World of Tanks || TIPS FOR MINSK!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m giving tips for the new map Minsk!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. tips are jusles when you get game after game team of idiots…
    looks like game wil be dead soon with al the bots in one team over and over again.


  3. No swimming for the piggy

  4. hate this map

  5. This map is a fucking piece of shit

  6. A lot of objects that can’t be destroyed and you can stuck and lose speed… Map seems unfinished and unpolished. I had 4 mediocre games, and i am not mediocre player at all.
    Don’t like this map. New Stalingrad, which was pure garbage.

  7. played on minsk, did pretty well until i got credit swiped.
    credit swipe: the action of being loaded full of gold rounds. or the action of your hit log running yellow with premium rounds

  8. I was hoping that Minsk would not like become like Paris for arties but It´s a 100 % Copy of it !!! As Arty you can shoot only 15 % of the entire Map if you are lucky…

    Why does WG still makes Maps which are not beeing shootable for Arties ?? I´m feeling more and more discredited when I´m playing my Arties. Why ? Because each time I play an Arty I´m forced to play maps which cannot be shoot by Arties.

    For exxample Himmelsdorf, Paris ( as I meantioned ), Redshire and so on.

    Could it be that only tomatoes are allowed to play the great Maps and nobody else ?? If yes than WG should announce this in a comment so that all talented players say goodbye to them !!!

  9. I loved Kharkov and Stalingrad FeelsBadMan

  10. Quicky did u know that on replay which u show in this video in ur team was one of polish pro players and player of fame in one (kamil_eater) on polish premium tank 50tp its so little thing but its makes me happy couse im a pole

  11. Alexander Superapple

    big river in the middle, good for a city, shit for a tank map

  12. So I’m not sure if I was just lucky or not but Minsk is actually a cool map for me so far. It enabled me to get my first Ace Tanker on the last game of my Czech medium and has some cool places to discover as of right now. I have to admit though that I didn’t pay much attention to the outer areas of the map like you did because all enemies that did so were isolated and I was able to kill them from the center, I will take a closer look on these parts now seeing that you observed these areas quiet well… thanks for the idea ! Keep it up.

  13. The one building, the orangish looking one, on the other side of the street and near the river, is where Lee Harvey Oswald lived. I’ve been to Minsk 3 times, so I’m very familiar with the city center.

  14. this map reminds me of port if anything

  15. Can Paris and Ensk now follow Province into the mid-lower tier basket?

  16. shit maps and you still kissing wg ass

  17. Can you stop exploring the map in the middle of the replay…..

  18. ‘All the games that I’ve had seemed to be very close’ – yeah, cos you’re playing on the EU server, try NA, it might ‘slightly’ surprise you.

  19. This looks like widepark.
    Anyone remember widepark?

  20. This map is basically highway

  21. You’re lucky that enemy artillery went down right at the start. That hull-down position in the west is a dream target for SPGs

  22. you spelt American wrong lol

  23. On my obj 257 I push Minsk for the first time on the west flank up to the monument

  24. I have played a few rounds on Minsk. all but 2 which were in an SPG were from the south base and 2 were in the 50TP Prototyp. I the first time on the map it was in my 50TP Prototyp. It was a tier 10 battle. I started out heading north on the map but then decided to go west. After getting out there to QB’s Fav spot I move around the south of the building the is in grids F/G 3/4 and started sniping toward the east and I ended up really doing a lot of damage to the enemies who had pushed over the middle.

    I have also noticed the north base is closer to the middle of the map so they get to the middle road quicker than the south and get a chance to take up better locations. Overall I agree the west is of major importance while holding the east is the best thing to do. This is just how I’ve seen it on the NA server.

    QB question. Love the Mod or whatever it is that you use to move away from and all over the map in your replays. What might that be?

  25. So far in the couple battles that I have had, Minsk has proven to be an exciting and dynamic map (at least on the West where I have mostly focused on playing). There is one thing that bugs me about the West. There is a notch in the northern building along the central road that the southern team can hide in. There is no such location for the northern team and they are far more exposed to fire from the center. I don’t know if this is a mistake (probably not) or if there is some other location that the northern team can use to gain an advantage (most likely and I just haven’t found it). I have had lots of fun on this map so far and I hope to play on it more in the near future.

  26. 1:08 I do that: first shoot my fuel tank second ammorack track last set on fire and i dead…

  27. Belarus is also one of the most oppressive post-cold war dictatorships, but whatever….

  28. “The Borsig cant see me” – Borsig already destroyed XD

  29. hey stalingrad was my fav map in is6 as top tier and decent for t54 or type 59

  30. How do I do that floating camera thingy? Sorry for a dumb question im just a massive noob.

  31. Where would you play the sweden TDs or TDs without a turret?

  32. Looks like a great DayZ-esque map xD

  33. Are you saying “stung” instead of sniped because Skorpion G is on sale?

  34. Why some people don’t like you ? Your discussions are so interesting and you ur voice , your were made to do this . Nice video 😉

  35. Looks like a good place for arty. I wil try it next time.

  36. Man, seeing the enhanced destruction physics makes me jealous that i don’t have nearly as good of a graphics card.

  37. Thanks for this video it is really helpful for me ????

  38. How about tips for retaining your sanity when playing this game.

  39. That 50TP’s name….. *Kamil Eater* Epic.

  40. that shallow river could be a cover for SPGs to do it’s deed if we look at crossfire line. at same time one also could hide behind the building on J1 line as reverse side of what SPG job on northen side in side the shallow river. hmm…

  41. even on slow TD’s you can go to the 1 and 2 columns and use the gates and the stuff that breaks to blindshot people outside your view range or even the render range.
    and yea the 9 and 0 lines is where all the heavies lemming their way and get stuck at the end, depending on the people on the 1 and 2 lines to cover them from escaping fast tanks like the scoprG or the french arties. i rarely saw people in the middle, but this was in the NA-LA server.

  42. Still waiting for update …..

  43. some make that arty part a GIF memm

  44. This is another Ensk recipe map, but a bit worse for heavies since there is a bigger open space between buildings so it doesn’t encourages crossing. Heavies on east sitting between buildings. Usually who shooting gold or have Japanese heavies can do better. I didnt have chance to play meads on this map so I can’t say about that. Anyway, so far I dont like it. Do we need another Paris, Ensk map?

  45. Dear Quicky Baby, could you please start making videos of showing replays of more average and maybe noob players, telling them advice and tips instead of pro replays? 🙂

  46. There were two cats in this map. Try to find them. Lol

  47. Frédéric Guignabaudet

    8:10 NOT TODAY, SCUMBAG ! 😀

  48. WB, only you could take a demon of a tier 10 light tank and say there was a good match up for it. Lol!

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