some tier X shots.Pretty old style and conventional vehicle compared to M48 Patton, Centurion Action X, Proggeto Mod 65 or BC25t but it doesn’t fall short on performance in any aspect of gameplay.So in my (unimportant) opinion, go for 121, you will be impressed by it’s simple yet wicked destructive playstyle.

  33. Man, i dont get it, Arty never goes for QB, I would be gone in seconds in that spot with 3 arty on the enemy team. Although as i say that, his own arty nails him lol.

  34. Relax dude, the 261 just missed the Badger and splashed you

  35. A little forced video I would say..

  36. Oh! A friendly arty splash damaged you? That NEVER happens! Arty players are some of the smartest and most skilled players in the game!

  37. T-10 is the best t9 medium

  38. you like tanks why dont you play war thunder? it provides great realism on tanks in tank rb

  39. Alexander Stoyanov

    430 v2 is absolutely amazing in my opinion, but ofc for people who need a lot of gun depression it’s obviously going to be annoying, just like it is for qb 🙂

  40. The Pilot Penguin

    if u look at the situation, the obj 261 probably had aimed on the badger fired, and then the badger moved and u drove to that spot. it would be unfair to blame the 261 when it was just bad RNG. id say he had his butt well clenched up XD

  41. Another great video! Could you please do a comparison of the T-10 vs Obj 257? I just got both and can’t decide which I like more…

  42. themattsmith man

    That object 261 tk summed up everything about arty players that we all hate 😂dumb scumbags

  43. Grinding 200K xp on standard account hurts!!!!

  44. You didn’t talk about the Obj. 277 getting nerfed

  45. I would want to play with 430 2 or 263 but I lose money so I have to play with lower tiers

  46. Hey QB. I really like my Centurion 1 but struggle to use it correctly and find it hard to find which engagements work for it. As a suggestion, maybe you could have a series where you discuss how to play certain vehicles and at what distances to engage enemies with them. Keep the great work.

  47. For me the T10 Is probably one of my favourite tanks in game cause of the mixture of everything you got going for you

  48. Cornelius Gerdes

    medium-td-heavy-light aka obj. 268 4

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